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[The truth is out! Ling Yue the Heroine's lead actor should be replaced! Qin Cheng Entertainment just posted a video to clarify it! The true asshole if this incident is Zhuang Bufan!]

[Zhuang Bufan is the worst! How dare he gamble on the safety of the supporting actors just to act cool! He deserves to be kicked out of this production!]

[Dang it! Zhuang Bufan was my idol for the longest time! I must be completely blind! I'm going to unfollow him without question!]

[Just get someone to replace this asshole!]

Once the truth was out, Zhuang Bufan transformed from a victim to the one that stirred up the whole thing. Instantly, the netizens started to criticize him non-stop. Most of them took some time for self-reflection after they calmed down.

[Goddess Mengwan! It's my fault! I shouldn't have listened to those stupid rumors! I'm sorry that I criticized you with harsh words! Allow me to apologize to you officially for my stupidity!]

[@Tang Mengwan. From today onwards, I will not believe in those people that defamed you!]

[I'm going to kill those assholes that vilified my goddess!]

[We have accused Director Feng wrongly! Judging from the video clip, I'm certain that he is a respectable director! From today onwards, I'm going to watch all the movies that he directs!]

[The decision to replace the lead actor is made correctly by Director Feng! We support you and we would like to apologize to you as well! We shouldn't have stirred up this huge mess before knowing the truth! We are truly sorry!]

Upon reading all these comments, Feng Yaolun and Sister Fei were left in bewilderment.

"What a great strategy! Boss Song, what a great way to turn the tide around! People always say that netizens can crush someone easily! However, this time Boss Song managed to come up with such a tactic to make a fool of them! Upon knowing the truth, remorse hit those netizens really hard! It is nice for them to take the initiative to apologize to us! In other words, our existing fans have become even more loyal! Also, the haters have turned into our new fans! This is the epitome of killing two birds with one stone! Now, the most important thing is Mengwan's reputation has increased greatly after this incident! To celebrities like her, this is definitely great news! Honestly speaking, the strategy that Boss Song used to solve this problem is beyond perfect! My problem-solving team has nothing on her!"

With a smile on her face, Sister Fei could not stop giving genuine compliments to Song Qincheng while holding her tablet. As Tang Mengwan's reputation increased greatly, so would her market value. It was no wonder that Sister Fei was in such a great mood. Upon seeing this, Tang Mengwan could finally let out a sigh of relief. In other words, she was allowed to be a part of this production since Sister Fei was extremely pleased.

Knowing that Chen Xiaobei would become the lead actor of this movie, a great sense of anticipation slowly surfaced in Tang Mengwan's heart. She had no idea why was she attracted to Chen Xiaobei.

"The same thing is happening to me as well! Those that criticized me earlier has come forward to apologize to me! It has been such a long time since I receive so much attention! Boss Song's strategy worked really well! I'm pretty sure that my upcoming production will own the box office!"

Feng Yaolun was filled with excitement as well.

"No! My role here is just an assistant. Without an extra like Mr. Chen, I'm pretty sure that my strategy wouldn't have worked so well!"

Awesome extra!

Mr. Chen!

Immediately, everyone shifted their attention to Chen Xiaobei, looking through the comments about him.

[Mr. Chen is the biggest victim of this incident! To all the haters! Apologize to Mr. Chen right now if you still have a conscience!]

[Sorry… Mr. Chen… We are wrong! We are so wrong…]

[F*ck! What's wrong with me? Why did I quit Bro Bei's fan club? I'm such an idiot! @Bro Bei, please forgive me!]

[Why did I betray Bro Bei? There must be something wrong with my brain! @Bro Bei, I'm so sorry!]

[I'm at fault… I want to rejoin the fans club… Sob…]

[Hmph! You guys are not loyal at all! I have told you guys earlier that Bro Bei would never disappoint us! It's a face slapping moment for you guys!]

[This is the time where the die-hard fans like us shine! Look at my Bro Bei! He has the looks, talent, and kung fu! Single-handedly rescuing a goddess! Tell me, who else can be as perfect as Bro Bei in the whole entertainment industry? Who else?!]

[Preach! It would be wrong if Bro Bei is not the lead character of this production!]

[We are so proud that we never doubted Bro Bei! Die-hard fans like us will never quit the fan club! Brothers! Do you guys still remember our chant?]

[Becoming Bro Bei's fans is not regretful at all!]

[Becoming Bro Bei's fans…]


[Wow! What a group of passionate fans! I want to join them too!]

As compared to Tang Mengwan's and Feng Yaolun's fans, Chen Xiaobei's fans were definitely more loyal and passionate! Just like the two of them, Chen Xiaobei original fans became even more loyal and haters had turned into his new fans with the intention to join his fan club! After that, a lot of random people had made up their mind to join the fan club as well after they knew the truth. It was at that moment that Chen Xiaobei's fans increased tremendously. Soon, he would have six million fans in his fan club. After a few days, the number of his fans might even increase to eight million!

"This is scary! Look at his popularity! It has skyrocketed!"

Sister Fei found it hard to believe the thing that she just witnessed.

"He's getting famous! He is getting more and more famous… Little Chen's popularity is truly terrifying! Imagine what would happen to us and him when he joins the production! He alone can definitely bring in hundreds of millions of cash!"

Other celebrities might have three to five million fans in their fans club but most of them were inactive. Eight million active fans in Chen Xiaobei's fans club was definitely a rare sight! Seeing that the number of his fans increased greatly made Chen Xiaobei ecstatic! Earlier, he was trying to figure out a way to recruit more disciples. When Song Qincheng did him that favor, he did not need to worry about this problem anymore.

However, Chen Xiaobei did not show happiness on his face. Instead, he informed everyone something calmly.

"Everyone, now that the problem is solved! You guys can leave first if there is no other business to discuss with us! Boss Song and I will discuss choosing our partner to work with us!"

"Leave? W-Who is leaving?"

Sister Fei and Feng Yaolun were ashamed of themselves. None of them wanted to leave the building. They were thinking of quitting earlier because of the problem. Now that everything had turned out fine, there was no way that they would ignore this golden opportunity!

"Boss Song! This is a misunderstanding! This is a big misunderstanding! I did say some stupid things just now! Please do not take it seriously! I was not in the right state of mind!"

Immediately, Sister Fei ran to Song Qincheng and bowed in front of her.

"Hehe… So… Now, you are not afraid of Qin Cheng Entertainment bringing your reputation down?"

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