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*Crack! *

The sound of bones snapping echoed across the room as Wu Tianhe broke Wu Jiechao's right arm.

*Crack! *

Before anyone else could react, Wu Tianhe had already quietly lift a leg to bring it thundering down on Wu Jiechao's right leg, breaking it too.

"Uuurgh! Aaargh! Uncle…. What are you doing?! Why- GarH! Why are you hurting me…" Wu Jiechao wailed, agony clear from his face and almost losing his voice screaming.

Blood loss was getting to him - his face was as white as a sheet of paper now, while sweat poured down from his forehead to his chin like a waterfall. Soon, the man groaned, his eyes rolled upward and he fainted from the incredible anguish!

"…" Both Master Yang and Master Fang had inhaled sharply while remaining motionless. It had been a roller coaster turn of events that was simply too much for anyone their age to keep up with.

"Holy crap…" Niu gasped, his pants now utterly drenched from terror. He was shivering on the ground like a newborn calf.

"What is going on…" Yap Liangchen was confused and shocked to his core. It seems that every time his brain was beginning to process what was around him, things always take a complete turn.

The man who was known for his protective behavior actually crippled his own nephew! No one would believe it even if the word spread all over Dragon City, much less that it all happened only because Chen Xiaobei said so.

Frankly, who would believe that a young man in his early twenties had grabbed the leash of a famous Vice Chief Inspector within the powerful Six Doors Organization? It was even more insane when one takes into account that the man would have broken every limb of his own kin if not for Chen Xiaobei's clear orders for only "half the punishment"!

Wu Tianhe kicked Wu Jiechao's face, jolting him awake.

"Bastard! Put your head down and apologize to Mr. Chen!"

"What! You've already broke my arm and leg, and you would still have me apologize to that garbage?! Uncle, are you mad?!" Wu Jiechao cried, still not quite getting around the fact that his own uncle would cripple him.

"Enough!" Wu Tianhe bellowed with the dominating aura of a fearsome beast. "Mr. Chen is a man who will tip the scales of the world. Offending him would only rain fire down on our own family!"

"What!?" Everyone was stunned in equal measure - except Chen Xiaobei, of course.

'Tipping the scale? Rain fire on the Wu Family?'

It was known to all that the Wu Family had strong backing from the Wu Qing Faction, and that Wu Tianhe himself stands near the top of the Six Doors Organization. Even though they were not the most prestigious of families, they were still considered to the cream of the crop of upper society.

Therefore, it was inconceivable that a young man barely in his twenties would be capable of bringing destruction upon their clan. Nobody would have accepted it unless Wu Tianhe said if himself!

"Uncle… You're kidding right? How… How could someone like him have such power?" Wu Jiechao gulped, having a hard time believing his own uncle.

The wretched young man was devastated and scared. Still, he gradually realized that he had offended someone akin to Buddha - someone he should never cross!

"Kidding?" Wu Tianhe bellowed. "The reason I'm still alive and well is because of Mr. Chen. Without him, I would have failed my mission and lose my life! I cannot reveal anything else since they are national secrets. Learn to read between the lines!!"

The 'national secret' was obviously referring to Xiangyu.

The man whose single punch crippled Huangfu Lengshan made Wu Tianhe believe that Chen Xiaobei was a god. The fact that he had Xiangyu at his back and call was more than enough!

After the Poseidon incident, Wu Tianhe had resolved to make the Wu Family and the entire Qing Wu Faction to respect Chen Xiaobei as their grand master. From that alone, one could see why Wu Tianhe would willingly cripple his nephew without remorse.

There was no need to learn about Chen Xiaobei's other connections too - Xiangyu alone was enough to lay waste to the entire Wu Family. Wu Tianhe was simply aware of how serious the situation was - or rather how bad it could become when Chen Xiaobei was involved.

"By the gods. Just how formidable is this young man?" Both Master Fang and Master Yang felt a shiver running down their spine. Though they were kind enough to advise Chen Xiaobei to run, those words were almost insulting as the truth surfaced. He had everything under control all along, but they even urged him to run!

"Urgh." Niu felt a painful prick and fainted. He had lasted long enough for a man of his weak composition - now, his heart simply gave in.

Yap Liangchen knew very well who he served, but he was left awestruck like anyone else. However, instead of fear he felt a welling sense of pride in his chest. He was honoured to have met Bro Bei!

"Mr. Chen. I'm so sorry. Please accept my apology! I was wrong!" Wu Jiechao pleaded, his head lowered to the ground amidst the pain.

"Do you still want the Chinese Knotweed Spirit Pearl?" Chen Xiaobei asked.

"No… I don't want it…" Wu Jiechao shook his head.

"Hmph. This list contains all the medicinal ingredients I need, and I liked them old. Can you get them for me?" Chen Xiaobei handed him a piece of paper.

"No problem! No problem at all. You'll have them free of charge - consider it a gift!" Wiu Jiechao was squealing near the top of his lungs. "Someone, come and get this man his herbs!"

A shopkeeper came running, and almost flinched when he saw how battered Wu Jiechao was. However, he was also wise enough to not ask any questions, and simply took the paper and nodded before quickly leaving.

"Mr. Chen. May I ask what you need the herbs for?" Wu Tianhe asked. "It doesn't seem like you're in need of treatment…"

"I'm planning to concoct two types of pills." Chen Xiaobei smiled.

"What did you say? You're making pills too?" Wu Tianhe gasped. He was not the only surprised - everyone present was equally startled… again.

"Huh? What's wrong? Am I not supposed to make pills?" Chen Xiaobei arched an eyebrow.

"Ah! Nothing." Wu Tianhe quickly said as he calmed himself. "We're just surprised, that's all... Alchemists are almost national treasures after all. They are like pandas, albeit they are fewer than pandas."

For the umpteenth time of the day, Master Fang and Master Yang was left speechless. Suddenly, Chen Xiaobei was an existence that was even rarer than the giant panda!

"Well, you would probably never believe me," Chen Xiaobei said. "Either way, I'm planning to make two kinds of pills: one to boost combat power temporarily, and another for healing internal injuries. And if all goes well, I'll have them finished in several days. I'll be selling them, so please look forward to the final product!"

Wu Tianhe, Master Yang, and Master Fang gaped at the young man.

"Sell them? So you do know how to make the pills?"

"Mr. Chen. If that's the case, we shall wait for your official announcement. We're eager to see the miracles your medicinal skill would achieve!"

Later, the shop keeper returned with a bag containing all the medicinal ingredients Chen Xiaobei had asked for. He took a look to see if anything was missing, before bidding the others farewell and left the shop with Yap Liangchen.

Suddenly, Chen Xiaobei's phone vibrated. He took it out and saw the notification for a private message.

It was from the Moon Lord! He had finally replied!

"Fu fu fu. The curtains shall rise tomorrow night!" Chen Xiaobei beamed so widely his eyes became narrow slits.

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