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*Thud! *

A dull but distinct sound was heard, and Wu Jiechao's fist hung still in the air.

"Wh-What! What the hell?!"

Everyone except Chen Xiaobei and Yap Liangchen gasped at the terrific sight.

Yap Liangchen, who knew all along to whom victory belonged, gaped at the overwhelming scene.

He had only lifted one finger, and yet he stopped a punch that had 10,000 combat power with it. Considering that the difference between a finger and a fist was four fingers less, the strength displayed by Chen Xiaobei was majestic!

Indeed, those who possessed the strength still tend to use their palm to parry attacks - only those with absolute confidence and unwavering power could stop such a dynamic fist with just a finger.

Nonetheless, the game was up for Wu Jiechao. A man could throw a hundred punches, but they would never beat another who could stop them with only a single finger! The brawl barely lasted a second and the winner was already decided!

Even the three old men who did not practice martials art could see that Chen Xiaobei's strength had far outclassed his opponent's. To describe it as an absolute, crushing defeat was mercy!

"Impossible! Impossible!"

Wu Jiechao was losing his mind, and started to doubt his own strength. "I trained and obtained a powerful combat power of 10,000, my punch has a force of 4,000 pounds… How could you stop it with only a finger? This is impossible - my eyes are playing tricks on me!"

"Believe it or not, It's your call. I can't decide for you." Chen Xiaobei glared at him and threw a kick.

"Such speed!" Both Wu Jiechao and Yap Liangchen gasped - the only difference was that one was in awe, while the other was filled with horror.

"That speed… The combat power must be 12,000!" Yap Liangchen cried in admiration. "By the gods… Just how did he do it? Bro Bei is so young and yet he had already achieved such level of cultivation! Such overwhelming power!"

The youth would one day stand on the pinnacle of Jianghu. No one would be able to touch him then!

When Chen Xiaobei hurled his kick, only Wu Jiechao and Yap Liangchen managed to catch a glimpse of it. The three old men that were hiding at a corner could not see a thing; they had no idea what was taking place.


A loud thud was heard. Wu Jiechao was too slow to react, and had taken the full brunt of the kick in his lower abdomen. Chen Xiaobei made sure he did not hit him too hard, but he was still sent flying across the room and planted deep into the wall. Cracks formed like a spider web with Wu Jiechao in the center, and the entire building shook as if it was about to crumble.

"Aargh! Blaaargh…"

Wu Jiechao cocked his head and threw up half a gallon of blood while moaning in agony. He felt as if his innards had been rearranged and grinded into mush. It felt like he would explode soon!

"Such power! He can't possibly be human!" Master Fang and Master Yang were left dumbstruck. Their heart thumped, and they w They could not speak or rather, they could not find the words to speak.

"What in the name of… What kind of monster is that…" Niu the Mixologist felt his legs caved as he dropped to the floor helplessly. The shame and guilt bearing false witness against Chen Xiaobei made him quiver in fear.

The young master of the family that backed him was in a fountain of his own blood. If it was Niu instead, he would have been blown to hell and back with just a simple sneeze from Chen Xiaobei! He finally realized who he had messed with - what would happen to him if Chen Xiaobei wanted revenge? Niu almost wet his pants at the very thought.

Still, Chen Xiaobei had no intention to waste his breath on the old fart - only Niu would think of himself to be worth the trouble. Ignoring the mixologist who trembled with every step of his, the young man and walked towards Wu.

"D-Don't come near me! Leave me, please! I beg you… Spare me!" Wu Jiechao cried as he saw the approaching Chen Xiaobei, as if he was a lamb being cornered by a tiger.

There was no doubt that the difference in combat power was almost surreal. Chen Xiaobei's sheer presence was now crushing Wu Jiechao's will to bits!

"You don't have the right to bargain." Chen Xiaobei growled. "You should be ready when you decided to cripple me!"

"No! Nooo! Noooo!" Wu Jiechao cried, struggling like a pathetic dog. "I am the young master of the Qing Wu Faction. If you cripple me, you'll make an enemy of the entire clan! And my second uncle is a Six Doors Organization Vice-Chief Inspector. He will drag your ass to jail and you won't see the light of another day! Is that what you want?!"

Chen Xiaobei stopped, as if suddenly remembering something. "Your uncle…?"

"Scared? You should be!" Wu Jiechao saw him pausing, and thought he had hit the jackpot. Standing up with renewed vigor, he started screaming again. "You bastard! I'm also meeting my uncle here today. He will arrive soon. Enjoy your last breaths when you still can!"

However, the threat only made Chen Xiaobei scratch his chin. "Your uncle… Is he Wu Tianhe?" He then asked nonchalantly.

"That's right! Once my uncle arrives, you're dead!" Wu Jiechao's despair had seemingly vaporized, replaced with excitement.

Seeing that his young master was up and at it again, Niu regained his empty pride too. "What's going on?! Giving up so soon? I dare you to stay and face the wrath of the great master! He will defeat you and sent you to the Six Doors Organization prison. You'll rot in a cell for the rest of your natural life!"

Yap Liangchen was scared; he quickly tapped Chen Xiaobei on his shoulder. "Bro Bei, its best for us to leave now," he urged. "Wu Tianhe is not someone we can handle. He's not only a high-ranking officer, but also known to be extremely protective of those around him. If he sees Wu Jiechao in this condition, he wouldn't show mercy."

"Young man, it's best for you to leave now!" Master Fang and Master Yang also cried out with good intentions. "You'll be tortured in custody. Not losing your life is the best-case scenario for you now!"

Chen Xiaobei shrugged and bowed lightly to the two older gentlemen. "Thank you for your concern. But I, for one, would like to stay here and witness the great Wu Tianhe solve this… Unfortunate problem."

"Why are you… Why won't you listen to us? Do you really wish to challenge the great master? It would be too late for you when he arrives!" Both of them sighed hopelessly.

"Crap. We're already too late." Yap Liangchen muttered, his face filled with horror.

"What happened here?" A deep, stern voice came.

Speak of the devil and he shall appear! 

Wu Jiechao's eyes glinted with joy. Feigning a poorly face, he ran to his uncle's knees and begged. "Uncle… You must serve justice! That bastard had the nerve to steal our Chinese Knotweed Spirit Pearl and then beat me up. Cripple him! Break all his limbs!"

"Hmm?" Wu Tianhe looked up and narrowed his eyes. However, his somber expression melted into delight immediately as soon as he saw Chen Xiaobei simply standing there, waiting for him almost indifferently. He quickly rushed over to the young man and bowed with reverence.

"Mr. Chen. What happened here?" He asked with pure respect.

"As you can see, your favorite nephew there wanted to cripple me by breaking my limbs," Chen Xiaobei replied calmly.

Wu Tianhe face went sour. He lowered his head and asked: "Mr. Chen. How should I deal with such a mongrel?"

"Well, if it were up to me, I'll return the favor in full… But since he's your flesh and blood, I think I could settle with just half the punishment."

"As you wish!" Wu Tianhe nodded and strode towards Wu Jiechao, and his right arm brutally.

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