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With a vice-grip, Chen Xiaobei cracked the outer layer of the "lump". Dried and powdery skin dropped to the floor and eventually revealed a small, shiny black pearl.

It was cold to the touch. Using the Eight Diagram of Godly Prediction, Chen Xiaobei could see a golden luster surrounding it. If he nurtures it, the golden luster might even turn into a golden-purple color!

The strong fragrant aroma from old and wild Chinese Knotweed was wafting from the pearl. It was exceptionally pleasant - a little sniff would help them ease their body and soul

"By the gods!"

Both Master Yang and Master Fang gasped in wonder. "Th Th Th That's the Spirit Pearl of the Chinese Knotweed! That young man is holding it!"

"Young man, do you wish to sell that? This old man is willing to offer you 50 million Yuan!" Master Fang cried, reacting quickly and making the first offer.

However, Master Yang quickly made another. "Young man, I know a wealthy businessman in Hong Kong with great connections. If you're willing to sell me that Spirit Pearl, 50 million is just the starting offer."

"What?! 50 million is just the starting offer?!" Yap Liangchen was left awestruck. He had his doubts when Chen Xiaobei literally dug through a waste basket. It was only after the secret was revealed, that he realized what the "garbage" was a mythical item worth a king's ransom!


"No," Chen Xiaobei smirked, looking at both Master Yang and Master Fang in turn. "And no. I don't plan to sell this."

To him, 50 million Yuan was not enough to change his mind. As long as he had this, he could craft both the Bone Burning Pill and the Taiyi Life Enhancement Pill. After that, 50 million Yuan would become mere pocket change.

Both Master Yang and Master Fang nodded dejectedly. Even then they did not give up, and left their contact number with Chen Xiaobei in case the young man had a change of heart. That one-in-life-time legendary herb was simply too precious to be passed.

"How could this be… How could this happen to me?"

Chen Xiaobei looked up to see Wu Jiechao's eyes bulging and almost leaving their sockets. His family shop's had hustled a person and secured a 500 year-old Knotweed, but it was now a rotting piece of wood.

Not to mention that the one who benefitted from all this was Chen Xiaobei himself, with a genuine Spirit Pearl that was worth 50 million Yuans or more in his palm!

The feeling of losing, of extraordinary disgruntlement and of being thrown down from the top of the world to the depths of abyss was too much for Wu Jiechao to bear.

"I… I…" Niu planted his face in his own palm and turned silent. He was so ashamed of himself; he never foresaw such a horrible ending. 

He had only spent 500 Yuan for what he thought was a gold mine, but the money ultimately proved to be a lesson in humility. He had the real deal between his fingers, and yet he foolishly gave it to someone else. It was so ironic and idiotic that anyone would mourn for him. Right now, he felt as if someone was feeding him a warm pile of feces!

Since things had turned out that way, the man had no choice but to act. It was a slight misjudgment on Chen Xiaobei's part - enemies were to be killed at all times, never cornered.

Frustrated beyond measure, Niu bellowed. "That Spirit Pearl is not his! That boy stole it from me!"

"What did you say? He stole it?" Both old masters exclaimed in shock.

"Motherfucker! You dare to steal from the Wu Family?! Have you gone tired of breathing?!" Wu Jiechao leapt as if he was 'poked' by a wild boar; he glared at Chen Xiaobei with rage burning deeply in his eyes.

He had just jumped to a conclusion without a rational discussion!

"Hoho! I see your hostility," Chen Xiaobei merely shrugged nonchalantly. "For the record, you're jumping into conclusion faster than a swimmer jumping into a pool. You don't have a shred of dignity as expected! The Spirit Pearl was given to me by Niu the Mixologist. When did I ever steal it?"

"Bullshit! He wouldn't just give away a priceless item like that. Not even a brainless person is that stupid!" Wu Jiechao snarled. "You son of a bitch. Return the pearl or I'll make sure you never leave this shop alive!"

"Hehe. A loser trying to act tough huh…" Chen Xiaobei shrugged again, unfazed by his threats.

"Fuck you! You only defeated me last time with cheap tricks. This time, I will not hold back with my True Qi. I would love to see how you hold up against that!" Wu Jiechao roared, the thought of Chen Xiaobei poking a rod into his anus fanning the flames of his rage. His hate would never be gone if he did not kill Chen Xiaobei right then!

"Hmph. Try and threaten Bro Bei again, I dare you! Hahaha!" Yap Liangchen chuckled as Wu Jiechao barked like any sore loser would.

Yap Liangchen himself was present to witness the moment Chen Xiaobei killed a vampire count with a single strike. Against Wu Jiechao who had only 10,000 combat power, Chen Xiaobei would not even need half his strength! And yet that man kept strutting despite being oblivious of all that. He was asking for it!

"Yap Liangchen! Have you knocked your head so hard you have confused your honorifics?" Wu Jiechao shot back. "How could you call this little boy Bro Bei? You are a shame to all the heirs of Dragon City. I forbid you to tell anyone you know me, I can't bear the shame!"

"It is and always will be my honor to call him Bro Bei. You, on the other hand, don't even deserve a name!" Yap Liangchen shrugged and looked away.

"Dumbass!" Wu Jiechao rolled his eyes. "I'm tired of arguing with idiots and thieves. Return the pearl or you'll both wish you never set foot in this shop!"

Niu, emboldened by Wu Jiechao's very presence, joined in.

"Both of you better heed his words!" He shouted. "My young master is the heir of the Qiwu Faction and is a prodigy in martial arts! He will one day reach the pinnacle of Jianghu. Believe me when I say you shouldn't belittle him. He could vaporize you if he wants to even before you could cry!"

Meanwhile, Master Fang and Master Yang had long retreated to a safer place to avoid getting involved in the impending Jianghu conflict.

Still, they knew just how strong Wu Jiechao was - they could not help feeling fearful and pity for Chen Xiaobei!

"Enough with talking. I will count to three - hand over the Spirit Pearl by then or suffer the consequences!" Wu Jiechao glared at Chen Xiaobei with both greed and anger. There was no way he would fool around with 50 million Yuan at stake.

"Oh, really? In that case, I shall help you count." Chen Xiaobei shrugged and raised his hands. "Three!"

That move was pretty much the equivalent of waving a red flag in front of a raging bull. A bold challenge!

"F*ck! Since you want to die that badly, I shall tear you apart limb from limb!" Wu Jiechao's fury had clearly boiled over its limit; he roared as he started charging towards Chen Xiaobei.

"You, trying to cripple me?" Chen Xiaobei narrowed his eyes, a subtle aura of intimidation wafting from him.

"I've given you so many chances and you wasted it on thrash-talk. You're asking for it!" Wu Jiechao screamed at the top of his lungs might and leveled a punch at Chen Xiaobei's face.


His fist tore through the air so loudly the three older men shivered in terror.

They were ordinary humans - the power of Jianghu elites was virtually divine in their point of view. The hit itself must have such tremendous power they firmly believed that Chen Xiaobei would definitely be crippled even if he managed to survive it!

Standing and watching in the distance, Yap Liangchen watched the confrontation lazily. He wanted to laugh so much since he already knew how the battle was going to end. It was destined to be Wu Jiechao's defeat!

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