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Chapter 478: Family Heirloom


The screen came to life, and a handsome young man appeared. He looked to be about twenty-seven, and he stood within a swanky office.

Clearly, he was one of four young masters of Dragon City, Yap Tianlin – the sole inheritor of the Tianlin Organization, the most influential trade and commerce organization in the nation! The prodigy of business in Dragon City!

Eyes gleamed. His presence attracted the attention of every single person present – even through a screen.

"Good evening!" A slow smile spread across Yap Tianlin's handsome face. "Don't stare at me. Let's welcome Ms. Lin Xiang!"

The audience quickly turned their gaze towards the lady in question.

Perhaps by Lin Nan's request, she had dressed up for the occasion. Her long sweeping hair was spread gracefully across her shoulders, the powdering work on her face was flawless. A light pink dress wrapped tightly around her sensuous body – accentuating her thirty-six sized breasts and her long fair legs through a slit!

Every man could not tear their gaze away from her while the women were in awe. She was such a stunning beauty!

'I'm going up the stage…'

Like her brother, although Lin Xiang's physical appearance has drastically changed she was still the same – timid, shy and unconfident. Her gentle, beautiful face turned beet red with so many stares leveled at her; her large twinkling eyes was welling with the distinct emotion of embarrassment.

'Don't be fooled by his good looks and genial smile,' she thought as she glared at Bai Zhunyu. 'Those who truly know him knows that this piece of work is actually a salacious pervert! He's the type of man one would say idiotic things like no woman no life!'

Meanwhile, every male – including Yap Tianlin in the screen – was drooling at her presence.

Then, suddenly remembering why he was here in the first place, Yap Tianlin smiled. "Ms. Lin, the birthday boy has invited you in front of all these people. If you don't come up here, wouldn't that make him lose face?"

Even though he was not there in person, there was no mistaking the authority behind his words. It also seemed to affect the crowd a lot more – they started to urge her on, telling her that if she do not go up the stage, she was not giving face to the birthday boy, Yap Tianlin as well as everyone present. 

"Since everyone is ordering me… How could I not go…" she murmured.

What else could she do but say yes?

As the crowd watched, Lin Xiang lowered her head and hurried up the stage; she took her first step when Chen Xiaobei walked up next to Lin Nan.

"Bother-in-law! Why are you so late?" Lin Nan furrowed. "That Bai guy is too disgusting. He knows that my sister is too meek, so he used the crowd to pressure her. Later, he will confess his love for her… I don't know if my sister can stand it!"

"Don't worry, everything is under control!" Chen Xiaobei grinned and looked sarcastic upon the stage.

That did not alleviate Lin Nan's anxiety at all. "Things are at such a critical state, how could you ask me not to worry? Do you have a plan in mind?"

"A magician never reveals his secret. You'll see." Chen Xiaobei smiled.

On the stage.

After the formalities, Bai Zhunyu dove eagerly into the main topic, "Today," he declared proudly, "I've actually invited Master Yap and Ms. Lim here for something more important than my birthday."

"Master Yap is my best friend and a leader whom I truly respect – which is why I wanted to profess my feelings to the woman I love with him as my witness!" 

Lin Xiang froze.

She may be timid, but she is not stupid. She immediately understood what Bai Zhunyu was trying to pull, and quickly made up her mind that she would not make any big promise.

In this very moment, she was completely helpless and directionless. When she thought back to how the crowd were pressuring her, her head spun and her brain became scrambled.

"Lady Lin, don't be afraid!" Yap Tianlin smiled pretentiously. "Zhunyu is a wonderful person – not only does he has a great personality, he also has a very good work ethic. As a leader Lintian Organization, his future is brighter than the stars in the sky!"

Lin Xiang was unhinged. She was at a loss of how to respond – not that Yap Tianlin would give her the chance to reply.

"Birthday boy!" He quickly prompted. "What are you waiting for? Lady Lin has already acquiesced, hurry up and start!"

"Right, yes,

"Right, yes, yes, yes!" Bai Zhunyu nodded, and clapped pretentiously. A soft, romantic melody started to play.

The guard pushed a gorgeous float over. On it were thousands of roses arranged in the shape of a heart, and in the center was a box covered in red silk linen.

It appeared to be a gift for Lin Xiang.

"Wow, Boss Bai is so romantic! Look at all those roses… Who wouldn't like that?"

"Yeah! Yeah! If any guy declares their love for me with that, I won't even think twice!"

"I heard that Boss Bai even prepared another mystery present for her. How lovely!"

"Alright, alright! Keep quiet, Boss Bai is down on one knee!"

The crowd was wild with excitement. They could not wait to see this romantic scene unfold.

Right now, Lin Nan was like a cat on hot bricks. "Brother-in-law!" he squealed. "What is your plan? Do something, my sister is trapped! If you don't do anything now, she won't be able to hold on!"

"Just wait and see." Chen Xiaobei's expression was impassive, as if he was not bothered by whatever was happening in the least.

The float has already been pushed before Lin Xiang. Next to it, Bai Zhunyu was down on one knee and prepared to make his love known.

"Xiang Xiang!" He exclaimed passionately. "From the first time I laid my eyes on you, eyes on you, I have already fallen in love with you – blah-blah-blah, not even Mr.Author has time for this – I hope you'll reciprocate my feelings. By the gods, I swear that the sole intention of all this is to marry you!"

Lin Xiang's mind went blank. She had this terrible urge to slap him in the face, but she was too gentle to do something like that. All could she do was stand there, looking disconcerted.

A look of everything-is-working-as-intended flashed through Bai Zhunyu's eyes. He then reached for the red silk linen on the float.

"Xiang Xiang… To prove my sincerity, here's a gift!" Bai Zhunyu continued ceremoniously, "This is a family treasure of mine that has been passed down from generation to generation. It's of extraordinary significance, and normally would be kept in a safe. But I took it out expressively for you, and I promise that you'll really like them!"


After his words, Bai Zhunyu undid the silk covers, and the murmuring crowd was instantly silenced.


Somehow, Lin Xiang had regained her strength, lifted her hand and landed her palm on Bai Zhunyu's face.

"You flagrant bastard!" She screamed as she hurried down the stage.

"I… Why am I a bastard?" Bai Zhunyu was completely unnerved. He turned to look at the box in his hand, and right in the center of the heart-shaped roses within was a box of Durex!

And it was the ultrslim type!

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