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Chapter 477: A Cheap Trick

Brazenly showing off his wealth – and a paltry two billion at that? Chen Xiaobei merely smiled in cavalier, while shooting Bai Zhunyu a soft glare of disdain.

Lin Nan, on the other hand, said pridefully, "Brother Bai, don't disparage others! Green Vine's most esteemed Beicheng jewelry store, factory of Kidney Treasures and First Love Peach farm are all my brother-in-law's estate. He definitely wouldn't lose out to you!"

"Huh? So, he's that internet celebrity?" Bai Zhunyu raised his eyebrows in surprise as the crowd broke into chatter. Though they had never seen him, they did hear of his feats – especially about the First Love Peach that went viral!

As they looked on in amazement, Chen Xiaobei chuckled but said nothing. If he were to tell them that he had just bought a land worth three-billion-yuan land, who knows how the crowd would react! And that would have been more interesting too!

Meanwhile, Bai Zhunyu's face darkened. "Alright. Even if his wealth is similar to ours, how is he better than me? Surely you can't believe that a small internet celebrity deserves Lin Xiang!

"Ah…" Lin Nan was dumbstruck and unable to reply.

"I'm the CFO of the Lintian Organization, Master Yap is my close friend! How does he even compare to me?" Bai Zhunyu repeated himself; he was clearly very proud of that title.

Lin Nan kept quiet.

"Lintian Organization? Yap Tianlin's company?" Chen Xiaobei asked, narrowed his eyes.

"Hehe! Do you even need to ask?" Bai Zhunyun's face lit up with smugness at once. "His company is always listed in the country's top hundred. How could you not know that? What a hick! Can't match up to me now, huh? Face the facts – you're just a stupid internet celebrity who got lucky earning a couple of bucks investing. Who gave you the idea that you're some kind of big shot?

Chen Xiaobei kept calm and did not take his words to heart, although he was quite curious about the name 'Yap Tianlin' he kept throwing around. He had been hearing that name ever since he arrived in Dragon City – and if a financial director was as cocky as this, what about Yap Tianlin himself?

"No words? Already scared by Master Yap's reputation alone?" Bai Zhunyu taunted as he became bolder. "You should know that I have prepared a very special gift for Lady Lin. I'm going to confess my love to her – in fact, Master Yap will be video-calling us later to show his support for me!"

"My goodness! Boss Bai had even sought Master Yap's succor… What a huge honor!

"No wonder Boss Bai invited so many VIPs today. He's definitely getting the girl today!"

"Surely Lady Lin won't turn him down with Master Yao's help! I think I'll congratulate Boss Bai in advance!"

The crowd quickly tried to curry favor with Bai Zhunyu, cheering and applauding him on. The atmosphere was absolutely stirring.

"Motherfucker! This slug is absolutely treacherous… He actually used such a cheap trick!" Lin Nan panicked, and scurried beside Chen Xiaobei and whispered into his ear. "Brother-in-law, it's my fault – I didn't know he'd be playing dirty. What are we going to do? What if you lose to him in front of all these people? That would be a problem in the future!"

"Don't worry. This piece of garbage won't win." Chen Xiaobei shrugged, not even bothering to lower his voice.

Bai Zhunyu, who was reveling in the crowd's plaudits heard him, and instantly burned with anger. "So. You're not giving up? Thick-skinned worm! Then tell me, how do you measure up to me? Tell me! Tell me!"

The others also turned to Chen Xiaobei. Their gaze was mocking, as if they were eager to see him make a fool of himself. In their minds, Bai Zhunyu was backed up by Yap Tianlin, and Chen Xiaobei could not possibly top that!

Lin Nan was well aware of that, and started sweating buckets.

Only Chen Xiaobei was smiling, "The status that you are so proud of is only temporary. Who knows? Maybe someday you might wake up and realize that it's gone!"

"Brat, didn't you bring your brain along with you?" Bai Zhunyu laughed scornfully. "Is there anyone here who doesn't know that Master Yap and I are childhood friends? Do you even know what that means? It means that we grew up together! My position in the Tianlin Organization is rock-solid. How could I possibly lose my job?"

"Nothing is set in stone," Chen Xiaobei shrugged. "Nobody knows what will happen next!"

"Hmph! Looking for excuses? You obviously aren't my equal!" Bai Zhunyu laughed again. "Since you insist on not giving up, stay and watch – you're in for a treat! In a while, you'll watch as Ms. Lin accept my proposal, and fall into my arms!"

"Hehe, you remind me of a classic story!" Chen Xiaobei ginned from

ginned from ear to ear.

"What story?"

Chen Xiaobei raised his eyebrows. "Why… The story of the toad who wanted to eat the swan's meat, of course."

"Urgh…" Bai Zhunyu was so mad he started yelling. "Fucker! You're no better! If I'm a toad, you are garbage! A speck of dust!"

Lin Nan could not help bursting into laughter as he watched Bai Zhunyu blow up, the crowd along with him.

It made him even more infuriated!

It was at that moment that a man who dressed in a security guard uniform walked to him. "Boss Bai," he said. "Boss Yap's meeting has just concluded. He can now come online!"

"Alright, I'm going!" Bai Zhunyu's face lit up immediately. He ignored the laughing crowd, turned and left.

The servant followed, and whispered into his master's ear, "There's something else. Ms. Wang is here…"

"Shit. That sly bitch really knows timing…" Bai Zhunyu's eyes flashed coldly. "Pass the order to the others and keep her out. Don't let her in!"

"Yes, sir…" The servant nodded and parted from him. 

Back at the courtyard, Lin Nan's face was scrunched up with worry. "I'll bring you to my sister," he told Chen Xiaobei. "We need to inform her beforehand or I'm scared she can't handle the stress!"

Chen Xiaobei merely shook his head. "There's no need to hurry. Anyway, I'm leaving for a bit. I've got something to deal with!"

"What could be more important than my sister?" Lin Nan asked anxiously, his brows raised in uncertainty.

"Never reveal your masterplan," Chen Xiaobei smiled knowingly as he started to leave. "Go play around, I'll come for you in a while." 

Lin Nan starred blankly behind him. What in the blazes would Chen Xiaobei need to do now?

In the bathroom. 

Chen Xiaobei changed into Nightstalker Outfit and slipped out.

After a few minutes, the courtyard crowd started to gather in front of a small platform, where a humongous cake stood. There was also a projector on the right.

"Ladies and gentlemen! Today is my birthday. Other than every single one of you present, I have also invited two very important friends to come see this unforgettable moment!" Bai Zhunyu announced pompously on the stage.

"May I present to you… Mr. Yap Tianlin and Ms. Lin Xiang!"

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