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Chapter 473: The Second Candidate

Chen Xiaobei bought a stack of spicy sticks, WaHaHa High-Cal Milk and sausages for the Red Envelope Snatching Session. He locked himself inside his room right after dinner.

NeZha: Wow! God Chen is online! (Excited)

Wei Xiaobao: Quick! Quick! Quick! Bring in the Red Envelopes! Both my hands are ready!! (Rubbing hands)

Bull Demon King: I think this is going to be huge - Most Chanism deities are joining this Red Envelope Snatching Session as well. Hit me! Bro Bei!

Chen Xiaobei: Everyone, no rush…Lei Zhenzi! Cough! Cough! It's time for you to greet me!

Lei Zhenzi: Uhm…Here I am to welcome Shishu Xiaobei!

Chen Xiaobei: Good boy!

Lei Zhenzi: … (Speechless)

Chen Xiaobei could totally imagine how frustrated Lei Zhenzi was – the deity must have wished that he could slap him through his cellphone. It was the worst kind of humiliation especially for a deity that likes to act all high and mighty. Now, he paid the price of losing a bet with Chen Xiaobei and was forced to do what a mortal told him!

Taiyi Zhenren: Great! Let's get the Red Envelopes rolling! After that, we have something important to discuss!

'If I'm not mistaken, Taiyi Zhenren is one of the Twelve Golden Deities and NeZha's Sifu. I should show some respect!' Chen Xiaobei thought and shrugged. He stopped messing with Lei Zhenzi, and opened his treasure chest to pour thousands of Red Envelopes into the group. At the same time, the other group members sent in the Red Envelopes they prepared earlier as well.


[Taiyi Zhenren just send a Red Envelope to the group!]


[Yuding Zhenren just send a Red Envelope to the group!]


[Yun Zhongzi just send a Red Envelope to the group!]

"Seems like the members of Chanism are pretty generous this time! Let me snatch all their Red Envelopes!" Channeling all his strength into his fingers Chen Xiaobei started to tap his cellphone with lightning speed.


[Congratulations! You have snatched a Red Envelope from Yuding Zhenren! You have received a Green Jade Tripod! It had been stored inside your treasure chest!]

"Hahaha! First blood! That was quick, and it seems like my luck is working just fine too. Bring it on! More!" Chen Xiaobei was really excited. His luck has increased to sixteen thousand after receiving one hundred and sixty thousand merit points from Jiang Ziya, and that should get him a few Red Envelopes today!


[Congratulations! You have snatched a Red Envelope from Taiyi Zhenren! You have received a book called Taiyi Pill Crafting Manual! It had been stored inside your treasure chest!]


[Congratulations! You have snatched a Red Envelope from Duer Zhenren! You have received a ball called

called Bone Burning Pill Recipe! It had been stored inside your treasure chest!]

"What the hell? I thought the members of Chanism were becoming more generous? Why do they keep sending out all these pill recipes? It's useless crap… Oh well. I'll just keep snatching more Red Envelopes!"

Chen Xiaobei kept pressing on his cellphone like a mad person since he did not acquire any other item except for the Green Jade Cauldron.


[Congratulations! You have snatched a Red Envelope from Lei Zhenzi! You have received a piece of Wind Thunder Divine Stone! It had been stored inside your treasure chest!]


[Congratulations! You have snatched a Red Envelope from Tu Xingshun. You have received a Tracking Flag! It had been stored in your treasure chest!]


[Congratulation! You have snatched a Red Envelope from Bull Demon King. You have received a small number of Golden Eyes Divine Lion's fur. It had been stored inside your treasure chest!]

"Hahaha! A hat-trick… This is awesome!" Chen Xiaobei leapt up from his seat happily. He could face see Lei Zhenzi's face when he realized Chen Xiaobei himself snatched his Red Envelope.

Afterwards, the Red Envelope Snatching Session finally ended. However, the group was still quite animated; most of the members in the group was trying the delicacies Chen Xiaobei sent. This was also the first time the Chanism gods had a taste of the food from Earth.

Yun Zhongzi: Wow! This spicy stick is so damn delicious! I hear people talk about it all the time, but it really lives up to its reputation!

Huanglong Zhenren: The sausage tastes pretty good as well! I love its texture!

Randeng Daoren: WaHaHa High-Cal Milk is the best! It's not too sweet and also extremely refreshing! It's too awesome!

'The Chanism fellows are really excited when they tried those stuff, the old timers a lot less. Seems like I need to bring in something new next time!' Chen Xiaobei thought. It had been some time since the group members asked for delicacies from him too – he probably needs to introduce new food next time round.

On the other hand, he was quite happy to snatch six Red Envelopes!

Jiang Ziya: Cough! I think everyone had fun during the Red Envelope Snatching Session earlier, but now, it's time for serious business!

Pagoda Bearing Heavenly King: What kind of serious business?

Jiang Ziya: The Three Realms Mission. Earlier, Shaoba Xingjun had made a great achievement – even the Primeval Lord of Heaven was really proud of him. He also wants to show his gratitude for Chen Xiaobei's help as well!

"What does he mean? Could it be that old bastard finally comes to his sense to give me some reward?" Chen was actually looking forward to the reward. However, he didn't receive any Red Envelope after waiting for some time.

Jiang Ziya: Cough! What are you guys doing? Clap!

Lei Zhenzi: (Clapping)

Taiyi Zhenren: (Clapping)

Yuding Zhenren: Agree with them

"What the f*ck?! That's how you show your gratitude? Absolutely un acceptable!" Chen Xiaobei could not Xiaobei could not help rolling his eyes. He felt naïve for thinking that the Primeval Lord of Heaven changed for the better.

Jiang Ziya: Alright, stop clapping. Now, let's talk about the second candidate who is going to the human realm!

His text made everyone excited again.

NeZha: Me! Me! Me! I want to be the second one!

Zhu Bajie: I want to be the second one! God Chen is awesome, he managed to use game to recruit disciples! It's perfect for lazy people like me!

Hong Haier: Choose me! Choose me! I'm not going to tell you guys the reason…Hehehe…

Chang'e: I was the first one that volunteer myself last time. Can't I go this time? I don't care, you guys must choose me!

Monkey King: I'm going to keep registering. I'll leave the decision to you people!

Xiao Tianquan: Likewise.

Yanwang: Likewise, too…

Jiang Ziya: Silence! Everyone! Silent! The old rule applies – register first, we'll draw lots afterwards!

"Tut! Drawing lots again…""Chen Xiaobei rolled his eyes. "This completely lacks transparency. I bet they have already decided on the second candidate, and it's going to be another dude who would mess with me again!"

"But there's nothing for me to fear. Keep sending them – I'll cut them down to size, and slap the lot of you with an unexpected ending!"

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