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Chapter 472: Yamato no Orochi

"Some time ago, an old monk told me something about merit points," Feng Qingyang explained respectfully. "I'm aware that Sifu won't be able to receive the merit points for defeating this evil spirit if I capture its soul. So, I really need your permission to do it…"

The vampire's soul was filled with Absolute Zero Yin Qi, which Feng Qing can grow an Absolute Zero Evil Spirit from. However, he wold not be able to do so if Chen Xiaobei shakes his head.

The young man, however, nodded. "I don't mind. Just capture it!" He told the old man. "You're the Demonic Icy Old Man. Those weaklings won't laugh at you anymore if you have an Absolute Zero Evil Spirit, and neither would they belittle me as your Sifu as well!"

Yesterday, Chen Xiaobei had just earned one hundred and sixty thousand merit points from Jiang Ziya. Therefore, he did not really mind missing out on such a meager amount of merit points – he would even make his disciple stronger, too!

"Sifu, thank you so much!" Feng Qingyang exclaimed happily. He activated his Yin Yang Eye by touching it with one hand, while using the other to take out his Spirit Jar. Suddenly, the temperature of their surroundings plummeted after he chanted a spell, leaving Yap Liangchen nastily surprised since he had no idea what was going on.

Through the Netherspirit Battlescouter, Chen Xiaobei could see that the spirit of the vampire that he just defeated was pulled from the ground forcefully and siphoned into the Spirit Jar. Feng Qingyang's power was truly unimaginable – he could actually grab a soul that belonged to hell!

"Sifu, it's done!" Feng Qincheng told Chen Xiaobei politely as warmth returned to their surroundings.

Chen Xiaobei nodded. "Well, don't disappoint me since you have such a powerful minion. I might also recover your cultivation in the future!"

With Gao Ziang dead, ownership of the land fell to Chen Xiaobei.

While he would start his own faction sooner or later, he sorely needed some powerful elites to guard the faction with him. Their reputation would also increase tremendously if Feng Qingyang was as powerful as he once was! His very presence would serve as a warning, and those small-time factions would never dare to attack them. Therefore, it was crucial for Chen Xiaobei to recover the old man's cultivation as soon as possible.

"Re…Recover my cultivation?"

Feng Qingyang was trembling. Then, he opened his eyes wide and kneeled. "Thank you so much, Sifu!" He exclaimed. "You are the almighty! There's nothing you can't do in this world!"

Yap Liangchen was really shocked too – this was his first time ever hearing about recovering a destroyed cultivation! He would never believe it if anyone said it. Still, he had no reason to doubt Chen Xiaobei because whatever he said always comes true!

"Deal with the bodies."

Chen Xiaobei took out a bottle

bottle of Body Dissolving Poison and handed it to Feng Qingyang.

"Yes Sifu!" The old man did as he was told immediately while Chen Xiaobei whipped out his cellphone and called Luo Puti about buying the land. Initially, she was strongly against it, but gave in instantly when he mentioned Elder Luo.

It was a similarity that shared – both of them are extremely afraid of being nagged by their family. Thus, Luo was forced to say yes to Chen.


Three billion!

That's the official price set by the government for the land. Initially they wanted to auction it – but they were also more than willing to sell it to anyone who could cough up three billion in cash. It happens that Chen Xiaobei had the same exact amount in his bank account, which was why he said yes without thinking twice.

"I can always earn back the money that I spent. The land, however, is extremely rare. And since land are considered real estate, my net worth is still four billion!"

After he hung up the call, Chen Xiaobei started to make plans. "Right now, I don't have three billion… Guess I have to hold the auction I promised my fans as soon as possible."

Suddenly, Feng Qingyang shouted for him.

"Sifu, come and take a look at this! That vampire's body has completely decomposed, but it left something behind. The poison doesn't seem to work on it either!"

"What? Something survived my poison?" Chen Xiaobei was stunned. He walked over to Feng Qingyang immediately to find palm-sized scale lying in a blood of pool on the floor. It was silver in color, and had a sharp thorn behind it.

"Judging its shape, it should belong to a snake…" Chen Xiaobei frowned. "But I don't believe a snake as big as that exists in this world!" 

"If the scale is as big as our palm, the entire snake should be as thick as giant trees and at least a hundred meters long! Perhaps it belongs to a dragon?!" Yap Liangchen let his imagination run wild.

"I don't think so," Feng Qingyang said, shaking his head. "The body of a real dragon is thicker by hundreds of meters. This scale is filled with Absolute Zero Yin Qi… It could be a creature I've heard of – they call it Yamato no Orochi in Japan. It has eight heads, and grows up to a hundred and eight meters!"

"Yamato no Orochi?!" Chen Xiaobei's face lit up. He came across the name in manga and video games, but never thought that the creature was real! There just might be some truth to it too since the scale could not by his poison.

"Yamato no Orochi was a boss in a game that I played before!" Yap Liangchen exclaimed excitedly. "Players can acquire a lot of legendary items after killing it. Its eyes, fangs, venom, bone and even scales can be used to craft many to craft many kinds of powerful items!"

"Hehe… I must visit Japan as soon as possible after this!" Chen Xiaobei smiled, his eyebrows raised. "That vampire has such powerful Absolute Zero Yin Qi with only one scale, could you imagine how powerful we can be if we kill the snake?!"

"Sifu, when are you planning to go?" Feng Qingyang asked. The old man was clearly thrilled, too.

"Shouldn't be too long. I'll go once I deal with all the small matters I still have on hand in Dragon City!" Chen Xiaobei smiled, and pocketed the scale before leaving the mountain with the two.

After that, Chen Xiaobei spent a few days with Luo Puti at different government departments in Dragon City to handle all sorts of paperwork. It was time-consuming, but he eventually claimed ownership over the land.

According to her, Chen Xiaobei could ask for help from the Six Doors Organization if anyone was bold enough to mess with him. However, he knows that Jianghu matters have to be solved in Jianghu itself.

It was an unspoken rule that tends to negate outside influence including that of organizations such as Six Doors. Ultimately, it remained that anyone who steps into Jianghu needs to become powerful enough to defend himself and walk tall!

"The Red Envelope Snatching Session is today!" Chen Xiaobei said. He finally got some free time to himself – he was ready to snatch some Red Envelopes!

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