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Chapter 471: It’s Time for You to Die!

"Liangchen, you've been with Sifu Chen longer. Do you think he can defeat that vampire?" Feng Qingyang frowned. He was apprehensive – Chen Xiaobei may as well be a god to him, but that vampire was incredibly powerful.

Not even Gao Ziang could defeat this monster!

So how would Chen Xiaobei do it?

"I'm not certain what Bro Bei's planning, but he will definitely be beaten if his combat power is still the same as the last time I met him…" Yap Liangchen gulped. To him, Chen Xiaobei's cultivation was still at the early phase of Qi refining stage.

It was therefore natural for him to think that Chen Xiaobei could not defeat the monster.

"Kid, it's suicide if you fight that monster… Cough… Its combat power is extremely high, and you can't hurt him with your weapon! You're dying young unless your combat power is higher than him…" Gao Ziang told Chen Xiaobei between gasps before his eventual doom.

As the saying goes: those about to die, speaks nothing but the truth. Indeed, Gao Ziang knew that he was dying regardless, which was why he would tell Chen Xiaobei – who he wanted to kill just a little while ago – to flee instead of picking a fight with that monster.

Nonetheless, Chen Xiaobei ignored him, and soon stood in front of the monster.

"I shall grant your death wish!" The vampire was fearless despite Chen Xiaobei's calm stride. He was just a young man who was slightly more powerful than Ye Linlong.


The vampire spread his arms like an eagle stretching out its wings, flashing a pair of claws that were imbued with white True Qi.

Untroubled, Chen Xiaobei raised his sword. "To be honest," he said calmly, "you're quite strong. It's true that my combat power is lower and no weapon can hurt your hands. Any ordinary person would have a hard time holding up against you, but unfortunately today is the day your die!"

Chen Xiaobei's saber was almost three-feet long and covered in dragon scales. Its handle, carved in the motif of a dragon head too, with claws and fangs that made it look at once majestic and fashionable.

Chen Xiaobei imbued the saber with his Dragon Force. The blade came to life, and the Demonic Dragon was now ready to strike down its does!

"Impressive!" Feng Qingyang had seen a lot of things in his life, and could tell at once that the saber was extraordinary the moment he saw it.

"It's incredible… The Qi of that Saber is making my heart thump!" Yap Liangchen frowned. He could feel a mysterious force shrouding his chest; he might not be able to breathe if the saber was pointed at him.

"What…What's that?" Suddenly, the count was apprehensive; his pupils contracted as an invisible force surged at him. It was as if he was facing some primordial entity, and he felt severe discomfort all at once!

"Too bad for you!" Chen Xiaobei glared at the vampire and swung his saber at him.


The black saber tore through the air! The impact created by the Dragon Force was so powerful it could strike anything from miles away!

"It's a good sword, but you're still weak! You can't even dream of scratching my Impenetrable King Kong Skin!" The vampire shouted, his eyes streaming murder.

He swung both of his claws and raised his True Qi through the roof. The white True Qi was chilling like cavern air that had been frozen for millions of years. It threatened to engulf Chen Xiaobei mercilessly!

"Sifu, dodge! That's the Absolute Zero Yin Qi – it's even more powerful than the Three Faces Evil Spirit! It can freeze a normal person instantly!"

"Bro Bei!" Yap Liangchen feared the worst after hearing what Feng Qingyang said.


Chen Xiaobei, the face of tranquility, roared: "Demonic! Dragon! Blade!"


The blade streaked, leaving and an afterimage of black line that lingered in the air. Everyone could see the black saber colliding with the claw! However, there was no sound or sparks, only the black line!

"Aaargh! Aaargh!"

The vampire screamed in agony in an instant. His claws that he was so proud of were sliced in half and dropped limply to the ground, with blood gushing from his sliced palm. The arrogant vampire never expected his Impenetrable King Kong Skin to fail him so easily!


Seizing the opening, Chen Xiaobei swung his sword at the vampire's neck like a flash of black lightning! The monster was decapitated before he realized was happening!

"Wow! How… How is that even possible?"

The others stood, petrified as they watch the scene unfold.

"Bro Bei…" Yap Liangchen's emotion was jumbled. He had been despairing a moment ago, but now it felt like the sun had rose in his heart again. It felt like being rescued from hell and ascending to heaven in minutes!

"Sifu! You're truly powerful! Please, allow me to congratulate you!" Feng Qingyang bent his old and creaking knees in front of Chen Xiaobei.

"This… This…" Gao Ziang stared at Chen Xiaobei in wonder. The kid handled the monster with such ease! He never knew that the brat he wanted to slay stood upon such threshold of power – he would have been easily bested even if the youth used half his strength.

Fear and awe were his last thoughts as Gao Ziang drew his last breath and expired with his eyes wide-open.

Chen Xiaobei turned to the remnants of his factions. "Destroy your own cultivations and get out of Dragon City!"

He was not even particularly loud, but his voice was as powerful as the emperors of old! The members of Ghost Claw Faction did not even try to beg or defend themselves; they did what Chen Xiaobei told them to and fled immediately.

And thus the turf war ended.

Yap Liangchen and Feng Qingyang quickly ran to Chen.

"I thought your cultivation was still at early phase of Qi refining stage, but you're ten times more powerful than I am! Seems like I would never be catch up to you now!" Yap Liangchen exclaimed in awe.

"Sifu, I have a request. May I capture the soul of that vampire?" Feng Qingyang requested seriously. "I want to turn him into Icy Demonic Evil Spirit!"

"That's good!" Chen Xiaobei replied. "You don't have to ask my permission to do it. Or do you have more to say?"

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