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"The head of the biggest hospital in Dragon City contacted my grandpa to help treat one of their patients. I have to follow him to the hospital," Luo Puti said.

Chen Xiaobei was baffled. "Why would they consult your grandpa?" He asked.

"My grandpa is a nationally-renowned acupuncturist. He's made his name as Luo of Nine Needles," she replied. "The hospital must have been stumped with a case, and the patient was no small fry either. That's why they contacted my grandpa."

"Luo of Nine Needles?!" Chen Xiaobei repeated. He remembered that Luo Puti once mentioned that she used to follow his grandpa around the country to search for acupuncturist who were learned in the Nine Dragons Acupuncture. It had always been his wish to become one of them.

Chen Xiaobei was therefore surprised that Luo Puti's grandfather was that famed acupuncturist - it was therefore of little wonder that he had acted so arrogant and insisted on having an elite or prodigy for his future grandson-in-law.

Why would you follow your grandpa to the hospital since he's that good?" He asked calmly. "You could just come to my house to have dinner with my parents."

"I can't do that. The patient is someone really special, and her sickness is rather odd as well. I'm scared that my grandpa would be placed in a precarious position if he fails to cure her!"

"Alright. I'll tag along!"

Luo Puti paused for a while and nodded. "Of course. I'll be less worried if you're coming with us!"

However, Elder Luo was not at all happy when he discovered that Chen Xiaobei was going to the hospital with them.

"Puti, why are you bringing this brat with us?"

"Xiaobei has some medical knowledge too. I think he'll be useful there."

"He can help? Whatever! I don't want to waste any time!" Elder Luo said haughtily, although he was actually feeling rather nervous at the moment., He got his personal driver to fetch him to the hospital, while Chen Xiaobei got into his car with Luo Puti and followed Elder Luo's car.

At the biggest hospital of Dragon City.

"Useless trash! Is this the best hospital in China?! What a load of bullshit! You people used so much time, but still can't give me a diagnosis!" A blonde man was shouting in rather awkward Chinese in one of the rooms.

A powerful aura shrouded him - he appeared to be another martial arts elite. Meanwhile, the doctors around him were unable to respond even as he tore into them; they could not treat the patient without a proper diagnosis.

"I'll repeat myself. If something bad happens to Madam Diana, I'll definitely tell the embassy and media to humiliate you! Every single one of you are losing your jobs!" the man said arrogantly.

He had the power to carry out his threat, too. The old lady who had been taken ill was the CEO of one of the most famous conglomerates in Europe; her influence even stretches to and dominates the entire Southeast Asia!

Therefore, the hospital, Dragon City and the entire nation would be in deep trouble if they could not handle her illness. China's reputation would be ruined. And just a few minutes ago, a medical director cum vice mayor of Dragon City made a call to inform Jiang Zihua - the dean of the hospital - to resign if he fails to cure Madam Diana!

Jiang Zihua was extremely nervous, but there was nothing he could do other than to try to calm the man down.

"Mr. Tom, please wait a little longer. I just asked for the assistance of the most famous acupuncturist in our country; I'm certain that he can help Madam Diana!"

"Acupuncturist? Are you talking about Luo of Nine Needles?" Tom paused for a moment, and was calmer when he spoke again. "I've heard about him. However, he better be sure he could cure Madam Diana or I will personally break both of his arms. That way he will stop fooling anyone!

"Don't worry, Elder Luo will not disappoint! No one else in Dragon City can help if he fails!" Jiang replied politely.

The doctors around him nodded as well. At that very moment, all they could do was pin their hopes on Elder Luo.

"Elder Luo is here! Elder Luo is here!"

Elder Luo strutted into the hospital; he was quite spry for an old man full of white-hair.

"Greetings, Elder Luo!"

"Elder Luo, you're finally here!" 

"Everything will be solved with Elder Luo here!"

Everyone in the room greeted him as the atmosphere became relaxed. It was if the doctors had found their own savior.

Even the arrogant Tom cooled down and greeted Elder Luo. 

"Good day, Elder Luo! Please take a look at Madam Diana!"

"Elder Luo, I'm leaving Madam Diana in your hands." Jiang Zihua said rather ominously. It was clear that he had his own agendas - everyone would be happy if Elder Luo does cure Madam Diana. On the other hand, if Elder Luo fails, Jiang Zihua could simply pin the blame on him.


Elder Luo did not think too much about it, and made a beeline for Madam Diana and started to observe her condition and check her pulse.

Meanwhile, Chen Xiaobei and Luo Puti entered the room too. No one made an effort to greet them, however, since every person was fixated over Elder Luo's movements.

After just a glance over Madam Diana, Chen Xiaobei said: "Elder Luo, I'm, afraid that you can't cure this sickness."

Every doctor stared daggers at him in response.

"Who the hell are you? Are you out of your mind? Elder Luo has not said a word yet, how dare you speak before he did?!"

"Elder Luo is the most famous acupuncturist in our country! Do you really think you can help when he can't? Stop messing around!"

"I would have kicked you out if you weren't with Elder Luo!"

All of them started to criticize Chen Xiaobei as if they were Elder Luo's loyal fans. Meanwhile, Tom did not even care - he was just staring at Luo Puti like a pervert.

"Shut up! Don't disturb me!" Elder Luo shouted angrily. He hated Chen even more now.

'What a prick!' He thought. 'As if flirting with my granddaughter was not enough, he's now claiming that I'm bad at my job… Outrageous! I'll have him severe his relationship with Puti once I'm done here!'

Chen Xiaobei knew why the old man was enraged, and chose to kept quiet. He merely watched, wishing that Elder Luo could actually help the patient.

"Alright, I've found what's wrong with her. It is curable!" Elder Luo exclaimed after a while, and drew out several needles from a small bag.

The other doctors were thrilled when he announced the good news, and fixed Chen Xiaobei with snobbish stares. The young man, however, paid them no heed; he only hoped that Elder Luo could indeed cure the woman.

Suddenly, he shouted when he saw where Elder Luo positioned his needle.

"Stop! Not that spot!"

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