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Chapter 454: Time To Rebel


Infuriated, Chen Xiaobei jumped up from his seat. It was not easy for him to earn all the merit points he had, but all lost because of some random excuse!

"Conspiracy! This is one idiotic Three Realms Mission! I'm a hundred percent sure that the Primeval Lord of Assholes is trying to make me pay!"

Chen Xiaobei's intelligence allowed him to connect the dots.

"Old Wang doesn't have any friends in the heaven; he is belittled by every deity – and he doesn't even want to complete this sham of a mission! That's why Jiang Ziya is trying to use him to punish me!"

Chen Xiaobei could feel goosebumps over every part of his skin. He was completely disgusted – there was no way he could expect the Primeval Lord of Heaven to act like a child. It seemed like this conspiracy would not be as simple as Chen Xiaobei had thought it would be.

"They're probably testing my Sifu's patience! if my Sifu doesn't take this up against them, they would then reduce the years I have left and after that, strike me down with lightning!" Chen Xiaobei seethed.

"Come to think of it, even the Prime of Tongtian won't argue… Both of them are immortal, it's but a fleeting moment to them!"


[Wrath from heaven! 80000 merit points have been deducted! Your current merit

points: 0 (Charm: 0. Luck: 0)]

"Shit! It's really fucking zero!"

Chen Xiaobei felt a bad taste in his mouth. As long as Old Wang refuses to complete the mission, there was nothing he could do. And so, the Primeval Lord of Heaven would continue to do use it as an excuse so that he could keep messing around with him.

Meanwhile, even the Perverted Chat Group and Little Apple Wonderland Chat Group were upset.

Wei Xiaobao: Boss! Are you okay? How did something like this happen?!

Hong Haier: Conspiracy! It's a conspiracy! Jiang Ziya is messing with our boss!

Zhu Bajie: Better don't talk crap here. Do you know who Jiang Ziya's boss is? There's severe consequences if you get dragged into this mess!

Grandma Rong: Shaoba Xingjun just left the heaven for a few days! What's the rush? How could he use such pathetic reasons to punish our God Chen! I can't agree with this!

Group of grandmas: We can't agree this! It's definitely a conspiracy!

Mengpo: Calm down everyone… It's not something that we can change. Even God Chen can't do anything about it…

Yanwang: Yeah… No one can go against them… (Sigh)

After that, Chen Xiaobei's friends started to message him to ask after him.

Monkey King: Brother, don't worry! It's not something you can change. I'll just send you some merit points later!

Xiao Tianquan: God Chen, just tell me all your troubles! I'm willing to lend you a caring shoulder.

NeZha: God Chen, I know you're pretty upset, but I'm not really good at comforting others either… But I must remind you, don't fight them or they will pile up further punishment. I'm from Chanism, I would know best!

Chang'e: God Chen… (Hug) Don't be sad, just hang in there. I believe you're better than this! 

Chen Xiaobei was still very much frustrated after going through all the messages.

Chanism is nothing!

The Primeval Lord of Heaven is nothing!

Tiandao is nothing!

And the source of the problem was not him!

He could do nothing if Old Wang did not change his attitude!


Suddenly, Old Wang appeared behind Chen.

"I'm will complete the mission! Are you still willing to help me?" He asked.

"What? What made you change your mind?" Chen Xiaobei lit up.

"This… Mobile Legends is my way of escaping the reality. This is not your fault, and I definitely can't drag you into my mess…" Old Wang said. It was obvious that he still did not care about the mission, but he would not act selfishly when Chen Xiaobei was being buried together with him.

"Are you sure?" Chen Xiaobei asked him solemnly.

"I'm sure! I'll do my best as long as you help me!" Old Wang nodded and said determinedly.

"Great! This is great! Not only would I help you, but I'll also take this opportunity to make that old fart pay!" Chen Xiaobei said excitedly.

"That's is a big no… Please don't do it!" Old Wang was actually trembling, his voice quaking. "You are going against Tiandao if you rebel against the Primeval Lord of Heaven! You'll be completely destroyed!"

Just like every other deity, Old Wang feared the Primeval Lord of Heaven too. To them, he was the most powerful deity who has the highest authority, and he should never be offended under any circumstances!

Chen Xiaobei, on the other hand, was not afraid of him. At all.

"Don't worry, Tiandao and the Primeval Lord of Heaven only care about their faces! Unless their faces are thick enough, I can definitely make them pay!" Chen Xiaobei said confidently, and quickly returned to the group to execute his plan.

Chen Xiaobei: I was wrongly accused! I was wrongly accused! Justice! Where's the justice?!

Jiang Ziya: Chen Xiaobei! You're a disciple of the Prime of Tongtian; you shouldn't deny what you've done. Shameful! You've just shamed your Sifu!

Lei Zhenzi: That's right! You're no gentleman! (Hate)

'Huh? Where did Lei Zhenzi pop up from?' Chen Xiaobei thought, narrowing his eyes. 'I just wanted to slap the Primeval Lord of Heaven and Jiang Ziya at first. I'm glad you showed up – your face is mine too!'

Chen Xiaobei: I won't deny a thing if I really made a mistake. However, you people are accusing me of something that I didn't do!

Jiang Ziya: You didn't do? We've checked on Shaoba Xingjun's cellphone and found him spending most of his time playing that stupid game. He even plays the stupid game while he eats and defecates. That is solid evidence, don't you dare deny it!

Chen Xiaobei: Playing the game is part of the mission! Both of you are idiots, don't act like you know everything about this world!


The thousands of chat group members were utterly stunned.

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