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The sander bracelet that Chen Xiaobei had handed to the monk was the one Murong Tian had left in his care, while the monk charging at him was Murong Tian's Shixiong.

They previously met during the charity dinner. He was over two meters tall, and the muscles on his body were dense as iron. His very presence commands awe.

"Shixiong Yanhong! What are you doing?" The guardian monks who stood the entrance were caught by surprise. They never expected that to happen.

"Yanhong?! The elite monk - Yanhong?!" Xuda and the other two were stunned by the mere mention of his name. "He's the monk billed as the one who would solve the Labyrinth of Wooden Dummies in the Golden Dragon Temple!"

"He's quite young, but he is definitely growing in power as he ages. He would definitely become the Clan Master of Golden Dragon Temple in the future, or the abbot!"

"Shit! When did Bro Bei mess with such a powerful man?"

Xuda and the two were beside themselves with worry for Chen Xiaobei.


Yanhong leapt from the doorstep and landed heavily in front of Chen Xiaobei; his bulky body had rose a few meters up in the air!


Without a word, Yanhong aimed his huge fist on Chen Xiaobei's chest, his attack cutting through the air like a cannonball.

The middle phase of Qi refining stage!

Eight thousand health!

Eight thousand combat power!

The punch was so powerful it made shockwaves as it moved through the air, but Chen Xiaobei remained unmoved.

He was at the early phase of Qi refining stage, and his combat power was only six thousand and three hundred. However, the Body Enhancement Skill of the Indestructible Eternal King increased his health to ten thousand, while the Primordial Witch King Combat Enhancement Training raised his combat power to eight thousand and three hundred!

His opponent was powerful, but Chen Xiaobei was even more so. He therefore had nothing to fear!


Chen Xiaobei replied Yanhong with a punch of his own! There was no trick to it - all it was is just a simple punch. The air around them exploded as if Mars was colliding with Earth, a contest of pure power!

"How… How could this be?!" Yanhong gaped at Chen Xiaobei as his bulky body was forced three paces behind.

On the other hand, Chen Xiaobei remained where he was - it was quite obvious that he handled Yanhong's attack easily.

"Oh, my word… Bro Bei is too damned powerful… He just forced Yanhong the elite monk three steps back!"

"That's why he rules Green Vine City! I think he could be quite the big shot in Dragon City too!"

"Most importantly, he's practically a teenager! Can you imagine how much more powerful he would become when he reaches Yanhong's age? I think he will definitely reach the True Nirvana Stage in the future!"

Xuda and the two men were in complete awe of Chen Xiaobei; they now looked at him as if he was their God!

Even Si Xuanyu gaped at their joust. He always prided himself with his affiliation with the noblest family of blood descendants, and believed that he could destroy anyone easily with his combat power.

He never expected to fall from just one punch from Chen Xiaobei, and was further horrified to find that the youth was not even using his full strength. The vampire might have died on the spot if he did! The very thought made him even more forlorn than he was before.

"Amitabha!" Yanhong exclaimed, and placed his palm in front of his chest respectfully. "Mr. Chen, you're really something! You're here five years earlier than my Sifu expected!"

'Five years? I don't need five years to rescue Murong Tian. Everyone is really looking down on me!' Chen Xiaobei smiled at the thought, but kept quiet.

"However, I'm afraid you're still not powerful enough to solve the Labyrinth of Wooden Dummies." Yanhong said with a grave tone.

"I'm not here to solve the Labyrinth of Wooden Dummies." Chen Xiaobei said, shaking his head and gestured at the person behind his back.

Yanhong's face was one of pure disgust when he saw Si Xuanyu. However, he did not look surprised - it was clear that he had encountered blood descendants before.

"Mr. Chen, I believe you should talk to my Sifu about this matter." Yanhong turned around and led Chen Xiaobei into the temple. Xuda and the other two men did not follow, however, since Yanhong did not gave permission.

They walked past an aged but plain hallway that trudges into the main temple hall, before entering a private room where an older monk was waiting. This monk was quite short, and his back was hunched. He appeared to have been meditating.

"Sifu, Mr. Chen is here." Yanhong put his palm in front of his chest. His words were filled with reverence.

"Huh?" The old monk opened his eyes slowly. He smiled at Chen Xiaobei before placing his palms together and making a slight bow.

"Good day, master!" Chen Xiaobei greeted him politely in return.

The old monk then turned to Yanhong. "So. Did you lose to Mr. Chen?" He asked with a slight tease in his voice.

"I'm still not good enough. I lost." Yanhong was a real gentleman; he did not twist facts.

"Mr. Chen, you are truly special! No wonder why Yanfa likes you so much!" The old monk beamed, and his eyes seemed to read the question in his mind too. "Yanfa is Murong Tian's Buddhist name. Are you here to bring him home?"

"Not yet." Chen Xiaobei shook his head, and went on to tell the elderly man about the vampire.

"I see…" The old monk sighed. "These mystical creatures of western folklore had invaded our motherland quite some time ago. Just as we have our own Jianghu here, the countries to the west have their own as well."

"However, we established a truce whereby the religious organizations from the west would not interfere with our affairs overseas, and vice versa. That's why we can't do a thing - it's a matter that affects national security. The consequences would be unimaginable…" the old monk sighed again, shaking his head. 

Chen Xiaobei was shocked - he never imagined that the west and the east would agree to a treaty of this sort. But now that he thought about it, the Golden Dragon Temple did set up a few temples in several western countries a few years ago, and had been recruiting disciples actively. Things would definitely escalate and quickly spiral into chaos if the treaty was broken! 

"You can leave this problem to me - I won't drag you into this." Chen Xiaobei said bluntly.

"However, I need to use the holy land of your temple"

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