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The mustached man had mentioned earlier that his daughter was a fan of Chen Xiaobei. He never thought that the man himself would help him just because of that!

"That brat is insane! He's throwing his life away for a fan!"

"Absolutely crazy… We can't even leave this place if we wanted to, and he simply walked towards death!"

"That blood descendant monster would never spare him!"

The Jianghu veterans talked as if Chen Xiaobei was an idiot with suicidal tendencies, and even the mustache man doubted his help.

"Brother… You are a good man!" He breathed. "I really appreciate your help, but don't die here with me… Run… Run as far as you can…"

His groveling attitude towards Fan Tong aside, the mustached man was gallant enough to tell his rival to escape. He knew the meaning of brotherhood as fellow members of Jianghu, in the very least.

In the distance, Song Qincheng's anxiety gauge was brimming. "Asshole!" She muttered, biting down on her own lips "Don't act tough and die there! What should I do with my life if you aren't together with me…"

Moments ago, she had completely lost her composure when she saw Si Xuanyu. She was certain that Chen Xiaobei could never defeat a monster like that who threw the group of Crimson Cloud Jianghu elites around like ragdolls.

Ultimately, Chen Xiaobei stayed cold as ice while everyone else lost their minds to fear. Each of his step was firm - he clearly had no intention of stopping in his tracks.

"Bastard! Do you know that you walk towards death?" Si Xuanyu glared at Chen Xiaobei haughtily with his crimson eyes; he protruded his blood-red tongue to lick his fangs that were dipped in sanguine. Suddenly, he grinned ominously and smacked his lips.

"I think I smell the sweet aroma of a virgin!" He laughed. "Their blood tastes the best, and I've not had some for as long as I could remember!"

Chen Xiaobei's expression was unfathomable. "Too bad then," he said. "You won't live to taste it ever again!" 

"Hmph! Keeping the tough guy act in when you die?!" Si Xuanyu grinned. "Fine! I shall sink my fangs into your neck and drain every single drop of your blood, and you should be honored to become my snack!"


Tossing the mustached man aside, the blood descendant charged towards Chen Xiaobei.

"Shit! That brat is going to die!"

"That's to be expected! He could blame no one other than himself!"

"Don't talk about him anymore… It will be our turn soon!"

The crowd lamented in despair. They believed that they had no chance, and they would simply be next as if it was written in the stars, and neither would they find out who sent their killer, or why.

"Brother… It's my fault…" The mustache man moaned on his knees.

"Xiaobei! Don't die!" Song Qincheng could not help screaming out, her eyes red and teary.

What happened afterwards left them staring in amazement.


Chen Xiaobei wrecked Si Xuanyu's face with a single punch. The nightmarish blood descendant never reacted, and was sent flying upwards the sky before landing with one almighty crash that blew a crater on the floor. 


Critically wounded, Si Xuanyu ejected a stream of ichor. His fangs - a symbol of his blood descendant heritage - were crushed, and he was unable to get up. The agony was so intense that he drifted in and out of consciousness.

"…How is that even possible?" The others exclaimed in disbelief.

"One punch… He just used one punch to defeat that monster… That brat- no, Mr. Chen's combat power is terrifying…"

"That's saying something! That demon is more powerful than Fan Tong, but one punch from Mr. Chen and he's floored!"

"And he's still young! I almost can't believe that he is already that powerful - he will definitely be a legend in the future!"

Every single one of those Jianghu elites gaped at Chen Xiaobei. They were so certain that he was going to die moments ago, but their opinions took an instant 180-degrees turn.

In Jianghu, it was easier to convince your audience with actions rather than words. More often than not, a display of power was also the best way to give others a slap in the face.

"This boy… So he has such power… Such a bad boy, giving me the shock of my life…" Song Qincheng sighed in relief, her body limp against a wall.

She had prepared herself to die with Chen Xiaobei, but the brat simply turned the tables! The woman cried tear of happiness once more, her despair now replaced with hope!

"Bro… Bro Bei… Mr. Chen is the Bro Bei from Green Vine City!" The mustached man exclaimed as if making the discovery of his life. "I'm sure of it, only a person with combat power like that is could crush the Black Gang and take control the Green Vine City!"

"Bro Bei… He is that Bro Bei! Oh God! We were so blind…"

The other Jianghu elites soon came to the realization too. They respected strength more than anything else, and had already been fawning over the name of Bro Bei earlier. They never knew that the man was standing right in front of them; their faces went red when they recall their mockery.

"My fangs… Bastard!" Si Xuanyu screamed as he finally became lucid. "How dare you crush my teeth - I, who am the noblest of blood descendants! Go to hell!"

"Please, keep bragging. I dare you." Chen Xiaobei walked towards the vampire and stepped on his face. Si Xuanyu could feel his face spread mushily against the cold-hard floor, and soon his skull was stretched to its limits.

"Mercy! Mercy please!" The monster started to scream in terror, and abandoned every last bit of his pride to beg for forgiveness. He was sure that Chen Xiaobei would smother him if he kept spouting rubbish, and his life mattered more than anything else right then.

"Then start talking! Why are you here?" Chen Xiaobei asked coldly.

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