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Chen Xiaobei was concealed beneath his Nightstalker Outfit. He would never let a eunuch kiss his woman, and Fan Tong never felt his presence.


Fan Tong could sense something unusual going on within his body after gulping down the first shot of whiskey. His brain went numb and his vision grew fuzzy, and his strength seem to leave him.

"Brother Fan, are you alright? You don't look so good!" Everyone at the table began asking the same question; they stared at him nervously. His face was a bizarre crimson, and he could not stop licking his lips.

Nevertheless, instead of looking unwell, it was more appropriate to say that he was displaying extreme arousal!

"Qincheng! I'm afraid that Brother Fan wants to go to be with you… Just take him back to your room, we'll be fine here!" Baldy quickly said.

Song Qincheng was thoroughly disgusted; she did not even want to touch Fan Tong, let alone help him back to their room.

Meanwhile, Chen Xiaobei was furious - that Baldy had been persistently bringing up all sorts of lecherous things. He needs to be punished too!

"You! Go and have sex with that Baldy!" Chen Xiaobei used his True Sound Mastery to transform his voice into an old man's voice.

"Who? Who was that?" The guests were stunned. There were just a few of them in the dining room, but that disembodied voice terrified them!


Suddenly, Fan Tong howled. The effect of the Elixir of Obedience was showing - concocted by the Perverted Spirit, it could make anyone lose their will and comply to every perverted suggestion!

In the very next second, having seemingly regained his strength, Fan Tong rose and charged at Baldy.

"Shit! What the hell is going on?"

Baldy was shocked - Fan Tong had held him by his shoulders and pushed him to the floor.

"Brother Fan… What are you trying to do? Calm down… You need to calm down… You're not thinking straight…"

Baldy was scared out of his wits; he somehow knew that something terrible was about to befall him.


Before Baldy knew what was happening, Fan Tong had jammed his lips into his. The intense and passionate moment between two men was happening right there in the middle of the dining room, in front of so many people!

French kiss!



That scene could only be described with one word: filthy!

"Uhm… Uhm… Uhm…"

Baldy's brain went haywire as he became unable to defend himself. Indeed, the scene was reminiscient of the lyrics of a famous song that went: love was like a hurricane - it's unstoppable and comes when you're least expecting it.

"What the hell! What the f*ck is going on?!"

None of the guests expected such a bizarre scene to unfold before them.

"Why is Brother Fan kissing Baldy, not Qincheng?! Someone please explains this shit!"

"What the hell is there to explain!? Brother Fan and Baldy are obviously homosexual lovers!"

"Blaaaaaargh… This is too bloody disgusting… I can't watch…"

"Hey, that's not right! Same-sex marriage is legal in many countries - how dare you discriminate against them?"

"Discriminate?! It's fucking disgusting!"

Gradually, everyone's surprise turned into horror. They quickly changed their minds about Fan Tong because there was no way they would let a homosexual rule the Jianghu of Crimson Cloud City. If that truly happened, they would never be able to hold their heads high or tell people from other towns that they hail from Crimson Cloud City.

"Qincheng, are you alright? Hang in there! You must believe in Brother Fan, he still loves you!"

It did not take long for the guests to shift their attention to Song Qincheng. In their minds, they berated Fan Tong for choosing Baldy over a gorgeous and tantalizing woman.

"Gentlemen, please don't worry about me. I've always known that something wasn't right with Fan Tong. For years we acted like the ideal husband and wife, but in truth I exist only to keep his darkest secrets. With this, there's nothing to hide anymore."

"What? I don't believe it! Brother Fan is horrible… He would destroy Qincheng's happiness for another man!"

"What a selfish asshole!"

All of them were at once repulsed by Fan Tong's behavior and sympathetic towards his poor wife.

"Oof… Stop kissing me… I'm not gay… Help… Guys… Help me please!" Baldy finally managed to surface from the sea of kisses and call for help. He was weaker than Fan Tong, which was why he still could not free himself entirely. The mustached man tried to help, but Fan Tong kicked him away almost effortlessly - after of which no one else dared to interfere again.


Baldy's shirt was torn apart by Fan Tong.


Fan Tong took off his pants, and everyone knew what was up next - vigorous, painful sexual violence.

"Disgusting!" Song Qincheng frowned and took two steps back before walking while the others were left aghast.

"Guys… Look at Brother Fan's crotch…"

"What happened to his…"

"It's gone!"

"Damn! Brother Fan… No… Fan Tong is a fucking eunuch!"

"For f*ck's sake! My eyes have been defiled! I'm leaving!"

"No one can keep watching this disgusting shit! I'm leaving too! Bye!"

Soon, with nobody else except the pair of homosexual lovers still in the dining hall, Chen Xiaobei left too. The effects of Obedient Elixir would not wear off until the following morning - enough for the two men to enjoy the night.

After putting some good distance between himself and the live homoerotic show, Chen Xiaobei took off his Nightstalker Outfit. He wanted to make a call to Song Qincheng, but she called him first - they were to meet out at the courtyard.

The moment she saw him, Song Qincheng ran into Chen Xiaobei's embrace and started to bawl like a baby.

"Pumpkin… Why are you crying?" Chen Xiaobei was shocked, not quite understanding her outburst of emotion. She had been really calm when Fan Tong expressed his 'love' for Baldy.

"I said it out loud! I've revealed Fan Tong's secret! I've finally done it!" Song Qincheng cried. She looked up to him, and he could see a wonderful smile on her face.

Her tears were happy ones. After all those years of being denied freedom by Fan Tong's gruesome demands and burdened by his grotesque secret, her life and wellbeing had continually come under threat. Now, she was free!

"I know! You were really brave!" Chen Xiaobei beamed while stroking her hair.

Song Qincheng was baffled. "What - how'd you know?"

"Well… I'm a god!" Chen Xiaobei simply replied. He should probably leave the complicated explanations for another time.

"Dear god, ravage me then!" Song Qincheng gave him a stimulating glare, and moved quietly towards him, before standing on the balls of feet and nibbling his earlobe lustfully. 

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