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Song Qincheng had told her servants to clear out two rooms for Chen Xiaobei and Old Wang. Chen Xiaobei was in his own, modifying the martial art manuals that he planned to auction off at Dragon City.

Left with nothing to do, the bored Old Wang kept pacing in circles around him. Furthermore, nobody would talk to him despite his rejoining the Red Envelope Group with his new cellphone - he was the God of Misfortune after all. After all while, Chen Xiaobei stopped his work and looked something up to ease his boredom.

"Come. Download this and have fun. You're making me dizzy…" Chen handed the cellphone back to Old Wang.

"Mobile… Legends?" Old Wang began tapping as he tried to figure out the game that Chen Xiaobei showed him. At first, he was silent, but became really excited when he finally learned how to play.

"This game is so interesting! I can play as Monkey King, Xiangyu, and even Li Bai! This is so fun!"

"Xiaobei! Xiaobei! How did my Monkey King get killed a minion? That's impossible! Monkey King is not that weak!"

"It's a game, all the characters start off weak. You need to level up first…" Chen Xiaobei replied nonchalantly.

"Xiaobei! Xiaobei! I leveled up, but why did my character die again?"

"You have to purchase some equipment…"

"Xiaobei! Xiaobei! What is a primary school student? Why did my team members call me a primary school student?"

"Erm… They were praising you for playing well…"

"I see… Earthlings are so kind! I'll tell them that they are primary school students as well!"


Chen Xiaobei felt troubled. Maybe he should not have interfered.

Time passed.

Chen Xiaobei had modified the Breast-groping Dragon Claw and Seventy-Two Ways to Get Laid into Heart Gouging Dragon Claw and Seven-Two Ways to Master Ringen respectively, and posted some passages from the manual on his Weibo.

Most of his fans appeared baffled; they made conjectures as if the sentences were a secret code. However, the post was meant for the select few who followed him on Weibo at the auction in Dragon City. They were extremely excited, with every single one of them messaging him in private to ask about the date of the auction and the price - although Chen Xiaobei stayed tight-lipped about those things.

As an experienced and successful businessman in his own right, Chen Xiaobei decided to rope them in through suspense. Afterwards, they would definitely not hesitate to make bids with everything they had to lay get those two martial art manuals.

He then realized that it was almost time for dinner, but Old Wang was still playing Mobile Legends. He was clearly addicted - it seems that even deities could not resist Mobile Legends!

The idea then came to Chen Xiaobei that he should promote the game at the Red Envelope Group. It would be great fun if he could play with his friends or organize a Mobile Legends E-sport Competition! The latter would definitely be more interesting than most competitions he participated before.

Stashing the thought aside, Chen Xiaobei started to ask Old Wang to leave the room for dinner, but several attendants brought some food for them.

There was no question that the dining hall was occupied by Fan Tong and his cronies - the servants might not even have brought them their dinner if Song Qinchen did not remind them. Still, it did not bother Chen Xiaobei in the least.

It was better to eat alone than being forced to look at Fan Tong's stupid face.

"Old Wang, I'm going out for a while. I need you to stay in the room amd don't go wandering around. Understand?" Chen Xiaobei said. He was feeling 'ready' after having dinner, and was simply waiting for Song Qincheng's signal to have one wild ride.

"Understood…" Old Wang replied, never taking his eyes off his phone. He never put it down even when he ate as he pored over the attributes of each character in detail.

Chen Xiaobei nodded jovially - it was unlikely for Old Wang to disturb him with him so preoccupied over Mobile Legends. He also made sure to mute his phone so that no one could interrupt as he indulged on Song Qincheng.

One way or the other, he will lose his virginity tonight.

Soon, however, he grew worried. Song Qincheng had not given him the signal.

"Why isn't Qincheng calling for me?" He muttered. "Did something happen to her? Guess I have to check it out!"

The dining hall.

Fan Tong and Song Qincheng sat at the center of the room with the others surrounding them. All sorts of expensive dishes were spread across the table; every single one plate looked so much more exquisite and finely prepared than Chen Xiaobei and Old Wang's dinner.

Fan Tong's friends started to talk about his marriage after having their fill.

"Brother Fan. What's the secret to your marriage? How do you maintain your relationship?" Baldy asked with a grin.

"There's nothing to it! Brother Fan is so handsome and rich - there's no woman in this world who wouldn't fall in love with him!" The mustached man replied.

"You know nothing! Looks and money are skin-deep. I believe Brother Fan's dragon is the chief factor! His cultivation is so powerful he'd make his wife go crazy in bed! It's no wonder that they love each other so much!" the Baldy grinned ominously.

"Hmmm. You're right, you're absolutely right! Nowadays, women like men with big dicks, and I'm confident that Brother Fan's is humongous!" The mustached man joined in the groveling.

"Qincheng, I think you know best! Is his prick big? Do you like it?" Baldy asked teasingly.

All the while, Song Qincheng had been wearing an expression of pure disgust. She would have flipped the table and left if it was not for her precious company.

"Hahaha…You guys should stop talking! Qincheng is really shy about these things…" Fan Tong faked a smile changed the topic immediately to clear the awkward atmosphere. In reality, he was hardly pleased that they kept blabbing on about such things too since he castrated himself some time ago.

"Brother Fan, you were defending her, and therefore violating the 'Bros before Hos' rule!" The mustached man laughed. "You have to drink three shots of whiskey!"

"Three shots of whiskey isn't enough!" Baldy exclaimed. "We all want to watch see you kiss your wife here!"

"Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" Everyone started to chant excitedly.

Song Qincheng was genuinely upset. She hated Fan Tong's touch, let alone a kiss! However, she did not dare to reject him in public; she feared for both her company and Chen Xiaobei. The latter was in Crimson Cloud City now - it would be impossible for him to summon his followers and plainly unwise to challenge Fan Tong on his turf.


A drop of pink solution trickled into Fan Tong's cup. Everyone was too busy with the festivities to notice it.

"Alright! I shall drink three shots of whiskey as punishment!" Fan Tong kept his dummy smile while gulping down all three shots without a pause.

Chen Xiaobei grinned evilly. "Have a taste of some Elixir of Obedience!" He whispered to himself.

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