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"Ack…" It was a last, pathetic utterance, but also Poseidon's very last word in life. His body became motionless and he dropped to the floor exactly like a pile of cow dung.

The super genius was dead as a doornail.

"Chen Xiaobei! Are you crazy?!" Cangjin Gu and Huangfu Lengshan were left dumbfounded. They stared at Chen Xiaobei as if he was a complete maniac!

Even Wu Tianhe was left shaken. His eyes welled with fear immediately in a flesh; he knew that Huangfu Lengshan and Cangjin Gu would tear them apart without their bargaining chip.

There were two options: fight or death - and Wu Tianhe knew that it was impossible for him to defeat them.

"Son of a bitch! Do you know what you've done? I'll grant your fucking death wish!" Huangfu Lengshan roared in pent-up fury. He channeled his True Qi to both hands and formed two extremely sharp blades!

"I'm going cut off your head and bring it back to Japan! And your body will be left in pieces!" Cangjin Gu was also the picture of pure rage. He drew both his katanas and imbued them with his concentrated True Qi - the blades appeared as if burning, and the room quickly heated up.


Wu Tianhe froze as the two super elites prepared to cut them into ribbons. Dealing with one of them would have been troublesome - but both of them were coming up simultaneously! There was no way this would end well for them, and, knowing that, Wu Tianhe despaired.

Chen Xiaobei, however, stayed calm even in the face of death. He acted as if he had everything under control, and that gave both Huangfu Lengshan and Cangjin Gu pause.

They looked at each other and, baffled at how Chen Xiaobei was simply standing there, glaring back at them fearlessly. "F*cking brat! Where did you get the balls to stay on your feet with both of us coming at you? Do you really think you can defeat us?"

"Is it possible that Mr. Chen is powerful enough to defeat them? But how…" Wu Tianhe choked on his own words.

Then, he suddenly remembered that Chen Xiaobei once told him to respect him like a god. Wu Tianhe decided that he would start worshipping Chen Xiaobei if he managed to turn the tide!

"Sword!" Chen Xiaobei called, pointing towards the sky. "Come!"


The room trembled. A flash of crimson punched through the roof of the room and dyed the entire room a bloody crimson - it was a sword that fell from the heavens!

Blood aura and Black Dragon ravaged the room, freezing the air. Huangfu Lengshan and Cangjin Gu could feel their hearts thumping, their breaths becoming uneven. The weaker Wu Tianhe was suffocating.

The crimson light stopped in front of Chen Xiaobei, and everyone finally saw it: a sword that made of the legendary blood jade! Nine streams of blood Qi flowed like flying dragons atop the blade. There was another black line too - the blood of the Black Dragon!

"Fly… Flying Sword? Is that the legendary Taiji weapon; Flying Sword?" Huangfu Lengshan gaped, his eyes bulging, unable to believe he eyes. As the chief inspector of Six Doors Organization, Huangfu Lengshan came to learn about many Taoist legends - the Flying Sword being one of the most interesting of them all!

The tales went that it could cut off a target's head from thousands of miles away. Huangfu had not seen one before, but a part of his flabbergasted brain told him that the small blood red sword was the legendary Taiji Flying Sword!

'Who the hell is this youth? Where did he learn how to use a Flying Sword?' Huangfu thought.

On the other hand, Cangjin Gu was not as knowledgeable as Huangfu Lengshan was. "Brat, don't play stupid tricks!" He laughed as his eyes narrowed. "The speed and power of that Flying Sword is around fifteen thousand. Could you even scratch us with that toy? Naïve!"

"Maybe. But I never said a thing about fighting you two. Your opponent is right behind you!" Chen Xiaobei said calmly with a shrug.



Two figures jumped through the crack that the Chaos Sword Essence opened.

One of them was an incredibly gorgeous woman, while the other was a tall and well-built man!

"Luo Puti?! You're alive?!" Huangfu Lengshan could not believe his eyes.

"Hmph! Did you actually believe your plans were perfect?" Luo Puti laughed calmly. "All of you were outplayed by Chen Xiaobei! Your schemes were doomed to fail the moment he was captured! Even your god Poseidon was destined to lose the moment he went against him!"

"Bitch! Don't mock the Master!" Cangjin Gu screamed furiously. Poseidon was highly respected in Japan, and no Japanese person would be able to accept the fact that he was killed by a brat! That slap in the face was infinitely precious!

"Cangjin Kun, calm down! There's no need to argue with them because they will all die soon!" Huangfu Lengshan said darkly and turned his attention to Chen Xiaobei. "Chen Xiaobei, did you believe that Luo Puti could get you out of this?"

"Hehe… My honey is not going to fight, but we're not running either… Bro Yu, I'm leaving them to you!"

"Not a problem." The handsome man standing beside Luo Puti nodded.

"Bro Yu? I don't even remember coming across your name in Jianghu!" Huangfu Lengshan laughed fearlessly, comforted by his knowledge of the field. "I'm an elite at the Halfstep True Nirvana Stage, and I know the name of every elite who achieved True Nirvana Stage. There is no way that he can defeat me! You bunch of-"


Huangfu Lengshan took a punch before he could finish; he flew and sunk deep into a wall! His Dantian was turned into a pile of mush and his cultivation was completely destroyed. Blood gushed out from his wounds.

"My apologies, but I'm at the Pinnacle Phase of True Nirvana!" The handsome man said, flexing his fist.

One punch, and Huangfu Lengshan was out of the game!

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