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"Idiot! You bastard! How dare you spit such insolence at Master Poseidon? You must be thirsting for death!" Cangjin Gu roared angrily before Poseidon could reply; his tremendous Qi aura plunged the temperature in the room.

"Such terrific Qi aura!" Wu Tianhe inhaled sharply. He was an old Jianghu elite who had been through much in his whole life, but Cangjin Gu's angry bellow made him felt a pang in his chest and made it difficult for him to breathe.


Lin Yufei, who was much weaker, felt an invisible force crushing her. She coughed a mouthful of blood.

"Huh?" Slightly baffled, Poseidon narrowed his eyes. "Aren't you afraid of Cangjin Gu? Your mental fortitude is quite formidable for your age!"

Cangjin Gu was as shocked as he was angry. He always considered himself one of the greats in Qi refinement. Though his aura was powerful enough to stun even elites like Wu Tianhe, he failed to immobilize the young man in front of him. It felt like a slap from Chen Xiaobei, especially given that he was under restraints!

"What the hell is a Cangjin Gu? Such a thing isn't even worth mentioning!" Chen Xiaobei replied with a snobbish poker face but he was not trying to act tough. It was the truth that he did not fear Cangjin Gu.

The reason behind that was because a person's mind has nothing to do with his combat power or age - experience was the only thing that matters. For example, a person would not be afraid of an earthquake if they had experienced the apocalypse. And Chen Xiaobei had his apocalyptic when he gutsily slapped the Primeval Lord of Heaven! Would such a person even fear Cangjin Gu?

"Son of a bitch…" Cangjin Gu seethed in fury, every bit of him desiring to strike the young man down.

"Cangjin Kun, calm yourself." Poseidon commanded, and pointed at Chen Xiaobei. "Brat, you're quite the cocky one. That being said, I could make you submit without killing you. I'm the legendary genius in Japan, my friend - there is just so many ways I could make you yield."

"Is that so?" Chen Xiaobei retorted.

"Yes, and Huangfu Lengshan here is the best example. Even the chief inspector of the Six Doors Organization and the brains of China chose to be my loyal servant! What do you even have over me?"

"Him?" Chen Xiaobei glared at Huangfu. "He's just a shameless, despicable and ungrateful traitorous cunt. He's worse than a pig, my friend - so please don't compare me with that pile of shit." 

"You! You…" Huangfu Lengshan was in cloud nine after Poseidon complimented him, only to have Chen Xiaobei's insult plunged him back to earth and boiled his blood.

Even Wu Tianhe and Lin Yufei were stunned by his mockery. Huangfu Lengshan was one of the most influential men in China, treated like a deity in Jianghu - but somehow Chen Xiaobei thought that he was just feces.

Poseidon had seen a lot of arrogant fools, but not one quite like Chen Xiaobei.

"Amazing! Just amazing!" He laughed icily. "Chen Xiaobei, you surprise me! It seems that I need be more creative to deal with you!".

Cangji Gu quickly took out a test tube with purple liquid and handed it to Poseidon.

"Do you know what this is? I don't think you do! I'll let you see its effects!"

Poseidon kept laughing while Cangjin Gu walked over to Lin Yufei, squeezed open her mouth and poured the purple liquid into her mouth.

"No… No… What did you just give me? Master Poseidon… Master…" Lin Yufei struggled in agony for a while. Eventually she stopped moving and peered at Poseidon with milky eyes. 

"This is the Hypnosis Elixir!" Poseidon explained before starting a lame mime routine. "Dad! Help me! Use your research to save me!"

Lin Yufei nodded and imitated Poseidon: "Dad! Help me! Use your research to save me!"

"What do you think?" Poseidon giggled darkly. "It's one of my many inventions! You may not submit to Cangjin Gu's and Huangfu Lenghsan's force, but you will definitely submit to a genius like me. That's the power of knowledge! Hahaha…"

"Shit… The mission is fucked beyond recognition… There's nothing we can do if Mr. Chen is hypnotized…" All hope escaped Wu Tianhe. The Hypnosis Elixir was such a cheat!

"Master Poseidon is almighty!! It's my honor to serve our greatest scientist!" Cangjin Gu bowed.

"I'm in awe of my master as well. It's my honor to serve him!" Huangfu Lengshan joined the worship too.

Poseidon became even more full of himself after hearing the compliments of his followers. "Chen Xiaobei!" he said. "Are you impressed by my invention? Don't worry, I will let you have a taste of it soon!"

"Stop being so proud of yourself over some dumb ass solution! My Hypnosis Elixir is hundreds of times more powerful than yours!" Chen Xiaobei shot back.

"What? You? An elixir hundreds of times more powerful than mine? Hahaha…" Poseidon burst out in laughter. "That's definitely the worst joke of the year!"

"Laugh all you can now. You won't be able to laugh anymore after I slap your fucking face!" Chen Xiaobei warned chillingly.

"You're really crazy. Dream on! You'll be my puppet soon; you won't even be able to walk towards me!" Poseidon said.

"Don't worry, I won't disappoint. "Chen Xiaobei lifted his hands as if he would break his restraints.

"Brat, you're too damn naïve! This handcuff is made of special metal - not even I can break free from it! Keep dreaming!" Cangji Gu laughed.

Meanwhile, Huangfu Lengshan glanced at Wu Tianhe. The chief inspector was certain that even the veteran could not unlock his own restraints either. 



That was when everyone glimpsed a golden light flash. When it cleared, Chen Xiaobei was free.

"Oh my God… What… What the hell just happened?" Poseidon gasped. It was like facing a beast that was suddenly free from its cage - and what was worse, his combat power was only three. He would be devoured with just a slap!


Without any hesitation, Chen Xiaobei landed his palm on Poseidon's face!

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