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Luo was shocked. She never expected Chen to be bold. However, Chen did not really kiss Luo. He used his hand to cover Luo's mouth.

"Someone is eavesdropping on us from outside the room!" Chen whispered. He slowly lifted his hand from Luo's mouth.

Luo was stunned when Chen said that. She paid attention to the noise outside the room as well. An elite like her would know if something was moving outside the room. That person was being extremely cautious. Chen would have missed it if it was not for his Golden Gaze Fiery Eyes.

"What are we supposed to do now?" Luo frowned and asked.

"Someone is snitching on us! That's how the old man intercepted us! We should make some noise! Let's pretend that we are having sex! Then, they will not grow suspicious of us, and my plan can be carried out smoothly!"

"How are we going to pretend that we are having sex?" Luo was nervous, and her face turned red, immediately.

"Are you stupid? Just moan! Please do not tell me you have no idea on how to moan. You were moaning seductively on the night you got drunk!" Chen twitched his mouth and said.

"You do it! I'm not going to moan!" Luo said embarrassingly.

"I moan? Do you really think that person outside of our room is an idiot?" Chen laughed and said. Women were the ones moaning during sex, normally.

"I'm not going to moan!" Luo refused to do it. After all, she was known as the Ice Demon Queen! How could she do such an embarrassing thing?

"Stop messing around! Your moaning was really passionate and nice! Now, that I think of it, there is a unique tone to your moaning." Chen reminisced and said.

"You asshole! Don't talk about the past anymore! I… I'm going to kill you!" Luo said shyly.

"Well, you can refuse to moan. Do not blame me if the plan goes sideways!" Chen shrugged and said.

"This…" Luo got even more nervous.

The person that stood outside the room will surely grow suspicious of them if he/she did not hear anything from the room. If so, the person would report it back to Poseidon, and Poseidon would grow suspicious. After that, he would not risk anything, since he had put in so much effort in controlling the Six Doors Organization! By then, Chen's plan would be in pieces.

"Chen Xiaobei…Kiss me!" Luo gritted and said in embarrassment.

"What did you just say? I can't hear clearly." Chen said with an evil smile on his face.

"Asshole!" Luo gritted, turned around and straddled Chen.




Luo placed her lips on Chen's lips before Chen could realize it. Both of her fair and long hands were pressing on Chen's hands.

"Oy! This is wrong! I should have taken the initiative!" Chen thought. He was not prepared for it. However, the girl was still a greenhorn at intimate stuff. She could not be compared to the young MILF; Song Qincheng!

Chen had to teach her how to do it passionately. He calmed himself down and got ready to stick his tongue into Luo's mouth. However, Luo got spooked when she sensed Chen's tongue in her mouth. She bit on it unconsciously since she had never experienced something like this.

"Ouch… Oh… Oh… Damn it! What the hell is wrong with you?" Chen cried in pain.

Pain was only temporarily! Chen paused for a while and used his tongue to attack Luo again.

"Ouch… Ouch…"

Luo did not bite Chen's tongue. However, she did pinch Chen's waist, and both of them changed position completely. Chen was really afraid of Luo that time. It was going to be a war zone if Chen really had sex with her since kissing was already such a big deal for her. He was kind of frustrated after figuring out that conquering the Ice Demon Queen was not going to be an easy job.

On the other hand, the person outside the door stopped growing suspicious of them after Chen shouted. The person grinned and left silently. Chen did not dare make any further moves on Luo either. He quickly said, "They are gone. You can come down now…"

Luo zoned out for a short while. She then got off Chen and rushed to the bathroom.

Chen smiled while looking at her elegant and sexy back. He said, "Sooner or later, I will definitely capture your heart! We will have great sex by then!"


Chen's cell phone rang suddenly!

The dirty-minded group of deities was sending messages to the group.

Wei Xiaobao: Boss! It's time for good stuff!

Hong Haier: Boss! It's time for good stuff!

Everyone: We want the good stuff! Good stuff! We want the good stuff!

"Erm…I almost forgot this group of perverts…I have to give them some good stuff, but I have no idea how to draw hentai at all…" Chen said nervously.

Perverted Spirit: Boss! We are going demote you if you refuse to give us the good stuff! (Threaten)

Zhu Bajie: Return the Red Envelope to us if you can't give us the good stuff that we want! (Three threatening emojis)

"Shit…I just gave the Qinlian Bellyband to Puti. How am I going to return it to you?" Chen twitched his mouth and thought. Then, he quickly tried to figure out something to satisfy their needs.

"Oh right!"

After some thought, Chen used his cellphone to access a particular website!

Porno website!

Men's favorite!

There were all sorts of pornographic pictures on the website. Chen picked three of the most perverted pictures and opened the group chat.

Chen: What's the rush? I did not say that I wasn't going to give you guys the good stuff as promised! I just put in a lot of effort to look for some good stuff to you guys! I can guarantee that none of you have ever seen something like this! (Cool emoji)

Bull Demon King: Damn! New stuff! God Chen is awesome! Send them to us right now!

Wei Xiaobao: I have ruled the world of dirty mind for so many years! There is nothing that I have not seen before! God Chen, you better don't disappoint me!

Zhu Bajie: Quick! Quick! Quick! I'm going to reward you with something if your stuff satisfies me!

Chen: Ladies and gentlemen! Let me show you a whole new world that you have not stepped foot in before!




Chen sent all three pictures to the group.

After a moment of silence.

Everyone was quiet after seeing the pictures. They had been thunderstruck! Half a minute later, the whole group exploded!

Bull Demon King: What the f*ck! The person in the picture looks like a real person! How did you draw that?! Hentai has nothing on this!

Wei Xiaobao: Oh my God! Is this blonde woman an elf? Look at her body! Everyone! I'm going to jerk off first! (Salivating)

Hong Haier: I like this woman in the picture! His body and aura could be compared to Sister Tanji!

Zhu Bajie: Awesome! Awesome! I will reward you abundantly!

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