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Chen's supercar could only fit two persons; thus, Luo went with Chen, and the rest of them had to call a cab to follow Chen.

"Honey… Tell me now… What the hell just happened?" Chen finally spoke out after driving for some time.

"I purposely led them to think that you are the person that I want to find! Don't worry! You are not the person that I want to look for!" Luo said.

"I'm glad… I'm really glad… I do not want another pair of parents, other than my current parents!"

Chen was relieved. Then, he asked again, "But, why would you do that?"

Luo lowered down her voice and said, "I'm pretty sure our enemies are going to ambush us on the way to Green Vine City! I want everyone to think that you are the person that I'm looking for. So, Poseidon will have you locked in his crosshair! On the other hand, the real person that I want to find will arrive at Dragon City, safe and sound!"

"What a great and smart plan! My wife, you are too damn smart!" Chen raised his eye brows and gave Luo a thumbs up.

"You don't have to worry about your safety at all! Poseidon wants that special person to be alive and well! Thus, you will be the safest person throughout the whole plan!" Luo consoled Chen and said.

"But, your life will be in danger during this operation! Poseidon will definitely kill you this time, no matter what!" Chen frowned and said.

"Just come at me! I've resolved myself to death in this mission!" Luo said sternly.

"What a load of bullshit! I will not let you die no matter what!" Chen looked at Luo and said determinedly.

"Kiddo, everyone will die. It's just a matter of time… Tons of people have died for the country, and I'm proud to be one of them!" Luo put on a warm smile and said.

"Erm… Maybe you are right about this… Honey, just do whatever you want to do! I'm pretty close with Yanwang. I can bring you back even after you die!" Chen nodded and smiled.

"Are you still a kid? That's nonsense! Yanwang is just a fictional character." Luo was stunned. She thought that Chen was telling her a joke.

Chen smiled and changed the topic, "Anyway, have you found the person that you wanted to find?"

"I found it! Yesterday, Elder Cao made some arrangement for me to meet that special person. One look told me that this person was it!" Luo nodded and said.

"Why are you so sure about it?" Chen asked.

"Physical similarities! That special person looked exactly like the brother and sister that went to your house to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival!" Luo said.

"Mid-Autumn Festival? Are… Are you talking about Lin Xiang and Lin Nan?" Chen said shockingly. That was not what he was expecting.

"You have to think of a way to get a strand of hair from the brother or sister as soon as possible to complete my plan!" Luo said softly.

"This is easy." Chen quickly made a call to Jing Fei. Lin Nan was working at Chen's jewelry shop; and thus, it was easy to get a few strands of hairs from him. After that, Luo hid Lin Nan's hair in her hand after they arrived at the hospital. Then, Luo pretended to pluck a few strands of hairs from Chen and handed them to the doctor. The hair that Luo handed to doctor belonged to Lin Nan, not Chen. Finally, they sat down and waited for the DNA result.

Wu Tianhe and the rest of the Six Door Organizations officer stopped messing around and started carrying out their duty to protect Chen. At first, Chen could not understand why Luo wanted to bring those three idiots with her. He finally came to an understanding that they were there to serve Luo's purpose. The three of them made the whole ruse believable. Well, the truth was Luo had already outplayed them, when they taunted her earlier.

"I should check out the new items that I acquired recently, since I'm so free now!" 

Chen turned on his cellphone and opened up his treasure chest. He skipped the Boobie Grabbing Dragon Claw Manual and Seventy-Two Ways to Push A Girl to Bed Manual. He refused to learn such dirty skills. Anyway, he was planning to modify the two skills and sell them to the highest bidder at Dragon City.


[Obedient Elixir; mixed by the Perverted Spirit. It can make a person become extremely horny. That person will do anything you ask for, whatever your fetish! Do you want to withdraw it?]

"Damn! This is a dirty Red Envelope!"

Chen pursed his mouth and thought, "The effects of this poison is actually pretty effective, but I will never use this kind of dirty item to pursue the girl that I like! What a despicable item!"


[High-Grade Ma Liang Divine Pen; crafted by Wei Xiaobao. It can be used to draw an animated picture. Its ink will never fade away. Do you want to withdraw it?]

"Another piece of useless item…"

Chen sighed and thought. He could not think of other usages of the pen, other than drawing animated hentai. However, those dirty minded deities and spirit might sent Chen more Red Envelopes if they liked the animated hentai drawn by Chen. It was definitely something to look forward to.

"Last item! Please don't disappoint me!"

Chen tapped on that watery blue bellyband.


[Bellyband of Qinglian Goddess; stolen by Zhu Bajie. It was made of Qinglin Divine Silk. Also, it can nourish the owner's body, upon equipping. Lastly, it has some weak defensive properties. Do you want to withdraw it?]

"Zhu Bajie is such a shameless person! It is no wonder that he still can't make Chang'e Goddess his girlfriend!" Chen raised his eyebrows, and thought he was quite a decent young man as compared to Zhu Bajie. That had to be why Chang'e Goddess liked Chen so much.

"Anyway, I wonder if they have chosen the deity that is supposed to come to the human realm to carry out the mission. Could it be Change'e Goddess? Hehehe… I think I can get into her pants with my charm! Wahahahaha…" Chen laughed and thought.

"Why are you laughing there like an idiot?" Luo walked towards Chen and asked curiously.

"Nothing…Honey, I would like to give you something." Chen was all lit up and jumped up from his chair.

"What kind of present?" Luo stared at Chen. She did not see Chen trying to hide anything from her after checking him out.

"Follow me! It's a surprise!" Chen raised his eyebrows, held on to Luo's hands and dragged her to the male toilet.

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