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"You gotta be kidding me! What year is this? No one carries out castration on themselves anymore!" Chen gulped. He was rather shocked after hearing what Song told him.

"He did that to improve his martial arts. According to him, one can achieve immortality through castration…" Song said.

"What the hell! He is the modern Dongfang Bubai!" Chen was completely baffled. Until that moment, he had spent quite some time in the Red Envelope Group, but he had never heard of anyone achieving immortality through castration.

"Why didn't you leave him after finding out that he is a eunuch?" Chen asked.

"I had already been together with him for two years during that time. It's hard for me to leave him…And I can't just give my company up like that…"

Song continued, "Fan Tong came up with a company called Qin Cheng Entertainment Agency as a shell company to... Beautify me. Thus, he could always mention to others that I'm a CEO of a company to avoid being embarrassed in his circle of friends. However, I managed to transform the shell company into a real company. I wanted to prove to Fan Tong that I am a capable woman, not a brainless beauty. Besides that, I want to be able to use my own capabilities to earn the respect of others. After four years, my company finally stabilized. The amount of effort and emotion that I put in this company is enough for me to treat it like my own child! That is why I can't let go of this company... No matter what…"

"Is that why you were willing to marry to a eunuch?" Chen asked in shock. The bizarre storyline could definitely be written as a novel.

"That's right. Fan Tong used the company to threaten me. No one will know that he is a eunuch after he marries me! Not even his brother; Fan Jian knows about it!"

"But, you mentioned that you have nothing left in this world for you to live on anymore, right? Why did you manage to let go of the company suddenly?" Chen asked.

"Qin Cheng Entertainment Agency is a small company in the entertainment circle. My job title within that company is a celebrity manager. My company can only be considered as a small company, and most of the celebrities under my company are not that popular either. That being said, I have tons of social activities that I have to attend, all the time! I can't push them away, I don't dare to push them away!"

"It was not easy for a woman like you to carry a company this far." Chen sighed.

"You are right. It's not easy. That is where the freaky stuff begins! Fan Tong! That f*cking eunuch! He told me that entertainment circle is extremely chaotic; thus, he asked me to go the hospital to do virginity tests on a regular basis! How dare he discriminate me, when I did not discriminate him for being a eunuch?!"

"Also, his brother, Fan Jian is a complete asshole! He is always saying that I cheat on his brother all the time! The truth is, he wants to get in my pants for the longest time I could remember! He had been dropping clues, but I rejected all of them! Now, he's started to create some nasty rumors about me! He would say that I had slept with some big boss or politician to smoothen out my career! Basically, he is hoping that his brother will dump me someday, and he can do whatever he wants to me!"

"Son of the bitch! The elder brother is sick in his mind, and the younger brother is one shameless bastard! You shouldn't have tolerated their shit any longer!" Chen said angrily.

"That Fan Jian is just a piece of useless shit! Let's just ignore him! However, you have underestimated Fan Tong! At first, I thought that Fan Tong's mind was completely twisted when he insisted that I should do the virginity test on regular basis! A few days ago, the thing that I discovered made me realized that I was wrong all the time! That f*cking eunuch showed my medical report to a f*cking old man! Can you imagine that? That f*cking eunuch is offering me to a f*cking old man in exchange for another part of the secret to immortality! I can't believe that my precious virginity is going to be offered up to someone like a bargaining chip!

"F*cking son of the bitch! How can he come up with such twisted ideas! All those years, you have been keeping his huge secret for him! He shouldn't have used you as a tool, even though he no longer loves you! This is absolutely disgusting!" Chen said furiously.

"I found out this plan out by accident! Fan Tong has yet not offered me to that old man, but I know it's going to happen sooner or later! Thus, I wanted to commit suicide to end all the pain in my life! After that, I saw the news about your First Love Peach and your Weibo. So, I came up with an excuse to recruit you to my company to travel to Green Vine City. I want to have a taste of my first love again before I say goodbye to this world! That is when you appeared in my life!" Song said. She lifted up her head and stared at Chen passionately.

"You are the one who came up with the unique treatment to ease my pain! You are the one that used your absolute authority to avenge me! Lastly, you are the one that told me I'm a good girl with a straight face! Do you know that you have shaken my intention to suicide? I'm now your responsibility!" Song continued to stare at Chen and said seductively.

"Okay. I will go back to Crimson Cloud City with you! Don't you worry! I will help you to settle all the problems in your life!" Chen smiled and said.

"Idiot! I did not ask you to travel back to Crimson Cloud City with me! I want to give you my most precious virginity! By then, Fan Tong can never offer me to that old man anymore! After that, all problems will be naturally solved!"

Right after that, Song locked Chen's lips in her rose-red lips.

A forced kiss again?!

No! Real sex this time!

Song started to unbutton Chen's shirt while kissing him passionately. Seconds later, Chen started to suspect that he had been equipped with the girls-takes-initiative-on-me-all-the-time aura! He was planning to look for Moonlord to talk about the issue. However, Chen was not in his right mind anymore, when a masterpiece like Song was on top of him. It was the time for him to lose his virginity! Chen was really excited to be under the guidance of the young MILF in front of him. A storm was about to happen!


Chen's cell phone rang before he could get into the battle! Initially, Chen wanted to ignore the call. All he wanted to do was to destroy his cell phone with all his powers for ruining the moment. However, he stopped thinking about it when he saw the words that appeared. It was the Ice Demon Queen!

"Shit… Let me answer the call first…" He gently pushed away the heaven's jewel beside him and said. He looked guilty.

"What happened? Is that your wife checking up on you?" Song lifted up her head and chuckled. Chen's face turned red. He did not answer Song's question. Finally, he picked up the call when he saw Song stop talking.

"Chen Xiaobei! The sun is high up in the sky! Are you still sleeping?! Come to the airport and pick me up! I have found the person that I've wanted to find!" Luo said nervously.

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