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Who would have thought that Song would just walk out from the bathroom, completely naked? Chen saw everything, and his face turned red immediately. He quickly used his hands to cover his eyes. However, he did not close the gap between his fingers. He was still checking out her voluptuous S shape body. No man in this world would resist such a scene!

Of course, Chen could not keep on staring at her body. In order to avoid the awkwardness, Chen looked for an excuse to step out the room, "Excuse me, sir, I think I have entered the wrong room…"

"Have you ever seen a sir with 36E cups?"

Song was really calm. She picked up her black laced, transparent underwear and put it on. At the same time, she said, "Lock the door and come in."

Her voice was really sweet, gentle and soft. It was like someone blowing gently into one's ears. That feeling could have made any person soft instantly.


Chen locked the door with the peach in his hands. He quickly made his way to the chair near the window and looked out into the distant. No matter how strong his will was, he could not help but peek at Song. There was saying, "a woman is not attractive when she takes off her clothes."

The same could also be said of Song when she was putting on her clothes. Especially the scene of her putting on the stocking on her long and fair legs. Chen almost bled from his nose after indulging in the sexy scene.

"Did you like it?" Song walked to Chen after putting on her clothes.

"Huh? What are you talking about? I'm counting the stars in the sky…" Chen tried to make something up.

"Hoho… Little boy… You look so cute when you try to act innocent!"

Song laughed. Chen was completely mesmerized when he saw the smile on her face. Then, he thought again; the love egg treatment was finally working, because Song had lost all her temper. The dark clouds in her heart were gone, and her original personality was finally showing! Unbelievably, she could still remain calm after Chen saw her naked. It was pretty obvious that she was a high-leveled succubus.

"Just wash the peach before you eat… I'm going to leave first…" Chen handed the peach to Song and prepared to leave this place as soon as possible.

"What's the rush? Are you afraid that I will eat you?" Song pursed her fire red lips and said.

"I'm not Sanzang… You won't gain anything after you eat me…" Chen gulped and said. Actually, Chen really did want her to eat him up. However, Chen had to be more careful because it was not logical for a beautiful woman like Song to offer herself to Chen without any reason.

"This peach looks so good. It is hard for me to take a bite of it…" Song sat on the chair and stared at the peach. In the end, she still could not resist the fragrance of the peach. She opened up her mouth gently and took a bite off the juicy peach. Most of the people gave tonnes of compliments after eating the peach. However, Song was unusually calm. She was chewing it slowly like eating normal food.

"What happened? Does it not suit your palate?" Chen was shocked. He had not seen anyone in this world remaining so calm after tasting the First Love Peach.

Song did not say anything. Two streams of tears flowed down from her soulful eyes without any warning.

"No way! The peach is so delicious that you cried?" Chen was shocked. He quickly handed a piece of tissue paper to her. Song shook her head and continued to enjoy the peach in her hand. She allowed her tears to keep on flowing down her face. On the other hand, Chen felt kind of sad watching her eating the peach for no reason.

The First Love Peach probably made her remember her first love. Her genuine feeling and emotion managed to touch Chen's heart. After that, Song wiped off her tears, smiled and said, "Little boy, can you bring me out for a drink?"

"Alright. You should relax. It will be good for your state of mind." Chen nodded. He could not reject her request. After that, both of them left the hotel and drove to one of the pubs at the west side of the city. There was an SUV following that tailed them.

A twenty-nine years old man was sitting at the back of the SUV. He scolded angrily, "What a bitch! She mentioned to us that she went to Green Vine City to look for talented people! In the end, she came here to cheat on us! Luckily, I am smart enough to tail her! If not, I would be still blinded!"

"Don't you worry, second master! They will not get away even if they have a pair of wings! I have contacted the Axe Boss! He is doing pretty well on the west side of the city! I heard he has around a hundred followers with him!" The driver said.

"Nice! Good job!"

"I will not let this bitch go! How dare she cheat on my brother?! Also, I will cripple her boy toy as well!" The second master said viciously.

"This is a must! That boy toy has some serious balls to fool around with the woman of a big master! He is lucky that he is in Green Vine City! He will be chopped off into pieces if this happens in Crimson Cloud City!" The driver said.

At the west side of the city.

It was the craziest time for those clubbers. The street was pretty quiet because all those people had already gathered in the nightclubs to unleash the beasts within them.

"Do you like a quiet pub or a pub with live performances?" Chen asked after he parked his car in the open space carpark.

"You know this place the best. You should just make the decision!" Song smiled and said.

"Stay here!"

Suddenly, Chen and Song were surrounded by hundreds of people.

"What… What is going on?" Song said in shock. Being a woman, she had never been placed in such a situation. Unlike Chen who had been in the similar situation from time to time.

He placed Song behind him and said, "Don't be afraid. I think this is just a misunderstanding. Let me make a call first." 

"Misunderstanding? I see it with my own eyes! There's no way that I will let both of you leave this place!" The second master walked towards them and glared at them angrily.

"Fan Jian?! Why are you here?" Song recognized him immediately.

"Hmph! I saw something fishy going on with you recently. Thus, I bought the same flight ticket that you bought and tracked you down here! I was sitting in the economical cabin! I don't think you expected me at all! Now, I have caught you red-handed with your boy toy! How are you going to defend yourself now?" Fan Jian laughed coldly and said.

"I… I will follow you back to the Crimson Cloud City! Do not hurt my friend!" Song frowned and said.

"What a load of shit! I will not let this asshole leave this place!"

Fan turned around and said to a muscular that stood behind him, "Axe Boss! This is the asshole! Please cripple him!"

"Sure thing!"

The Axe Boss grinned and licked his lips.

Those hundreds of people stared at Chen and waiting to attack him.

"No! Please…"

Song got really worried. She opened up her arms and stood in front of Chen to protect him.

"Little boy! Run! I will hold them off! I will not drag you into my shit, no matter what!" Song said anxiously.

However, Chen was still really calm. He took out his cellphone and made a call, "Hello, Little Fire Boss, please come here for a while…"

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