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Wei Xiaobao: Hahaha… Pull out! Late! My brother! You are a genius! I did not expect that answer at all!

Zhu Bajie: Damn! God Chen! Your mind is so damn dirty! (Awesome)

Perverted Spirit: This answer is beyond awesome! You win!

Hong Haier: God Chen! You are soooooooo dirty! But! I like it! One more dirty question, please! (Cheering)

"All these people are so out of touch with the real world! I can't believe they laughed like mad fools after hearing my lame ass joke!"

Chen sucked in a deep breath and laughed evilly.

"I'm going use my trump card this time! After that, nobody will dare to call themselves experienced players anymore!"

Chen: Let me ask you guys one more question since you guys insist on it! But, you guys have to be ready! This question is pretty hardcore and disgusting! (Cool emoji)

Everyone: Silence! Silence! God Chen is going to ask a question!

Chen: Three brothers are trapped on an island. A few days later, the third brother wanted to cut off his dick to quell his hunger. The second brother tried to stop him by saying, "Idiot! You should make your dick erect before you cut it off! You can get more meat!" At the same time, the big brother started to masturbate! The second brother and third brother were shocked. They asked, "Big brother, third brother is supposed to be the one cutting off his dick! What are you doing?"

Zhu Bajie: One is not enough. He wants to eat his own dick as well!

Bull Demon King: Such a good brother!

Wei Xiaobao: That's right! He is a good brother!

Chen: Hehe… It seems like all of your dirty minds are not so dirty after all! Too pure! As pure as clean water! (Cool emoji)

Perverted Spirit: Wrong answer? How is this possible? What is the answer?

Hong Haier: God Chen! I want to know the answer! Quick! I can't wait any longer!

Everyone: We want an answer! We want an answer!

Chen: The big brother wanted to dip his third brother's dick in his own sauce before eating it.

All of a sudden, the group became dead silent. Three minutes later, the whole group exploded!

Wei Xiaobao: Sauce!!!! Oh, my god… I can't do this anymore… God Chen! You are one super ultimate king of dirty minds!

Zhu Bajie: Dip and eat!!!!! This is so damn hardcore and disgusting!!

Perverted Spirit: God Chen! I surrender! You win!

Bull Demon King: I'm so impressed by your answer! Compared to you, I'm just a noob!

Hong Haier: God Chen! The super ultimate king of dirty minds! You are going to rule the world of dirty mind eternally!

Everyone: God Chen! The super ultimate king of dirty minds! You are going to rule the world of dirty minds eternally!

"Haha…What a bunch of jokers! I don't want to rule the world of dirty minds! Hahaha…" Chen said happily. He was pretty proud of himself after impressing a group of experienced men with his dirty-minded questions. Chen was pretty sure that they would not look down on a virgin like him anymore!

Wei Xiaobao: Everyone! Silence, please! I have something important to announce!

The group became silent after the group master spoke.

Wei Xiaobao: I always thought that I'm the king of dirty minds! I found that there will always be someone better than me after witnessing God Chen's powerful dirty mind! I'm just a newbie in the world of dirty minds! I have more to learn… So, I have decided to pass the group master position to God Chen! He will lead us to victory! We shall learn from him and improve together! Let's improve our dirty mind in no time to not embarrass our group master! 

Everyone: God Chen! The super ultimate king of dirty minds! You are going to rule the world of dirty minds eternally!


[Congratulation! Wei Xiaobao just passed the position of group master to you!]

"Erm… What the hell is happening… I don't want to be the group master of this dirty-minded group! My reputation is going to be destroyed if others know about it! How am I going to enjoy my time with Chang'e in the future?" Chen thought.

Chen was stunned, and he did not know how to reject Wei. Suddenly, five Red Envelopes appeared on Chen's cellphone screen.


[Congratulation! You have snatched a Red Envelope from Wei Xiaobao! You have received a High-Grade Replicated Ma Liang Divine Pen! It has been stored in your treasure chest!]


 [Congratulation! You have snatched a Red Envelope from Perverted Spirit! You have received a bottle of Obedient Water! It has been stored inside your treasure chest!]


[Congratulation! You have snatched a Red Envelope from Zhu Bajie! You have received the Bellyband of Qinglian Goddess! It has been stored in your treasure chest!]


[Congratulation! You have snatched a Red Envelope from Bull Demon King! You have received a martial art manual; Boobies Snatching Dragon Claw! It has been stored in your treasure chest!]


[Congratulation! You have snatched a Red Envelope from Hong Haier! You have received a book; Seventy-Two Ways to Push A Girl to Bed! It has been stored in your treasure chest!]

"Damn! Five Red Envelopes! What is going on?" Chen was stunned. He was caught off guard by the sudden happiness. Chen noticed that other than the High-Grade Replicated Ma Liang Divine Pen, all the other Red Envelopes were perverted items! Oh well, it did not really matter actually. To Chen, Red Envelopes overruled the fact that those items were for perverted purposes. He would not mind becoming the group master after receiving five Red Envelopes.

Chen: Everyone! What is going on? I don't think it's nice for me to take your Red Envelopes. There is a saying, sow nothing reaps nothing!

Wei Xiaobao: God Chen! You don't have to be shy! Just accept it! This is the rule of our group! The moderators are supposed to send Red Envelopes to the group master! After that, the group master will send something nice to the group members!

"Damn! I knew it! Nothing is free! I can't believe that they are asking something in return!" Chen clicked his tongue. 

Chen: What kind of good stuff you guys want?

Wei Xiaobao: Simple! Just use the High-Grade Replicated Ma Liang Divine Pen to draw some animated sexiness! Then, share it with the group!

"Blargghhh… They want me to draw hentai animated comics!" Chen almost puked a mouthful of blood out from his mouth.

Initially, he thought that the High-Grade Replicated Ma Liang Divine Pen was just a normal item! In the end, it was to be used for perverted purposes too!

Chen: What if I don't know how to draw it?

Hong Haier: If that's the case, you are not qualified to become our group master anymore! Also, you have to return the Red Envelopes to us!

Chen: Erm… I'm just kidding! I know how to draw! Don't worry! Just leave it to me!

Zhu Bajie: Judging on God Chen's powerful dirty mind, I'm pretty sure he will come up with a masterpiece! This is so exciting!

Everyone: We will be waiting here for you to give us the good stuff!

Chen: Erm… I'm going to do some brainstorming first! I will look for you guys after I finish drawing the sexy animation! 

Everyone: God Chen! We will see you soon!

"Sigh… I don't even know how to draw… Let alone do this sexy animation shit… What should I do now?" Chen scratched his head and thought. At the same time, Chen's mom was calling him to get down to have dinner with them.

After dinner, Chen carried a First Love Peach with him and headed over to Song's hotel. The door of her room was not locked, because he told Song that he was going to come over. Chen twisted the doorknob and entered the room. Next second, Chen's face turned red after he set foot into Song's room.

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