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"Shit! Someone is coming!"

Chen heard someone walking outside the room before he could get into the mood. Zhuang's shout for help earlier had most probably attracted the attention of the security guards near his house.

"You have to go now! The security guards of Zhuang Family are really powerful! It's impossible for you to leave this place if they manage to surround you!" Lan was shocked. She quickly pushed Chen away.

"Alright! Keep in touch! I will come and check on you once I have the time!" Chen licked his lips and said. After all, his appearance might put Lan's family in grave danger. It was not the best time to mess up right now.

"Okay… I will wait for you!" Lan lifted up her head and planted a passionate kiss on Chen's lips.

"You have to be asleep, or they will grow suspicious of you. Just hang in there! You won't remember a single thing after you wake up later!" After the kiss, Chen pressed two particular spots behind Lan's head and she became unconscious immediately.

Chen put on his Nightstalker Outfit, retrieved the silver needles that prevented Zhuang from hearing and seeing and deactivated the Heavenly Dog Collar. Chen turned around walked toward the exit, after making sure that he had not left any evidence behind. After that, Chen walked out of the room when the security guards pushed open the door. The entire Zhuang Mansion turned chaotic after Chen left the place.

Chen returned to the hotel and had a good sleep.

The next morning.

Chen booked the earliest flight ticket and headed to the airport. After that, Chen went to the supermarket to buy NeZha's favorite WaHaHa High-Calc Milk, Xiao Tianquan's favorite sausage, and Monkey King's and Yanwang's favorite spicy sticks while waiting for the flight. Chen then sent the food that he bought to them immediately. They were Chen's real brothers. Their bond became stronger after what happened last night. They were the only few deities willing to help Chen without expecting any return while he had any hardship. However, Wei Xiaobao and Qianli Yan did ask for payment. It was normal since Chen was not that close to them.

"I don't have any merit points right now, and I'll have to explain it to Qianli Yan. He has to wait for some time before I can pay him the merit points that I owe him." Chen thought. After that, he went on and chatted with Qianli Yan. Unexpectedly, Qianli Yan was quite a nice guy. He decided that Chen could pay him with a packet of spicy sticks instead of merit points.

Chen agreed to his request immediately. After sending the spicy sticks to Qianli Yan, he thought to himself, "I feel so frustrated when I do not possess any merit points! I have to figure out some ways to earn merit points!"

"At this moment, there is no suitable organization for Xiaoyao Charity Foundation to make any donations to. It seems like the fastest way to earn merit points is killing bad guys… But, I'm now the most powerful person in Green Vine City! There is no one left for me to kill!"

Chen was slightly upset. He hummed a makeup song, "Invincibility is such a lonely thing…Invincibility makes me hollow…"

"Your voice is terrible… I suspect that the singing video; WuKong that you uploaded to Weibo is not your voice!" A woman with sweet voice talked to Chen suddenly.


Chen turned around and saw a woman. However, he found that the woman had already walked away from him without looking back. From her back, Chen knew that the woman was a legendary beauty! She had long arms and legs, fair skin, thin waist, and long black hair. Besides that, she was wearing a light pink, thin top and a light yellow, netted skirt. She looked extra attractive with her long legs being wrapped inside those smooth and long stockings. 

It seemed like she was getting ready to get on a flight since she was pulling on a wheeled luggage.

"Damn! Who is this beauty? She might be my fan since she knows the contents of my Weibo account."

Chen was stunned. Then, he said with a frustrated look, "I have to earn merit points! No merit points, no charm! My fans have already started to give me the cold shoulder! It will only get worse!"

Chen started to think of ways to earn merit points. Chen had a sudden idea.

"Right! I can go to Japan! Hmph! Meichuan Zhizhang, you should start counting down for your death! I'm going to eliminate the whole Meichuan Family! A shit tonne of merit points will start to pour unto me by then!"

Chen was relieved after figuring a good way to earn a massive amount of merit points. Then, Chen walked around and he spotted a shop that sells adult toys. Without a second thought, Chen entered the shop and bought pink Love Eggs.

He exited the shop and said happily, "It's pink. I think that Wei Xiaobao will definitely love it!"

"Sick bastard! I thought you were a real man! It seems like it's just fake news!" All of a sudden, Chen heard the woman talking to him again. That woman was walking towards Chen and she saw Chen was holding pink Love Eggs with a silly smile on his face.

"Shit…" Chen was shocked by what he saw.

"Those boobs… It's…"

Of all the women that Chen knew; Lin Xiang's, Demonic Fox's, and Wenyuan's boobies belonged to the D cup category. On the other hand, Luo Puti's and Lan Mengchen's boobies belonged to the perfect C cups! Lastly, Murong Xiaoyao… Ern… Not worth mentioning. The woman who stood in front of Chen had a pair of boobies that were E cups! Wait, they might be F cups! The baffling part was the other body parts of this woman were pretty slim, except for her extremely voluptuous boobies! Could it be that all the nutrients that she absorbed have gone to her boobies?


The woman had already hated Chen deeply from the beginning. She got even angrier after she noticed Chen staring at her boobies like a perv. She quickly walked away from Chen in her white high heels.

"Shit… This fan is a gone case…"

Chen was pretty upset to see that the woman had seen him as a perv at the wrong time and wrong place. However, Chen could not really blame that woman, because a lot of people around him were giving strange looks as well. Chen's face turned red, and he kept the Love Eggs into his bag immediately. He decided to contact Wei Xiaobao secretly when he got on the plane. The boarding process went pretty smoothly.

Chen bought a first-class flight ticket. The first-class cabin and the economic cabin were separated. There were only two seats in each row, and it was not fully seated, usually. Thus, Chen could do whatever he wanted by closing the curtain after the flight took off. 

"Air stewardess! I would like to change my seat!"

It was a familiar voice. The woman with a pair of big sunglasses looked at the seat beside Chen. It was pretty evident that it was the seat that she had booked earlier. She did not want to sit beside a disgusting perv like Chen.

"What a coincidence… We meet again…" Chen grumbled. He could not help but stare at the woman's face. Although she was wearing a pair of oversized sunglasses, one could definitely identify that the woman had a sweet oval face. In addition to that, she had an elegantly straight nose as well. Needless to say, her looks were everything a woman could ever ask for.

"I'm sorry… All the seats in the first-class cabin have all been filled. I'm afraid that I can't change your seat…" A young air stewardess answered.

"I'm fine with economic class!" The woman was pretty determined to not sit beside Chen.

"The economic cabin is fully-booked as well." The air stewardess replied.

"..." The woman was speechless.

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