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Lan was widely known for her ice-cold character. However, right then, she had turned into a gentle and weak little girl lying in Chen's embrace, weeping. Initially, Lan thought that the Zhuang Family would avenge their sole inheritor of the family by killing Chen. She was relieved after Chen told her that he had blocked off Zhuang's hearing and vision.

"Tell me now. What just happened here?" Chen caressed Lan's head and asked softly.

At that very moment, Lan felt like it is pointless to hide anything from Chen. She decided to tell Chen her family's biggest problem.

"Seven years ago, a Taoist did some fortune telling for Zhuang. He told Zhuang that his future wife is living in Green Vine City! The Taoist gave a very accurate reading, consisting of eight characters of the time of birth to him. Needless to say, those eight characters of birth time belonged to me..."

"I was studying in high school when Zhuang Family came to my father to talk about the marriage. Initially, my father rejected them, but they used their powerful authority to force my father to agree!"

"It was a bad time for my family! Lan Organization's shares in the stock market dropped like crazy! We almost went broke! Not just our family was affected, but also dozens of sub-companies as well! Tens of thousands of employees were going to lose their jobs…The pressure was so great that my father had to agree to the marriage proposal!"

"Originally, it was supposed to be next year before Zhuang Family proposes the marriage to my family! However, the First Love Peach incident made them push the wedding forward. After all, reputable families like them hated gossip the most…"

The changes on Lan's pretty face reflected her sadness and helplessness. Lan thought that Chen might be able to deal with Zhuang Bifan once or twice, but he could never turn the tide around.

"What a selfish family! All they ever care about is their own welfare! Such a despicable family! Mengchen! Don't you worry! One more year, and I will definitely help you escape from this hell hole! I will make Zhuang Family cannot threaten your family anymore!"

A sense of ice-cold anger was reflected from Chen's stare.

"This… How is this even possible?"

Lan was shocked. She shook her head sadly and said, "Zhuang Family is mighty in all sorts of fields! Their influence has penetrated the field of military, politics, and business! They are one of the four most powerful families in our country! There is no one in our country who is powerful enough to go against them!"

"We shall see!" Chen was really determined. He was not shaken by the enemy's powerful influence in the country.

"Actually, it is not necessary for you to do that… Everything will be solved if I agree to join the Zhuang Family…" Lan said sadly. She was not as bold as Chen. She dared not to put her family at risk. Other than that, she was not willing to ask Chen to risk his life for her. After all, Chen was as weak as an ant as compared to a giant like Zhuang Family.

"No way! I will not let you join Zhuang Family!"

Chen made himself crystal clear by saying, "Don't worry! I will work in the dark! I won't drag the Lan Family down with me, even if I fail to rescue you from this hell hole! So, you are not allowed to give up until the very last second!"


Lan was extremely touched by the promise that Chen just made. Initially, she just wanted to give up and marry Zhuang Bifan. However, Chen just gave her a reason to stay strong until Chen was powerful enough to rescue her!

"Xiaobei… I would like to offer my virginity to you! So, I will not feel any regrets, even if it turns out bad!" Lan bit her lips and said. She never expected herself to say something like that out loud.

Chen was shocked. No man in the world would push away such a masterpiece like Lan.

"Sooner or later, you will become my woman. This is not the right time! I don't want to wrong you in a circumstance like this!"

Chen patted Lan's head gently.

"But… Something like this will definitely happen again even if I manage to stay strong… I know you won't be able to rescue me every single time…" Lan frowned and said.

"Don't worry… There won't be a second time…" Chen grinned like a devil and said. He let go of Lan and took out the Skybreaking Pillar Poison. He opened the cover and emptied the bottle into Zhuang's mouth. Chen was kind enough to feed him some water to make sure that he did not choke on the poison. After that, Chen retrieved the Needles of Damnation from Zhuang.

The pain crawled into Zhuang's body before he could take a deep breath. A few seconds later, Zhuang's skin became bright red with a radiant glow. It was pretty terrifying to stare at him. After that, the fire in his body started to rush to his private part. Soon, his crotch started to swell, and everything blew up! A stream of blood flowed down from his crotch like a small river. Just like Wei Xiaobao mentioned earlier, the amount of blood that came from Zhuang was more than a woman's menstruation.

"He… What happened to him?"

Lan was so shocked that her eyes and mouth were wide open.

"He is doing fine. However, his private parts are completely useless now! He will bleed again whenever he gets aroused! You don't have to worry about him harassing you anymore!" Chen smiled evilly and said.

"Really? That's great! I wish that he stays like this forever!" Lan was so happy and excited that she tossed a few punches into the air.

"Are you happy now? Erm…" Chen turned around and looked at Lan. The ice-cold goddess Lan landed her lips on Chen's lips. It was a really passionate kiss.

"Damn… Another unexpected kiss…" Chen thought.

Chen did not know what to think anymore. It seemed like he was destined to be taken advantage of by women. His very first unexpected kiss came from Wenyuan. The second was Lin Xiang and the third time was Lan… There was a saying; things would change after the same thing happened for three times! A rough and unexpected sex would come next after the unexpected kiss!

"It cannot be! I'm a real man! I have to take the initiative!"

Chen turned around and pushed Lan to the wall. Lan was still clueless when it came to intimate matters like that. So, Chen had to teach his hundred and eight lips and tongue skills to Lan. She was a quick learner; thus, she got into "the zone" pretty fast.

Evil thoughts ran through Lan's mind when her fiancée was bleeding beside her and she was kissing Chen passionately. It was the kind of excitement that she never experienced before! For the past seven years, Lan had suppressed herself greatly. That was the first time Lan was free to do whatever she liked! She really enjoyed the freedom that she had right now. In addition to that, she knew clearly that Chen was the kind of man that she wanted!

"Take me! Right now! "

It was as if Lan was possessed. Her passion rushed to him like a tsunami. It could not be stopped anymore! She twisted her waist and used her small and fair hands to push Chen to the wall!

"Shit! It's real this time!" Chen was completely stunned.

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