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The silver dog collar locked on to Zhuang's neck and rays of silver light that was like an electric current sealed up Zhuang's body.

"This… What the hell is going on? Why can't I move my body?" Zhuang was stunned. He tried to struggle, but he could not even move his fingers.

Actually, those silver rays were not electric currents. It was something that no ordinary human could explain!

"I… I don't know as well…" Lan was extremely shocked as well. She had not seen something like that in her life before.

"Zhuang Bifan! It's time to settle our old score!" An old and husky voice could be heard from outside. The door of the room was swung open. A man with a black robe, black gloves, and a ghost mask walked into the room. The person was none other than Chen. He was using True Sound to modify his voice. On the other hand, that silver dog collar was the Heavenly Dog Collar that Chen had received earlier. It could only be used once. The enemy would not be able to move for an hour after wearing the dog collar.

"Who are you… I don't think I know you… Since when have I any old scores with you? What kind of old score?" Zhuang was puzzled. He could not remember when did he offend a Jianghu elite. The Guiyan Mansion might seem to be peaceful and quiet from the outside, but there were a lot of security guards protecting the place, round the clock. Other than that, there were powerful Jianghu elites, disguised as normal security guards as well. So, it was almost a mission impossible to sneak inside the mansion without alerting the security guards.

However, the man in black robe managed to sneak into the room without alerting the security guards at all! Also, he used something magical to restrict the movement of Zhuang. To Zhuang, Chen was definitely a legendary Jianghu elite!

"Master… You… Don't come near me… Let's talk about it peacefully… I can apologize to you… I can give you a lot of money and women as well… Everything can be discussed as long as you let me go!" Zhuang freaked out completely. His pupils contracted, his forehead was sweating, and his hands and feet were ice-cold as well. It was as if he was facing a real-life reaper! He could not even move a finger. It was no wonder that he was so afraid of Chen.


[Cultivation: Pinnacle phase of Qi refining stage. Health: 20000. Combat power: 20000!]

Chen laughed coldly after scanning Zhuang with this Netherspirit Battlescouter. It was interesting to see a man with twenty thousand combat power freaking out like a puppy.

"Lan Mengchen! Go to the master now! Quick!"

Zhuang saw that Chen was not moved by his offer all at. So, he shouted, "Lan Mengchen! Why are you still sitting there? The whole Lan Family is going to die with me if something bad happens to me! My great grandma likes you, but you should know my dad's temper pretty well! I'm not kidding you!"

"I… I will go to him…" Lan's face turned pale, and her eyes were teary as well.

Her burden made her obey everything that Zhuang told her to do.

"Master! Check out this chick! Do you like it? Her pretty face and body can definitely be compared to the two legendary bombshells of Dragon City! The most important thing is that she's still a virgin! You can enjoy her before me! Come on! Let's talk about it!" Zhuang was trying really hard to please Chen. Needless to say, Zhuang did not love Lan at all. He was ready to sacrifice Lan at a time like this.


Chen got even angrier after hearing Zhuang's words.




Chen used one of his hands to grab hold of Zhuang's neck and used the other hand to slap him. He made sure to boost his combat power to seven thousand and six hundred before he landed any slap on him. Every single slap contained Chen's full strength. Zhuang had twenty thousand strengths power, but he could still feel pain from those slaps. Also, he would suffer some minor injuries as well. It was like an adult being slapped by a teenager.

"Ouch… "

Zhuang was screaming in pain. Other than the pain, Zhuang's state of mind had been destroyed as well. As the inheritor of Zhuang family, he had always been treated like a treasure. Basically, he could do whatever he wanted, wherever he went! Plus, his cultivation and combat power were considered extremely powerful at his age. He had not been beaten by anyone since he was a kid. Chen slapping him was like the most embarrassing thing that he had ever faced! The embarrassing memory would stay with him even after he inherited everything that his family owned and became the most powerful person in China. The whole Zhuang Family would be embarrassed if others got wind of this incident.

"Security… Help me… Er…"

Zhuang lost his mind and started to scream hysterically. However, he could not shout anymore after Chen poked a needle at a special spot beside his throat. After that, Chen poked another four needles beside his ears and eyes. Now, he could not see nor hear his surroundings anymore. Finally, Chen took out nine special silver needles and poked them into nine different spots on Zhuang's body.

"Er! Er…"

All of a sudden, Zhuang started to shake uncontrollably. White foam was coming out of his mouth as well. The veins started to surface on his forehead and sweat dripped down from his forehead like rain. One could definitely imagine the physical pain that he was going, even though he could not scream out loud.

Those nine needles were the Needles of Damnation from Grandma Rong! One single needle could make a person begged to be killed rather than suffer from the pain. At then, Chen decided to use all nine needles on him to make sure he experienced the worst pain ever!


Lan was so relieved after seeing Zhuang suffering in pain in front of her. She even wanted to cheer and laugh out loud. However, she did not have the guts to do so!

"Master! Please do not kill him… My family will be in big trouble if he dies now…" Lan bit her lips and begged Chen. She was hoping that the random, unknown man would show mercy to Zhuang.

"Pumpkin. Lan Family will never fall into big trouble as long as I'm alive!"

Chen changed his voice back to normal and took off the ghost mask.

"Xiaobei!!!" Lan could not believe her eyes. She was given hope again when she saw the familiar face behind the mask. Her despair melted like ice. She felt like she had just escaped from the gates of hell. Every single cell in her body was celebrating in the hope that she had just received. Lan could not help but to run into Chen's embrace.

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