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"I yield! I yield!"

Wu held his tongue. His small anus would turn into a manhole if he still refused to surrender.

"I'm glad to see that you are actually pretty smart! Get lost now!" Chen finally lets him go.

"Ouch… Ouch… Just you wait…"

Wu used one of his hand to cover his crotch, and he used another hand to press onto his butt. With the little shred of dignity he had left, he left the place immediately.

"Oh my God! Mr. Chen really defeated Wu within ten moves!"

Everyone was really hyped up after Wu left the place.

"This is unbelievable! The young master of Qing Wu Faction is an elite with ten thousand combat power! However, Mr. Chen still managed to defeat him even after he used his True Qi!"

"Mr. Chen possesses such immense power at such a young age! He is going to have a bright future ahead of him!"

"Those top factions are going to try to recruit him if they get wind of this incident!"

"You are right! A prodigy like him is extremely rare!"

Those people in the room changed the way they addressed Chen after everything settled down; from fruit farmer to kid to Chen Xiaobei to Mr. Chen. In other words, Chen had earned massive respect from everyone in the room. Those who had mocked him earlier were speechless now after being slapped by the invisible slaps. Other than that, those who saw Chen as enemy earlier left the place immediately. They were afraid of being beaten up by Chen. Finally, those who were baffled about the reason why Luo really liked Chen realized that she was not in love with a piece of garbage but a diamond!

"This kid… How many secrets does he have…" Luo curled her lips and said in surprise. Everyone thought Luo was smart enough to choose Chen as her partner, but she knew better than anyone that Chen was a guy with unlimited potential. She realized that she Chen was not the one being elusive. She was the one that did not understand him. The playful and immature rock hard turned into a diamond that was bright enough to light up the whole room!

"Mr. Chen! Excuse me, are you going to sell your rod skill and kicking skill? I'm willing to purchase both skill books at a high price!"

"Please don't cut the line! I'm the first one who asked to buy the skill books!"

"There is no line! Skill books like that are going to fall into the hands of the highest bidder in the room!"

"What the hell are you guys thinking? Mr. Chen did not say anything about selling the skill books! It's useless if you guys are trying to purchase it now!"

All those people that practiced martial arts gathered around Chen like fanatics. They looked like a bunch of pervs looking at an innocent and beautiful young girl. Undeniable, those two powerful skills were extremely attractive to anyone who practices martial arts!

"I'm planning to sell the skill books, but I don't have it with me right now. Soon, I'm going to carry out an auction as well. Bring more cash with you, and I promise you that you will definitely see something you like!" Chen said.

"Is this real? This is great!"

"Mr. Chen! May I know the approximate date of the auction? Also, where is the location of the auction?"

"Yea! How are we going to find out more about the auction?"

Everyone got more hyped up after knowing that Chen was going to sell more good stuff.

"This is easy! Just log in to Weibo and follow Bro Bei! I will make sure that you can never miss the auction if you pay attention to my Weibo!" Chen grinned and said.

"Bro Bei? Okay! We are going to follow you right now!" Everyone took out their cellphones to follow Chen on Weibo.

After that, Chen turned around and walked towards Luo. He asked with a smile on his face, "My fiancée, how did I do? I don't think I bring shame to you during the fight just now!"

Luo calmed herself and scoffed, "Don't call me your fiancée! I was just using you to make Wu goes away! Your dream is still a dream!"

"Hehe… Everyone is looking at us. Wu will never leave us alone if we don't continue to act like a couple!" Chen grinned and extended his hands to hug Luo's waist.

"Don't touch me!"

Luo was still really hated a man's touch. Her back became stiff after Chen hugged her.


Luo groaned in pain and flinched.

"It's just a hug! Don't you think that you are overreacting?"

Chen was stunned. He noticed something was wrong with Luo. He quickly asked, "Is the poison acting up again? Let's go inside the car now! I will help you ease the pain immediately!"


Luo shook her head and continued to say, "We have to go to some way where nobody can see us… Both of our lives will be in danger if someone finds out about it!"

"Let's go to the toilet!" Chen helped Luo to walk to the toilet. The place was a high-class clubhouse; thus, there were spacious and luxurious personal cubicles in the toilet. Chen sat Luo on the toilet bowl after the both of them entered the cubicle.

"Do you want to take it off yourself or should I help you to take it off?" Chen asked.


Luo whimpered. Her gorgeous face turned red immediately. She felt really embarrassed when she thought about Chen's method of treatment. However, she had no other options. She would place herself and Chen in graved danger if others knew about the Heart Burning Pill poison that she had in her system. Poseidon would definitely kill Chen and her no matter what!

"I want you to help me… I don't think I can do it myself…" Luo's face was as red as an overripe tomato. Without saying a word, Chen unbuttoned Luo's shirt immediately like an expert. Then, he reached over to Luo back and unhooked the purple laced bra.

"Purple symbolizes mystery! I like it!" Chen grinned like a perv.

"Cut the crap! Quick!" Luo bit her lips and turned her head. She could not bring herself to look Chen in his eyes.


Luo's body became soft when Chen landed his hands on her skin. She felt incredibly shocked after she felt turned on by Chen's touch.

"It's impossible that I will develop any romantic feelings towards Chen!" Luo thought.


The sound of peeing could be heard outside the cubicle. Two men were talking to each other.

"Gangzi! The auction is about to begin! I hope that there are no problems with the security!"

"Manager, you don't have to worry about it at all! Our security is perfect! I have checked the locks of the door and the safe box personally! Everything is good! No one will be able to unlock it without the password given by Master Zhuang!" Gangzi said.

"That's great! This auction is really important to Master Zhuang! He needs money urgently!"

"What did Master Zhuang do? It's hard to believe that people like him would be in need of money!" Gangzi asked curiously.

"I don't know the answer to your question. It's impossible for people like us to get involved in the world of those powerful people. Let's get back to work and stop thinking about it!" The manager warned Gangzi.

After that, both of them left the toilet.

"Zhuang Bifan is in need of money? I should take advantage of him when he's in a bad shape! Hehehe…" Chen raised his eyebrows and grinned.

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