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"Not possible… How is he going to defeat Wu within ten moves?"

"Wu has failed to take advantage of him, but he is not on the losing side either!"

"I'm willing to spend thirty million to buy Chen's rod skill, if he manages to defeat Wu within ten moves!" 

Everyone found it really hard to believe the statement that Luo had just made. At that very moment, Wu knew better than anyone that Luo was telling the truth. On the surface, it might look like Chen and Wu were evenly matched. However, every move that was made by Wu had been forced out by Chen. Truth be told, Chen did not even need ten moves to defeat him. There was only one explanation to explain a situation like this. Chen's rod skill was better than Wu's rod skill.


Wu knew that he was going to lose to Chen really soon. He quickly changed his skill. He lifted up his leg and aimed at Chen's crotch.

"Eh? How dare you use this skill on me?" Chen raised his eyebrow and glared at Wu condescendingly. One had to know that Bro Bei was the master of Nutbusters! Anyone who used the skill in front of him would be setting a trap for themselves to step in.


Chen knew the essence of Nutbuster really well. He could land a Nutbuster on his enemy from any kind of angle. Naturally, he could defend any kicks that were aimed at his crotch.




Chen used his leg to stop Wu's ambush. However, Wu did not give up. He proceeded the fight by using his legs and arms at the same time. Still, Wu failed to gain any advantage for himself. Firstly, his rod skill was weaker than Chen's rod skill. Second, Chen was a master at Nusbuster and God Strength King Kong Kick. These two skills were skills with stars. Inevitably, Wu was still placed at the losing side.

"Damn! Look at the way he moves his legs!"

"Nice! I think his legs are even more flexible than an ordinary person's hands!"

"I'm willing to spend fifty million to buy that leg skill if Chen agrees to it!" 

"It seems like Luo Puti is right about the fight! The result of this battle will be decided within ten moves!"

"Eight… Seven… Six… Five…"

People in the room started to countdown as they were paying attention to the battle. At the same time, none of the people in the room dared to look down on Chen anymore. Friendliness and respect replaced all their previous mocking faces. A young man liked Chen with powerful health and skill could be considered as the hope of star in the future! He might become a super-elite that has the power to move the whole of Jianghu. It was only normal that everyone in the room would want to fawn over him.

"Motherf*cker! I cannot lose in this battle!" 

Wu got really angry and embarrassed after knowing that he was going to lose in the battle. He shouted hysterically, "I'm the young master of Qing Wu Faction! I'm going to be covered in shame if I lose to a fruit farmer like you!" 


Wu ignored the rules and started to use his True Qi to fight with Chen. A stream of green True Qi was embedded in Wu's rod. The destructive power of the rod increased tremendously. Then, he aimed it at Chen's chest without any hesitation.


Luo was shocked. She shouted angrily, "Wu Jiechao! You are such a despicable animal! How dare you break the rule when you promised everyone in the room that you would not use your True Qi in this battle?" Luo unleashed her True Qi as well. Within seconds, her True Qi managed to pressurize Wu's True Qi. However, it was still impossible for Luo to save Chen's life in time.


Wu used up all his strength to hit Chen's chest!

"Xiaobei!!!" Luo shouted anxiously.

The chest was ultimately one of the most vulnerable parts of a human being! Chen would definitely have suffered from serious injuries, even if he possessed ten thousand health! If the injuries were light, his muscles and bones would be damaged. On the other hand, if the injuries were serious, his heart and lungs would be damaged. Anyway, there would have been permanent injuries left on his body for the rest of his life.

"How… How is this even possible?"

Just as everyone thought that Wu managed to hurt Chen, Wu shouted hysterically as if he had just seen a ghost flew pass him. He did manage to land his attack on Chen's chest with all his strength, but Chen was not moved at all.

Chen even grinned and laughed evilly, "What a shameless and despicable guy!"

"How… How did this happen?" Wu could not understand why his attack had not hurt Chen. Actually, the answer to that question was obvious. It was the Ultimate Protective Puppet! Chen knew that Wu would break the rule sooner or later. Thus, he had to be prepared to use Ultimate Protective Puppet to defend himself. In the same time, he was prepared to counterattack when the time was right. 

"Chan Master Rod Lifting Skill!"

Chen roared and lifted up his rod. Without a doubt, his target was Wu's crotch!


Every man in the room tightened up their thighs unconsciously! The skill was not as destructive as Nutbuster, but it was enough to make the man dropped his rod and clutched his crotch.

"Oh… Oh… You son of the bitch… How dare you aim at my dick?!"

Wu covered his private part; his legs were bent over and he could barely stand straight anymore.

"Hehe… I still have two more moves left!"

Chen laughed evilly and shouted, "God Strength King Kong Kick!"

He leaped into the air and landed a perfect side kick on Wu's face again.


Wu spun on the ground like a whipping top. He then fell on the table beside him after he felt the dizziness invading him.

"I have one more move to give it to you!"

Chen raised his eyebrows, swung the rod with both of his hands, looked for a suitable distance, and used only one hand to attack Wu. He shouted, "Destroy The Dragon Nest!"


Somewhere around Wu's body was deeply penetrated.


Everyone tightened their buttholes and looked at Wu in fear. That skill was definitely brutal as hell!

"Ouch… Son of the bitch… I'm going to kill you no matter what… Ouch…" Wu laid on the table and squealed like a pig. His crotch and anus had been completely destroyed. A small move from him was enough to cause an enormous amount of pain.

"I dare you to scold me again!" Chen stared at him coldly and poked him deeper into his anus with the rod in his hand.

"Ouch… It's so damn painful… I won't scold you anymore… Please… Stop it…" Wu was losing his mind because of the pain.

"I'm going to ask you one more time… Do you yield?" Chen twisted the rod forcing Wu to cry like a baby.

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