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"Very well! Son of a bitch! You are pretty good at acting tough!"

Wu was extremely furious. He glared at Chen and said, "Throughout history, you are the first one that has the balls to underestimate my Qing Wu Faction! I'm going to let you know about the difference between us! You are going to pay for your arrogance!"

Chen smiled calmly and said, "Let's start now! Everything you say now is bullshit before we know who is going to be the winner!"

"Alright! People! Bring me two rods!" Wu shouted.

There were all kinds of weapons in this room it was a place for the gathering of Jianghu people. Soon, someone handed both Chen and Wu a rod. Then, everyone started to move back to allow them to have more space to battle with each other.

Luo knew she had no power to talk Chen out of the combat. Thus, she warned Wu, "Wu Jiechao! You are not allowed to use True Qi! Remember that! You better not break the rules! If not, I will beat you up personally!" Others might have thought that Wu was extremely powerful and it was better not to mess with him. However, Luo definitely had the power to threaten Wu because she had twenty thousand combat power and her cultivation was the pinnacle phase of Qi refining stage! That was why Luo could be so confident and proud. There was only a very small amount of people who were more powerful than her in Dragon City at her young age.

"Hehe… Don't look down on me… He is not worthy of my use of True Qi to fight against him! Hmph! I already feel like I'm bullying him by fighting with him with both of my hands!" Wu said arrogantly.

"Xiaobei! Be careful! Don't act tough if you feel like you can't defeat him!" Luo ignored Wu and turned to Chen.

"Don't worry. You know better than anyone here that I can definitely defeat him with ease!" Chen raised his eyebrows and winked at Luo.

"Son of the bitch! I dare you to act tough now!"

Wu was envious of him. He used his rod as the lever to leap into the air. He planned to land a powerful kick on Chen.

"I'm going to cripple you with this kick!"

"Is that right?" Chen smiled and said.

Chen might start to feel worried if Wu starts using his True Qi to fight this battle. However, Chen was fearless when it comes to combating with pure skill.

"I'm going to kick your f*cking face if you look down on me!"

Chen smiled evilly and charged toward Wu with his extreme speed.

"Eh?! How is this even possible? How is this bastard moving so fast?" Wu's pupil's contracted, and a shocked look appeared on his face. He never expected Chen to move as fast as him.


Chen dodged Wu's attack easily. He then used his leg to kick at the rod that Wu had used as a lever.


Wu was not prepared for that to happen. He lost his balance and fell to the ground.


At the same time, Chen lifted up his right leg and kicked it towards Wu's face like he was kicking a football. That muffled sound managed to stun the whole crowd.

"Ouch… My… My teeth…"

Wu was sent five meters away from by the force of Chen's kick. Two pieces of bloodied teeth fell out from Wu's mouth when he opened up his mouth to speak. His face was as swollen as a pig face.

"Oh my God! How is this even possible…"

Everyone in the room was extremely shocked. Most of the people trained with different kind of martial arts and they witnessed everything with their eyes clearly. That was why they were so shocked about it.

"That kid is some kind of expert in martial arts! His health is definitely comparable to Wu!"

"Wu is older than him by seven to eight years! Besides that, Wu had tones of resources for him to utilize to become more powerful since he was a kid! However, their health is about the same… This is unbelievable!"

"All I can say is that kid's talent is too good! He can be considered as a prodigy when it comes to martial arts!"

"You are right. Look at him. He's only around his twenties! He is going to be extremely powerful, seven or eight years later!"

"I never expected such powerful individuals outside Dragon City! It is no wonder that Luo Puti is fond of him!"

All those people in the room were still having a hard time recovering from their shock states. The way they looked at Chen had completely changed.

Even Luo could not help but feel extremely shocked. She said, "This kid is too good at hiding his true power! It is no wonder that he has the balls to challenge Wu when he has such strong health!" 

"F*cker! What a vicious bastard! How dare you hide your true power in front of me to make me look down on you?!"

Wu stood up and spat out a mouthful of blood. He looked extremely furious. It was as if he was going to eat Chen alive!

"I did not hide true power in front of you! I did tell you that your health is not that strong! I was telling the truth, but you thought I was just acting tough…"

Chen shrugged, smiled and said evilly, "You are the one that refused to believe what I told you earlier! Now, you want to blame me for that?!"


Wu was speechless. He shouted angrily, "Do you really think you still can defeat me? I was not serious just now! Now, you are going to pay for what you have done to me! Get ready to lose all your teeth! I'm willing to be your son if I lose this fight!" 

"I don't want to have a retarded son like you!" Chen twitched his mouth and said.

"Motherf*cker! Die now!"

Wu was enraged. He swung his rod with both of his hands and charged at Chen like a madman.




Undeniably, Wu was definitely an expert at using the rod. The way he swung his rod was like the rotor of a helicopter. It was really fast. He would repel water with his rod if someone splashed a pail of water at him.

"Thunder Splitting Rod Skill is Wu's signature skill! He is going to go all out now!" There were people in the room recognized his signature skill.

"I'm not sure if Chen Xiaobei can deal with it effectively. It's all about skills now, since both of them possess the same amount of health!"

"I don't think Chen is going to win in this battle… The time that Wu has spent on mastering this rod skill is longer than Chen's age!"

"Also, this rod skill is really unique! I heard that the starting price of this rod skill was ten million!"

"It seems like Chen is going to lose in this battle."

None of the people in the room thought that Chen was going to win in this battle. After all, he was still a young kid.




Both of them were fighting furiously with their rods in the fighting ring. The sound of the rods colliding with each other was like the sound of rain. The sound echoed in the air every few seconds. Their rods moved faster than what anyone expected!

"Damn! No way! Chen Xiaobei is still not on the losing side! Can anyone tell me the rod skill that he is using right now?"

"No idea… Chen's rod skill is rather weird and unique! It seems simple, but it is actually quite complicated!"

"This kid is really good! Wu still can't take him down even after he has spent twenty years to master his rod skill!"

Within ten seconds, everyone changed their minds and started to think that Chen might win in the battle.

At the same time, Luo said something that no one in their right mind would believe, "Wu is not on the winning side. He will be defeated by Chen within ten moves!"

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