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What... just happened? That was the first time Luo had ever taken the initiative to address him as her fiancé. However, Chen was smart enough to know that it was just a mere ploy. The sudden change of Luo had been triggered by the sudden appearance of the guy who was walking towards her. He was one of the relentless pursuers of Luo, and his name was Wu Jiechao! It was pretty apparent that Luo wanted to use Chen as her fake boyfriend to chase him away.

"Puti, come with me, I want to talk to you in private." Wu did not look happy at all. He was trying his best to suppress his anger.

"Just say it here. We should make things clear between us since there are so many people here!" Luo said coldly. A sense of disgust could be seen in Luo's eyes.

"Here? I'm fine with that!"

Wu nodded and glared at Chen with disdain. With rage burning in his eyes, the man bellowed, "You, get lost now!"

The phrase; get lost carried tonnes of explosive power. Soon, people in the room started to gossip and discussed this incident.

"Haha! Wu Jiechao is here! Let's wait to see how he embarrasses that fruit farmer!"

"This incident is not going to end well, judging from Wu's face!"

"That's where the drama comes in! Do you think that Wu is going to ask that fruit farmer to lick his shoes? Or, will he cripple him and toss him out of Dragon City?"

"Well, it all depends on that fruit farmer! He will kneel down and lick Wu's shoes if he is a pussy! On the other hand, his bones will be broken into pieces if he is a real man! Hehehe…"

All those people in the room were taking pleasure from others' misfortune. They started to gather around them and looking forward to Chen's reply and reaction.

"Excuse me. I don't think I know how to get lost. Do you mind demonstrating it in front of me?" Chen said with a calm smile on his face.

"Oh shit! That kid is insane! He just asked Wu to get lost in front of him!"

"I don't think he knows Wu Jiechao is the son of the owner of Qing Wu Faction! His cultivation is extremely powerful!"

"Not just that! Qing Wu Faction has a really powerful backup protecting them as well! Even if Wu kills this kid today, they are powerful enough to let the whole thing slide!"

"No doubt! That kid is a dead piece of meat on the chopping board, now!"

All those people were extremely excited about the things that were about to happen.

"You are the internet sensation that sells the First Love Peach, right?"

Wu's rage died down after some time. He was just staring at Chen coldly.

"That's me. What about it?" Chen said calmly.

"I sent someone to check on you earlier. I heard that you are quite a capable man in Green Vine City!" Wu said coldly.

"I just a normal guy. A normal guy that ranked third in the world!" Chen shrugged and said.

"Hehe… Do you have the balls to fight with me?" Wu said tauntingly.


[Cultivation: Later phase of Qi refining stage. Health: 10000. Combat power: 10000]

Chen frowned after checking Wu with his Netherspirit Battlescouter. Dragon City was like a sea with endless depth. He was shocked that a random enemy like Wu could achieve ten thousand combat power.

"Wu Jiechao! What are you trying to do? You are bullying someone that is weaker than you?" Luo interjected before Chen could say anything.

"Hehe… I'm not forcing him to fight with me! However, I don't welcome cowards here! Get lost if he doesn't have the balls to fight with me!" Wu said and laughed coldly.

"Does this auction belong to you? You have no right to ask others get lost from here!" Luo said coldly. Both of her hands were holding on Chen tightly. It seemed like she was telling Chen not to be afraid. Honestly speaking, Chen was not afraid at all. Ten thousand combat power was nothing to Chen. In a worse case scenario, Wu would end up like Long Aotian. Chen could achieve fifteen thousand combat power with the help of Bloody Chaos Sword Essence! One slash, and Wu would die in front of him!

"Hehe… The owner of this auction is Master Zhuang! Don't you know that he is my big brother? The two martial art manuals that are going on auction today were given by the Qing Wu Faction! Now, tell me, do I have the right to ask this bastard to get lost from this auction?" Wu said confidently.

"Master Zhuang? Are you talking about Zhuang Bifan?" Chen raised his eyebrows, amused.

"That's right! Master Zhuang is my big brother! Are you feeling afraid now? Get out of my sight if you are afraid of me!" Wu said arrogantly.

"Xiaobei…" Luo was getting anxious. She was trying her best to protect Chen, but Chen had decided to keep on taunting Wu.

"Is that kid alright? Where did he acquire that kind of confidence?"

"It is pretty obvious that he is trying to act tough in front of Luo Puti! He couldn't stand being embarrassed in public!"

"His arrogance is going to be struck by lightning! Wu will definitely teach him a good lesson!"

Everyone started to laugh at Chen mockingly in the room. It was as if they were looking at a retarded fool trying to fight with a Jianghu elite.

"Are you sure that you want to play with me? I'm going to have to warn you! My current cultivation is in the latter phase of Qi refining stage! My combat power is around ten thousand! There were tones of people being crippled by me! Aren't you afraid of me?" Wu said condescendingly.

"I will not back out since I promised you that I'm going to play with you! However, I have a small request!"

Chen continued to say calmly, "You are definitely more powerful than me in terms of combat power. Also, you are older than me by seven to eight years. Others will call you a bully even if you defeat me in this battle. How about we refrain from using True Qi in this battle. We can still compete with our skills!"

"Haha… Not only is my True Qi is more powerful than you, my health is stronger than you! Should I only use one hand to deal with you?" Wu laughed and said arrogantly.

"That is not necessary. I don't think your health is stronger than mine!" Chen shrugged and said. At then, Chen had ten thousand health. However, his True Qi was still not as concentrated as Wu. Without using True Qi in the battle, Chen would definitely have a chance of defeating him without using any items! 

"What? How dare you say that my health is not as powerful as you?! It seems like you have a death wish! I shall make that come true! You want to fight with skill, right? Just name it! I'm expert in all kind of martial arts! Other than that, I'm a master at using all kind of weapons as well! I'm going to tell you right now that I'm not responsible for any of your upcoming injuries!" Wu said angrily.

"Xiaobei… Don't do this… He started to train in weapons and different martial arts when he was still a kid. Besides that, he can be really vicious when it comes to combat! You are going to be taken advantage of!" Luo reminded Chen nervously.

"Baby. Don't worry. Your man will not embarrass you here!" Chen tapped on Luo's hands to indicate that she should let him go.

"I heard two martial art manuals just now! How about we bet on that?" Chen said calmly.

"What? Are you serious? Hahaha…"

Wu started to laugh loudly and said, "Thunder Splitting Rod Skill and Aeolus Kick are my signature skills! I have spent twenty years training on these two skills since I was eight years old! You are going to enter hell earlier than you expected!"

"Hehe… Challenging a formidable foe has always been my hobby! You will soon know who is going through the gates of hell!" Chen laughed evilly and said.

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