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There were all kinds of people in the auction, but Jianghu elites made up most of the crowd. Some of those rich businessmen were the sponsors of Jianghu elites, and some of the second-generation filthy rich young men's hobbies were to practice modern martial arts. Lastly, some of them were here to expand their circle of friends. All those influential people and the attractive auction was not comparable to one of the two legendary beauties of Dragon City; Luo Puti. She became the center of attention once she stepped into the room.

Everyone had already known who Luo Puti was. Chen however... Needless to say, Chen immediately became the number one topic of conversation amongst those who loved to gossip.

"Who is that kid?"

"I don't know him. I don't think he belongs to our circle!"

"Is he from outstation? It seems like he is pretty close to Luo Puti. He might be Luo's boyfriend!"

Everyone was shocked but it took no time at all for the whole crowd to recognized Chen.

"He is the internet sensation that came into radar recently! He is the person behind the First Love Peach that went viral all over the internet! I think he managed to hook up with Luo while Luo was trying to complete her mission in Green Vine City!"

"No way! How did a fruit farmer manage to hook up with Luo?"

"That's right! He is quite good looking, but he doesn't have financial power, authority, status, and fame! Any of Luo's pursuers can beat him easily!"

"F*ck! How dare a fruit farmer like him dared to pursue Luo!! What a prick! I'm insulted!" 

Women were jealous of Luo's perfect looks, and men were anxious when it came to Luo's future boyfriend. After all, Luo was the gorgeous lady in Dragon City. Lady Xuan from the Liu Family got to share the same title with her. Both of them were known as the Legendary Beauty Twins in Dragon City! There were shit tonnes of men who wanted them to be their girlfriends. Some of them even remembered them during their high school time. However, Chen had managed to make Luo his girlfriend before all the other men. It was no wonder all the men in the room got really anxious.

"Well, Wu Jiechao is not here! If not, that kid will be stretchered into an ambulance!" One of the men said enviously.

Last time, there was a guy from Hong Kong who had wanted to pursue Luo. In the end, his legs were broken by Wu Jiechao! He even warned him not to set foot in the Dragon City anymore! If not, he would beat him up whenever he spotted him in Dragon City!

"Should I tell Wu about this guy?" One of the men said. He wanted to see the whole turned upside down.

"Good idea! I'm getting really bored here. I need some drama in my life!"

"Right! Right! Right! Call him now!"

Everyone was eager to stir some drama out of their boredom. However, Chen and Luo were still unaware of such thoughts. Both of them looked for a place to sit down and examined the list of things that were about to be auctioned. There was a total of five items that were about to be auctioned tonight. The first item was a three hundred years old wild mountain ginseng. The second item was a five hundred years old purple glossy Ganoderma. Both of the items were extremely rare medicinal ingredients. It was said that the two medicinal ingredients were the dream ingredients of alchemists! They were also going to auction two martial art manuals as well; Thunder Splitting Rod Skill and Aeolus Kick! Lastly, the final item to be auctioned was the Spirit Stone!

"Haha! I'm too damn lucky! First time coming to an auction, and a Spirit Stone is about to be auctioned! I must acquire this Spirit Stone!" Chen rubbed his hands and said excitedly.

"Take a look at the price first." Luo held the glass of white wine in her hand and took a small sip of it. Her queen-like, elegant move was extremely mesmerizing.

"Damn! How… How much is this… Starting bid is one billion? Also, every bid must not be lower than one million! This is insane!" It was a terrifying moment for Chen. He did not know that a Spirit Stone would cost a fortune.

"Why is it so surprising to you? You should know better than anyone that Spiritual Qi is extremely important for people like us!"

Luo continued to explain, "The Spiritual Qi within a Spirit Stone would allow a person to gain one hundred combat power within three months! Without it, the person might need a few years to get an extra one hundred combat power! Thus, it's totally worth spending a few billion to buy a few years' worths of time!"

Chen nodded, "Okay. So, this Spirit Stone is not expensive at all. I think that the fortune of a real Jianghu elite is enough to buy a few Spirit Stones!"

Lou replied, "After all, one's talent does not justify a person. Sometimes, resources and connections are more important! Those top families and factions are more than willing to use all their money to invest in their trusted offspring, to become a powerful individual! They want to make sure that their families and factions last forever!" 

"Sigh… It seems like it's impossible for me to buy the Spirit Stone tonight!" Chen shook his head and said. He had two billion in his account right now and he would not want to spend all his money to purchase a Spirit Stone. He would be completely broke if he spent all his money today. By then, he would not be able to surpass Lan's Family anymore! Chen could not help but think of Mengchen purposely stayed away from him, because of her family problem.

Chen's influence, power, and financial were still rather weak. If he was powerful enough; Lan could be herself, and Xiangyu would not need to join Thunder Kirin as well!

"I want to become more powerful!"

"I must become more powerful!"

"Sooner or later, the Chen Family will become the top family in Dragon City! People around me won't need to suffer from injustice anymore!"

"I promise!"

Chen had all these thoughts all of a sudden. He was determined that there would be nothing that can stop him from becoming stronger.

"Are you alright? Did I hurt your ego?"

Luo put down the wine glass and started to console Chen, "You are still young. I did not bring you here to buy those items! I want to widen your world! I want to let you know that Green Vine City is not your stage! You, Chen Xiaobei deserve more than that!"

Chen was stunned. He smiled and said, "My fiancée, you are so good to me! I will definitely fly higher with your encouragement!"

"How many times have I told you not to call me your fiancée!" Luo rolled her eyes at Chen and said. The serious atmosphere had been destroyed by Chen within a second.

"Puti! You are here!"

A tall and muscular man appeared out of nowhere and walked to Luo.

"Puti, who the hell is this guy?"

"Didn't you hear him calling me his fiancée?"

Luo held Chen's arm and said, "He is my man!"

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