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"Alright! I will agree to your requests, as long as your requests are reasonable!" Elder Cao decided and said. Super-elites like Xiangyu would definitely be treated specially.

"Number one, I want a big house! I want to make sure that Xiaobei can stay comfortably when I go and stay with him sometimes!" Xiangyu said.

"No problem! Zhenyang! Order someone to clear out the Wolong Mansion immediately!"

 Xiangyu continued, "You guys are not allowed to stop me when Xiaobei needs my help!"

"This… What if you are assigned a task…" Elder Cao said hesitantly.

"I couldn't care less about the task! Xiaobei is my priority! There is nothing that can override that!" Xiangyu insisted.

"Okay. I can agree to this request as well…" Elder Cao nodded.

He turned to look at Chen. He never expected Chen to be so important to Xiangyu. He then thought again, Cao Zhenyang would have turned into a pile of dead meat if it was not for Chen. That small detail was enough to freak him out. He could never understand why an extremely powerful individual like Xiangyu would be willing to do whatever Chen asked him to do. He finally realized that he had underestimated Chen.

"Number three! You have to help Xiaobei if he faces something that even I can't solve!" Xiangyu said. He sounded really determined with his third request.

"This…" Elder Cao was speechless.

The request might sound simple, but it was actually a really big deal to people like Elder Cao. If super elite like Xiangyu had difficulties dealing with Chen's predicament, it would mean that the problem was too big of a deal that it required the help of the nation to solve it. Thus, Elder Cao dared not agree to the request without putting some serious thoughts into it.

"Just forget everything that I just said if you couldn't agree with my third request!" Xiangyu said in a deep tone. It was pretty obvious that the third request was the main reason why Xiangyu wanted to join the Thunder Kirin Special Force. Xiangyu was always worried that he might not be able to help Chen when he needed his help. After all, he had experienced a similar thing during his past life. He knew clearly that he was absolutely powerless when compared to a whole nation. Also, that was the reason why he had suicided in his past life.

"I can agree to it. However, I will only help him once. I'm willing to help him, no matter how big the problem is!" After some time, Elder Cao finally made up his mind. His face said it all; it was a difficult decision to make. That one time he helped Chen might cost all the connections that he had built throughout his life. However, he was more than willing to sacrifice himself for the country. In a nutshell, he was definitely an old man that deserved tonnes of respect.

"Thank you! I will definitely not disappoint you!" Xiangyu stood up, put his hands together and bowed to Elder Cao. It was the most traditional way of thanking someone.

"Alright. You are most welcome," Elder Cao waved his hands and smiled. At the same time, he took a look at Chen and changed his perspective on him. All three requests made by Xiangyu revolved around Chen. Elder Cao felt like he needed to get to know Chen thoroughly all over again.

"Elder Cao, can you excuse us for a moment? I would like to speak to my Shixiong in private," Chen said.

"As you wish." Elder Cao nodded. Then, he brought Cao Zhenyang and Luo out of the private box.

"Brother Yu, actually I didn't want to interfere with your decision. I'm going to say what's in my mind out loud. I don't want you to make yourself suffer for me. I believe that we can solve anything when we work together!" Chen was serious.

"Don't worry. I'm not putting myself through any trouble. I just thought of my previous life… There are some things in life that need to be planned ahead to prevent any disappointment and regret! It's going to be good for the both of us if I have Thunder Kirin on my side! Also, I can earn merit points after I join the force! Firstly, I can use the merit points to redeem Consort Yu's soul! Second, I can save up those merit points and use them during any emergency matters!"

Chen was shocked. He nodded and said, "Seems like you have everything planned ahead. I will leave this matter to you. Take care of yourself when you travel to foreign places!"

Xiangyu smiled and said, "Are you worried that someone might take advantage of me?" 

Chen grinned and replied, "Hehe… I'm not worried about that at all! Those who have the balls to take advantage of you will definitely end up being a piece of dead meat!"

Xiangyu left with Elder Cao. On the other hand, Chen hopped into Luo's car and headed for the auction. Luo was driving towards the east side of Dragon City. The auction was held in a clubhouse that was located beside Mingxiu Mountain. It was built in the rural area; its surroundings were really peaceful and quiet. There was a variety of fancy cars parked at the car park when both of them arrived at the designated place. BMW and Mercedes would have nothing on those supercars. The car park was filled with Porsche, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Bentley, and others.

"There are so many rich people in Dragon City…" Chen sighed and said.

Then, he asked curiously, "What kind of auction is this?"

"Only Jianghu elites will come to this auction. The things that they auction are the things that Jianghu elites need! For example, martial art manuals, extremely valuable medicine, Natural Spirit Stones and other valuable stuff," Luo said.

"What are Natural Spirit Stones?" Chen asked curiously.

"Natural Spirit Stone contains Spiritual Qi. They can be used for training!" Luo said.

"This is good stuff!" Chen was delighted. He needed to make himself as powerful as possible. That was why he was excited. 

"Undeniably, Spirit Stones are good stuff, but it is extremely valuable and rare! They don't auction it in every single auction. You have to be really lucky to come in contact with this golden opportunity." Luo replied Chen with a disappointing statement.

"I'm not sure about my luck. Let's go in and check it out." Chen grinned and said.

After parking the car, both of them walked into the clubhouse together. Luo flashed the badge of a Six Doors Organization Special Inspector. Then, both of them were welcomed into the clubhouse politely. The interior design of the clubhouse was extremely luxurious. All the men inside the room were wearing tuxedos. On the other hand, the women were wearing fancy evening gowns. The whole thing looked like a tea party for higher upper-class people than an auction. However, Chen and Luo were extremely underdressed. Both of them were definitely the first pair throughout the entire history to wear such casual clothes in a high-class auction.

"My fiancée, are you sure that we are at the right place?" Chen asked.

"Don't call me your fiancée!"

Luo rolled her eyes at Chen and said, "This is a tea party for higher upper-class people in Dragon City! Other than Jianghu elites, there are rich businessmen and second generation filthy rich young men. Ignore them, and look for what you want to buy!"

"Isn't that Luo Puti? Who is the man beside him?"

A few women gossiped about them from far. 

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