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[The twelve Wing Golden Baby Cicada; a unique creature that had walked on earth during the prehistoric age. The Primeval Lord of Heaven found this bug inside the cracks of lost space! It is extremely precious! Do you want to withdraw it?] 


A golden bug that was as small as a coin appeared in Chen's palm. The bug looked like it was wearing set of golden armor. There were no wings on its body yet, but a sense of demonic aura was spilling out from this bug.

"Is this thing really a cicada? It looks like some alien shit!" Chen sighed and took a careful look at it.

"I should make it identify me as its master first!" Then, Chen placed one of his fingers at the back of the baby cicada and started to build a bridge of trust with his True Qi. From that moment onwards, the Twelve Wings Golden Baby Cicada became Chen's second Spiritual Beast!


The golden bug awoke from its long and deep sleep. It started to move around Chen's palm to show its good intention.

"Erm… I should give you a name… The name; Twelve Wing Golden Baby Cicada is too long…"

Chen looked at the golden bug, twitched his lips and said, "Twelve wings… And, you are my second Spiritual Beast… I think I should call you Xiaoer (Little Two)!"

The golden bug was stunned. It shook its head and said with Zoolingualism, "I don't want this name! I'm not a second! I don't want to be named with that are related to two!"

"Haha! Xiaoer! This name is so cute and funny!" Yap laughed and said. He could not understand Zoolingualism at all.


Xiaoer was triggered. It turned around and roared at Yap. Then, the golden light that was reflected from its body swiftly rose like a cloud of smoke, transfiguring into a twelve metal wings savage bug with a furious look! At the same time, its demonic aura was released into the air and it charged at Yap like a wave of a tsunami!

*Deep breath*

"What a terrifying bug!" Yap took a deep breath and said. His heart was jumping non-stop, his pupils were contracted and his forehead was filled with the sweat of fear! The demonic aura that came out from Xiaoer was enough to make an elite with ten thousand combat power tremble in fear.


Chen used his finger to knock on Xiaoer gently and said, "You are not allowed to terrify our allies!"

"Okay… Understood…" Xiaoer might be a hot-tempered bug, but it will always obey Chen. It quickly dispersed its terrifying aura in the air.

"After this, I'm going to introduce my family members to you. Remember, you are not allowed to terrify them. You are going to learn how to protect them. Understood?"

"Understood." Xiaoer nodded obediently.

Chen continued to check on his other precious items.


[Pure Yang Sword of Talisman; it's a Pure Yang Exorcising Item. It can be used to kill all kinds of evil spirits, except for the Evil Spirit King! Do you want to withdraw it?]

"Damn! How powerful is an Evil Spirit King? It can kill all kind of evil spirits with a single slash! I just wasted it on a five-star evil spirit… Damn it…" Chen was upset by it. But, he thought about it again, there had been no way for him to defeat that evil spirit yesterday. Without that sword, everyone would have been killed by that evil spirit! Then, he felt happier after remembering that he still had two billion in his bank account.


[South Pole Spiritual Jade Fruit; planted by Nanji Xianweng. It is a One-Star Spiritual Fruit from the south side of heaven! It contains a small amount of Spiritual Qi. It tastes normal as well! Do you want to withdraw it?"

"Damn! All the disciples of the Primeval Lord of Heaven are super stingy! How dare he send garbage like this to the group?" Chen said condescendingly and withdrew it immediately. Three pieces of fruit that were as big as the eggs of pigeons appeared in Chen's hand. It had a white and round outlook.

"Hold on! The Spiritual Qi is rather concentrated!"

Chen was shocked. He then came to a realization, "I understand now! To those deities, this fruit contains a small amount of Spiritual Qi. On the other hand, this fruit actually contains a very concentrated amount of Spiritual Qi to humans!"

"That's right! I can literally feel that the Spiritual Qi inside these fruits is more concentrated than the Spiritual Qi inside the Flaming Cloud Spiritual Pendant!" Yap said in shock.

"Haha! In other words, this is some really good shit!"

Chen suddenly came up with a bold thought.

"What if I consume all the flesh and plant the seeds? Does that mean I would get an unlimited supply of Spiritual Qi?" Chen said excitedly.

"Bro Bei! You are so smart! Just like the First Love Peach! Plant more, and we won't worry about where to get Spiritual Qi anymore!" Yap was all lighted up.

"Let's go to the kitchen now! I will share these three fruits with everyone!"

Without a second thought, Chen rushed to the kitchen and cut those fruits into eight shares. He was going to share them with his dad, mom, Xiaobai, Sirius, Xiaoer, Yap and Xiangyu. After cutting the fruits, Chen received three seeds.

Xiaobai and the rest of the Spiritual Beasts went and trained themselves after absorbing the Spiritual Qi from the fruit. Chen then sent the fruits to his parents and Xiangyu. His dad was playing Chinese chess with Xiangyu. After learning how to play this game, Xiangyu had grown obsessed with it. It looked like he could not stop playing. Actually, there was a reason behind his obsession. Many years ago, he was betrayed by his best friend; Liu Bang. Xiangyu had always treated him as his blood brother but in the end, he was set up and killed by Liu Bang! Of course, Chen would not talk about it, if Xiangyu did not bring it up first.

"Come here! Come and try a new fruit that I acquired recently!"

Chen handed the plates to his parents and Xiangyu. Undeniably, things that come from heaven was incomparable to items of the human world. The system told Chen that it tasted normal. But, everyone was amazed by its tastiness.

"Xiaobei! What kind of fruit is this?! It is so damn delicious! I think it tastes even better than the First Love Peach!" Chen's mom complimented.

"It tastes so good!! And, I can feel a stream of energy entering my body as well! I feel so comfortable right now!" Chen's dad complimented as well.

On the other hand, Xiangyu was really calm. He whispered into Chen's ears, "This Spiritual Fruit can really help with your current training! You have to eat more!" Chen had known about this before Xiangyu mentioned it to him. He was actually looking for a suitable place to plant the seed.


Suddenly, Chen's cell phone rang. It was Luo.

"Luo the Goddess! How can I help you?" Chen said happily.

"There's a special auction in Dragon City tonight! Do you want to come?" Luo asked him directly.

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