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Blood was splattered all over the floor. Everyone could not believe what they had just witnessed! There was a big hole in the savage man's body. Xiangyu's strength was so immense that his punch had managed to disintegrate the savage man's heart and lungs. Also, the savage man's body had caused a dozen of savage men with five thousand to six thousand combat power each, to fall to the ground like windswept domino cards. Even Chen was extremely shocked when he witnessed the true power of Xiangyu! He could not imagine the amount of strength that Xiangyu had channeled into his punch.

"Those who want to hurt my brother will be destroyed by me!"

Everyone was looking at him with fear. Words from Xiangyu's mouth were filled with emperor like authority! All five hundred people did not dare to say another word. The whole place was dead silent! Their pupils were contracted, they were light-headed; an invisible force was crushing them. They could feel they were about to be suffocated.

"This is so powerful! This is the aura coming out from the legendary Xiangyu!" Chen was standing beside Xiangyu. He felt absolutely safe when Xiangyu was taking care of him!

"Stand up! Where did you guys get the courage to hurt my brother?! Show it to me now!" Xiangyu shouted and charged at the group of savage men. He fully utilized all his fifty thousand combat power to attack them. Not even Chen could see how Xiangyu moved around the enemies. A few seconds later, heads started to fly to the mid-air. It looked like Xiangyu had just used his bare hands to decapitate them! Blood started to shoot up to the ceiling like the eruption of a volcano! All the savage men were decapitated within five seconds! At the same time, Xiangyu stood in front of Roland before he even realized it! There was no blood on Xiangyu at all.

"Are you the one who said that you wanted to tear my brother into pieces?" Xiangyu glared at him coldly and said. All of a sudden, that savage men's leader with eight thousand combat power knelt in front of Xiangyu unconsciously. He could not feel his legs anymore.

"There is no use kneeling down in front of me right now!" Xiangyu shouted. Then, he used both of his hands to grab Roland's shoulders, and lifted him off his feet.

"Mercy… Please let me live… I'm willing to become your slave… Please let me go…" Roland tried his best to beg in Chinese. He had fallen into the pit of despair.

"There is no use begging me right now!" Xiangyu shouted again and tore Roland in half with his bare hands!


All his blood and internal organs fell on the ground. Fear had completely taken over the crowd. None of them had the balls to make a move. Those with weak hearts passed out immediately.

"Oh my god… What kind of power is that… He is not human! He is a God! The God of War! The God of Killing!"

"How did this Chen Xiaobei get to know such a powerful brother? This is unreal!"

"I'm pretty sure that this Chen Xiaobei's true identity is not as simple as we thought! If not, it would be impossible for him to have such a crazily powerful brother!"

"I think we have made a huge mistake this time!"

"Going against Chen Xiaobei is like going against the reaper!"

A cry of fear echoed through the crowd. They looked at Chen like how they looked at Xiangyu. Their eyes were filled with unending fear and respect.

"We are so dead… We are going to die today!" Gu had lost it. He fell to the ground and wet his pants.

"You are one useless son of the bitch!" Qiu was freaking out as well. However, he had not given up. He sent a message with his shaky hands.

[Mr. Ghost! Please come immediately!]

At the same time, Xiangyu was walking towards Dongfang Bubai.

"You… Don't come near me… I'm telling you not to come near me…" Dongfang Bubai was screaming hysterically. It was as if he was going to scream his heart out. He knew that he was actually pretty powerful. However, it was impossible for him to defeat the legendary Xiangyu. He was just another piece of garbage to Xiangyu. It was no wonder that he had freaked out completely.

"It is useless to be afraid right now!"

Xiangyu did not stop walking towards him. He did not falter at all.

"Remember! You are the one that forced my hand!" Dongfang Bubai screamed and lifted up both of his arms. Suddenly, hundreds of needles flew towards Xiangyu from the drag queen's sleeves. All those needles were embedded with a flow Red True Qi.

"So, this guy embedded all his True Qi into the needles! No wonder he is not afraid of hurting his own body!"

Chen felt slightly nervous and worried. He thought, "Is it possible for Xiangyu to deal with hundreds of needles at the same time? It's not easy to come up with a defensive skill to block all those needles!"

"It's useless to be so aggressive!"

Xiangyu managed to remain calm in this life-threatening situation. Then, he shouted and his whole body was covered in golden light! It made him looked like the invincible God of War!


All of a sudden, there was a strong wind in the room. People around Dongfang Bubai were tossed around by the strong wind. None of them possessed the strength to stand up straight!




At the same time, those hundreds of needles turned around and flew back at Dongfang Bubai! The speed and power of those needles had been doubled! There was no way for him to dodge those needles. He was forced to witness his body being penetrated by those needles. In the end, he was nailed to the ground.


Dongfang Bubai puked out a mouthful of blood and died in despair. Then, Xiangyu went back to his normal state. The wind was gone as well. The place fell into dead silence again when Xiangyu walked towards Chen. The petrified looks on the crowd reflected their admiration and endless fear in their hearts. It was as if they had just witnessed a God fighting on the battlefield. Everything that happened in front of them defied everything they know! At this moment, only Chen and Wenyuan managed to stay calm and chit-chat with Xiangyu happily.

"Uncle! You are so powerful! I would say you are slightly more powerful than my Xiaobei!" Wenyuan said with a smile on her face.

"Bro Yu! What is that skill? It is so freaking cool!" Chen couldn't help but ask.

"That was my Kang Qi! You will be able to it when you reach True Nirvana Stage!" Xiangyu said calmly.

"Hehehe… I did not expect an elite at the True Nirvana Stage to come to a small place like Green Vine City! This is great! Great!" A creepy voice came out of nowhere. The light started to blink continuously.

"What the hell is going on?"

Xiangyu and Wenyuan were frustrated, because they could not hear the voice.

"There's an evil spirit here! A powerful one!"

Chen's body became really tensed up. He was the only person in this room who possessed the Netherspirit Battlescouter in this room. Thus, no one else had heard that ghastly voice.

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