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There were a lot of rooms in the cruise liner. Chen looked for a random room, went inside and laid Emperor Yan and Wenyuan's bodies on the floor. There were clothes on Wenyuan, but Emperor Yan was completely naked. Chen then took out some men's clothing from his bag and covered Emperor Yan up. After that, Chen withdrew the Soul Reclamator Tokens from his treasure chest. There were some really obvious markings on the tokens. One of it was a Two-Stars Soul Reclamator Token and the other one was a One-Star Soul Reclamator Token. Chen placed the two-stars token on Emperor Yan's chest and the other one on Wenyuan's chest. Finally, he withdrew the Spirit Cage from his treasure chest and released Xiangyu and Wenyuan's souls.

A few moments later, some mysterious force came from six-feet under. The blue rays rose mid-air, and countless strings of ancient characters were projected into the air. It looked like some kind of spell. Wait, it looked like a ceremony too! As time passed by, those ancient characters disappeared. Then, the Soul Reclamator Tokens served as a medium to allow Xiangyu and Wenyuan's souls to enter their own bodies. In the next second, both of them opened up their eyes.

"Hahaha… Finally! I'm a man again!" Xiangyu laughed happily and hugged Chen immediately.

"My good brother! I will never forget this favor! I'm going to cut the crap! From this moment onwards, I'm willing to do anything for you! I'll change my name if I say no to whatever you ask me to do!" Xiangyu said seriously.

"Bro Yu, you are most welcome! After all, we are good brothers!" Chen put on a bright smile and said.

Chen had just spent three hundred and thirty-three thousand merit points, but what he felt right now was definitely worth more than the merit points he owned! Those ice-cold merit points had nothing on a brother with flesh and blood!

"Oi! Uncle! It's my turn to hug Master Xiaobei now!"

Wenyuan puckered her lips and came close to Chen. She became even more adorable after getting back her body. There was a sense of womanly charm coming out of her as well. She looked really attractive with her coquettish looks.

"Okay…" Xiangyu let go of Chen gently.

"Master Xiaobei! I want a kiss!" Wenyuan smiled and ran into Chen's embrace. She had both her hands placed around Chen's neck, and she started to kiss Chen's face like a woodpecker. Luckily, she had not applied lipstick on her lips; if not, Chen's face would have been filled with red lips marks.

"Hold your horses… Are you thinking of getting into my pants here?" Chen was stunned. He could not resist the passionate approach from Wenyuan. The kisses from Wenyuan's soft lips made Chen's blood boil!

"I want to get into your pants! I want it now! Now!" Wenyuan had never been a shy girl. She always spoke whatever that was on her mind! A long time ago, she had kissed Chen when she first met him. One should not be surprised to see her trying to get into Chen's pants.

"Alright! Let's stop messing around! I have something more serious now that I need to deal with! I will let you get into my pants when the time is right!" Chen said happily.

"Okay… Your serious business should be the priority! After all, it's impossible for you to run away from me! Hehe…" Wenyuan smiled like a fox and said.

"Xiaobei… You mentioned to me that there would be some dangerous things going on today! Have you settled it?" Xiangyu asked with a deep voice. After getting a new body, Xiangyu would not need to hide in the dark anymore. The way he addressed Chen had changed as well.

"For now, it is not yet settled." Chen shook his head and said.

"What are we waiting for? Who is the one who messed with you? Do you want me to destroy all of them now?" Xiangyu frowned and said. A king-like aura started leaking out of his handsome visage.

"No rush. My enemies are going to give me quite a huge amount of money! You guys can destroy them after I take their money!" Chen grinned evilly.

"Huh? Are the enemies going to give their money to you? What stupid enemies are those?" Xiangyu asked puzzledly.

"Uncle! You are wrong!"

Wenyuan pouted and continued to say, "The enemies are not dumb at all! Our Xiaobei is just too damn smart!"

"Haha…The mouth of my Wenyuan is so sweet!" Chen said happily.

"Not only sweet! It tastes like strawberry as well! Do you want to try it?" Wenyuan kept on seducing Chen by winking at Chen with her big and soulful eyes.

"Some other time…" Chen gulped. Without wasting any more time, he quickly ran out the room. One kiss, and Wenyuan would be able to get into Chen's pants. Chen had only left for three to five minutes; thus, the members of Black Gang did not do anything special. They could not figure out Chen's secret plan as well.

"Alright! Let's continue!" Chen walked into the casino happily and checked on the system. Members of Black Gang had managed to come up with another two hundred million to gamble with Chen. Then, they transferred all the money to Qiu's account.

"Let me be clear! I'm going to draw first this time!" Qiu said seriously. It was pretty obvious that such a method would work, as the dealer could hand him the card with the biggest value before Chen. In the end, Chen will definitely lose, no matter how good his luck is!

"Okay… I'm fine with that…" Chen said calmly.

"I'm going to bet first! One million!" Qiu learned his lesson this time. He would not, and dared not to let Chen bet first. He started with a small bet as well. He was going to test Chen with a million first.

"I will follow!" Chen smiled and put the money into the system.


The dealer started to shuffle the cards and placed them on the table in a fan shape.


"I'm going to draw now…" Qiu made a fake cough and extended his hands to draw the card. He touched every single card. At the same time, he had his attention on the dealer, but not the cards. The dealer would move her eyeballs down when Qiu's finger landed on the card with the biggest value. It was really subtle; thus, ordinary people would not notice it at all.

"I will take this card!"

Qiu was delighted. He drew that card immediately and pressed it with his palm.

"Is it my turn?"

Chen smiled and drew a random card and flipped it open.

It was Eight of Spade!

"Only eight! I can definitely win this!" Qiu gulped. He opened up his card nervously.

It was Ace of Spades!

"Victory! I've just won! Hahaha…"

Qiu was dancing around to celebrate his first victory.

"Our boss finally won! Chen has used up his luck! I have hope now!"

"Great! We don't need to go broke anymore!"

"Boss! One million is too little! Add on to the bet! If not, we are going to need a long time to win all his money!"

"Add on! Add on!"

Members of Black Gang started to dance around as well. It was as if they could see the light of hope at the end of the tunnel.

"Three million this time!" Qiu said confidently.

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