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Thing? Bug?

Chen's statement was like an atomic bomb to the group. Everyone was triggered by it. The people from Chanism quickly stood up to explain to Chen.

Jiang Ziya: Before the appearance of humans, this Twelve Wings Golden Cicada was one of the five Savage Bugs! It could be considered the most powerful Spiritual Beast! It lays eggs every ten thousand years! Then, the eggs would hatch once, every ten thousand years! Finally, it would grow a pair of wings every ten thousand years!

Guang Chengzi: It is extremely precious! I'm afraid that there is only one Twelve Winged Golden Cicada within these three realms!

Randeng Daoren: Also, it is still in baby form. God Chen can keep it as a pet. It will stay loyal to you until the end of your life!

Chen: Hehe… You guys make it sound so good! In the end, it's still a bug!

In truth, Chen was extremely shocked after hearing the information about this Twelve Wings Golden Cicada. Yet, he wanted to embarrass Chanisn by devaluing the cicada! He also wanted to trigger the Primeval Lord of Heaven! Chen was pretty sure that the old man wanted to show off his power by sending his most valuable item to the group! One could only guess that the Primeval Lord of Heaven was furious.

Jiang Ziya: Xiaobei Shidi, you don't have to wait that long. Twelve Wings Golden Cicada is born with a special ability! It can eat anything, even when it is still in baby form! Also, it has an endless appetite!

Chen: Wow! It's a monster with a super appetite! Damn! I'm going to become poor, buying food to fill its appetite.

Others: What the hell! It seems like you don't want this super legendary Savage Bug! You can always give it to us if you don't want it! We are not afraid of becoming poor!

Chen: Never mind! I'm the one who snatched this Red Envelope. In other words, fate placed me and this Twelve Wings Golden Cicada together! I'm just going to feed it half a bun every day!

Jiang Ziya: Xiaobei Shidi! That is not how you treat this legendary treasure!

Yuding Zhenren: Xiaobei Shidi! You have acquired this Twelve Wings Golden Cicada by fate! All Twelve Golden Deities wanted it so badly! But, our Sifu did not give it to us! Please don't treat it so poorly!

Nanji Xianweng: That's right! I feel heartache when I heard that you were going to feed this extremely precious Spiritual Bug with only half a bun! 

Chen: Alright! Alright! I will feed it a whole bun since you guys claim that it's some kind of extremely valuable creature! Also, I will add a few pieces pickled vegetables to it! That's all! (Pursed lips)

The members of Chanism were completely speechless. They had no idea how to deal with Chen. The title of the most frustrated deity went to the Primeval Lord of Heaven! He did not say a single word from the beginning. He was definitely too angry to say anything! If others had received this from the Primeval Lord of Heaven, the person would have been truly grateful. However, this Chen Xiaobei had kept talking trash about the Twelve Wings Golden Cicada! It was no wonder for the Primeval Lord of Heaven was so angry.

Primeval Lord of Heaven: I have some other matters to attend to! I shall leave first!

"Wahaha… I have finally managed to make him go away! Face slapping operation is a huge success! This is awesome!"

Chen held his cell phone up and put on a smile of victory. He was only human, and he managed to embarrass the Primeval Lord of Heaven and the whole of Chanism! It was definitely a huge achievement! However, Chen did not stop there. He continued to fan the flames in the group.

Chen: Members of Chanism! Let the wave of Red Envelopes begins! Everyone is waiting for your awesome Red Envelopes!

Others: Let's do this! Let's do this! Chanism is the most powerful group in heaven! You guys have all kinds of interesting items! You guys are not allowed to go if we don't see a wave of Red Envelopes from you guys!

Now, the members of Chanism were going to experience the feeling of being forced to do something! They had no choice but to send their Red Envelopes to the group.


[Yun Zhongzi has just sent a Red Envelope to the group!]


[Jiang Ziya has just sent a Red Envelope to the group!]


[Shen Gongpao has just sent a Red Envelope to the group!]

Members of Chanism started to send their Red Envelopes to the group. They were the disciples of the Primeval Lord of Heaven. They had their own disciples as well. Thus, there were a lot of deities sending Red Envelopes to the group. Soon, a wave of Red Envelopes was created.

"Let me snatch it! Let me snatch it! Snatch! Snatch! Snatch!" Chen gritted his teeth and tried his best to snatch as many Red Envelopes as possible at the last wave of Red Envelopes. He knew clearly that it was the luck that he acquired recently - that had won him the Twelve Wings Golden Cicada! So, his luck was going to be used up really soon. He was planning to spend all his luck on this Red Envelope Snatching Session! Then, he could help Xiangyu and Wenyuan to redeem their souls without any regrets.


[Congratulations! You have just snatched a Red Envelope from Jiang Ziya! You have received three Pure Yang Swords of Talisman! It has been stored in your treasure chest!]


[Congratulations! You have just snatched a Red Envelope from Nanji Xianweng! You have received three South Pole Spiritual Jade Fruits! It has been stored in your treasure chest!]

"Huuu… It's just a double kill! Seems like I've spent too much luck acquiring the Twelve Wings Golden Cicada! But, this is still a pleasant ending!" Chen put on a content smile and said. After the wave of Red Envelope ended, those deities started to chit-chat in the group happily.

"Eh? It seems like they still haven't decided which deities are coming to earth! Well, it's none of my concern. They will inform me once they've decided! I'm just going to sit tight and wait."

After that, Chen went and messaged Yanwang. Chen had decided that he wanted to help Xiangyu and Wenyuan to redeem their souls since all his luck have been spent.

Yanwang: What?! God Chen, have you thought through it? That's three hundred and thirty-three thousand merit points! It's not a small number!

Chen: I don't need to think about it anymore! Merit points are nothing when it comes to brothers and friends!

Yanwang: God Chen, you are a true man! I'm impressed! (Thumbs up!) Let me remind you something since you are such a nice guy. Members of Chanism are not the kind of deities that one should mess with! I'm afraid they will make you pay after you have slapped their faces!

Chen: Thank you so much for your reminder! I will remember this favor!

Yanwang: You are most welcome! We are good friends after all! You don't have to repay me. Alright! Now, send me the merit points! I'm going to help you exchange them for Soul Reclamator Tokens!

Chen did it immediately, and his merit points became zero.


[Congratulations! You have just snatched a Red Envelope from Yanwang! You have received two pieces of Soul Reclamator Tokens! It has been stored in your treasure chest!]

Upon receiving the Red Envelopes, Chen stood up and left the casino.

"Chen Xiaobei! Where are you going?" Qiu asked.

"Stop asking! Wait here!" Chen shouted, and Qiu was petrified.

Translator's Note

1. Shidi: Young disciple (of the same master)

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