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"What???" Everyone lost their minds after hearing the amount of money that Chen wanted to put in in the first round.

"What the hell?! That kid is insane! He is going to bet nine hundred million! He is treating money like recycled paper!"

"Nine hundred million! I don't think that I can earn so much money even if I stop eating and drinking for hundreds of generations! This kid just spent all of it on one single bet! This is outrageous!"

"I have never seen someone gamble like that! It seems like he wants to end it in one round!"

"This is crazy! Insane! Madness!"

Members of the Black Gang were extremely shocked. They could not calm themselves down. Even the blondie was shocked as well. She had worked as a dealer for quite some years. A lot of filthy rich people have crossed path with her, but she has never seen a gambler like Chen!

"Asshole Xiaobei! You are making a rush decision! How can you do this?! You are going to close your only exit! How am I going to save you…?" Xiaoyao was really anxious. Her elegant hand was holding on to the corner of her shirt. Her hand was getting really pale because she exerted too much strength in her hand. On the other hand, the Fire Boss and the five old core members' foreheads were filled with sweat. Their legs were shaking uncontrollably. Even the steady Third Elder started to get restless as well. He was rubbing his hands against each other and had opened up his eyes wide to witness the craziness that was going to happen.

Nine hundred million! A normal person would definitely freak out! However, Chen was still as calm as a lake. He used his cellphone to wire all the money into the system. Nine hundred million, separated into three different bets! Three hundred million each!

"Why are three of you staring at me? I thought that you guys are the ones who wanted me to place a larger bet? You guys said that I'm stingy, right? Come on! Bet with me!"

Chen glared at them mockingly and taunted them, "This is all I want to say! You are a f*cking coward if you refuse to follow my bet! After all, three of you are some big bosses in the Jianghu! Do you still want your faces?"


Qiu and his gang were stunned. Initially, they had been trying really hard to trick Chen into this gambling session. They were freaked out by Chen's aggressive move. One round to decide the winner and the loser. The winner would indulge himself in endless happiness. The loser would drown in a rain of shame. Other than that, ninety percent of members of Black Gang would become broke including Qiu, Dongfang Hong, and Gu.

All three of them could actually choose to cancel this gambling session if they were not comfortable with such a large bet! As compared with money and face, money was definitely more important than face! Suddenly, the dealer nodded at Qiu secretly to indicate that he should not be worried about the result of the round of gambling.

"We will bet with you! We will definitely play with you till the end, since you decided to play a heart attack game, all of a sudden!" Qiu regained his confidence and said loudly. He knew that he did not spend one million to hire this legendary dealer from Las Vegas for nothing! To him, it was extremely easy for her to crush a newbie like Chen!

"Let's go! I hope that Mr. Chen will not cry in front of us when the dealer reveals the result!"

Gu laughed and said, "Let me give you a friendly advice! Our cameras in the system will decide the results of this round once we flip open our cards! Then, it will complete the transaction automatically! You will not have any chance to play your dirty tricks on us!"

"So big… So fair…" Chen ignored them completely and placed all his attention on the dealer's voluptuous boobies.

"Son of a bitch! We have put in our pet! Draw your card! What are you waiting for?"

Dongfang Hong laughed arrogantly and said, "I can't wait to see you lose all your money in your bank account! I want to see you roll on the floor and cry like a little bitch! Hahahaha…"

"What's the rush? Can't you see I'm using my heart to communicate with the beauty over here? She is going to tell me the location of the card with the biggest value! You guys are going to be my dead meat since you let me draw first!" Chen still staring at the dealer's boobs like a perv. He just wanted to rest his head on the soft and bouncy boobs.

"What an asshole!" Xiaoyao was so angry that she stomped on the ground. Here she was worrying for Chen, yet Chen was flirting with that blondie!

Dongfang Hong shouted angrily, "Cut the crap! Stop acting like you are going to win before you die! Draw now! I want to see you turn into a sore loser!" Qiu and Gu were laughing viciously from the sidelines. Both of them were the kind of person with poisonous hearts. They did not say anything about Chen, but they were waiting for Chen to die here!

"Sweetheart! Thank you for telling where to draw the card with the biggest value!" Chen grinned and winked at the dealer.

"Mr. Chen, you are a funny guy. I'm a professional dealer! I will definitely not help anyone cheat in a casino! Good luck to you!" The dealer smiled and said. Actually, her eyes gave Chen a condescending stare. It was as if her stare was mocking Chen, that it was not possible for a newbie like him to draw the card with the biggest value.

"Are you sure you are not going to help me to cheat? Hehehe…" Chen laughed evilly and extended his hand to the cards on the table. Normally, luck was the only factor when it came to gambling. But, Chen had noticed that the dealer was working together with Qiu. It was never going to be a fair game. Since they were complete assholes, Chen decided that he was not going to show them mercy. When it came to cheating, everyone would only be a greenhorn in the face of Chen.

He blinked and activated his Golden Gaze Fiery Eyes. All the cards turned transparent.


Chen drew the Ace of Spades without any doubts and placed it in front of him.

Gu started to laugh viciously and said, "Mr. Chen, I think you just made the huge mistake of not thinking properly before you drew the card! Do you really think that your luck can help you win in this round of gambling? Don't you think you are too damn naïve?"

"He is not naïve! He is an idiot! His luck is not as good as our luck! He will definitely lose everything in this round! Hahaha…" Dongfang Hong laughed happily.

"Mr. Chen, you are going to lose this time! Be prepared! I don't want you to die of a heart attack, later!" Qiu said arrogantly.

Everyone from the Black Gang was cheering after hearing Qiu's statement.

"Haha! We are going to be the big winner!"

"Our wealth will be multiplied after receiving the share that we chipped in earlier! This is awesome!"

"I knew that we were going to become rich by joining the Black Gang!"

"Okay! Next, we are going to draw the cards!" Qiu said and winked at the dealer at the same time. He saw that the dealer's face had turned extremely pale. She did not respond back to him.

"Hey! You retarded fool! Save your strength! You guys are the loser!" Chen said coldly and flipped open his card!


Everyone was shocked to see the card that Chen drew! The sound of the "Piak" was like an invisible slap landing on everyone's faces!

Ace of Spades!

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