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[It's more than delicious! The feeling of chewing it in your mouth is magical! It reminded me of my first girlfriend's lips when my lips and teeth came in touch with the peach! That sensation was so nostalgic that my eyes started to get teary!]

[I feel the same! I have to give my thanks to Bro Bei! Your First Love Peach helped me to retrieve the youthfulness that I have lost long time ago! You are the one reminding me that I still have to courage to go and love someone!]

[Life is like a song! First Love Peach is like wine! Let's toast to our Bro Bei! To Bro Bei! To life! To the first loves we had!]

These were the comments given out by educated teenagers.

[Such delicious peach! Only 998 for one! It's too damn cheap!]

[Luckily Bro Bei limited us to one peach each! If not, a lot of people would have missed out on this legendary delicacy!]

[I want to know when the next batch of First Love Peach becomes available? I started to line up at five in the morning today. I'm afraid that I'll have to line up for the whole night to buy one First Love Peach next time!]

[I don't care! It's totally worth it!]

These were the comments given by normal teenagers.

[Damn! Sold out! All ten shops! Any sugar daddies here who have not finished their First Love Peaches? I would love to have a bite of it!]

[Bro Bei! I'm willing to put down my identity as a student of Lanxiang University and QQ Messenger VIP Member to become your friend! Please give me one more peach!]

[Xiaobei, my love! I feel like eating First Love Peaches! Give me one peach, and you can do whatever you want to me!]

[Shut up, bitch! Bro Bei! Come at me! My legs have spread open for you! You can be the one on top of me!]

These were the comments from teenagers who were slightly... retarded?

Chen was really happy when he read through all the comments. He knew clearly that all these positive comments, given by all kind of people were the reason why his First Love Peach was the most discussed topic! How else would peaches be the most popular topic in town?

"People is power! The impossible can become possible when people work together!" Chen smiled 

He then took a look at the second most discussed topic and said, "The movie; The Legend of Ling Yue the Heroine is going to show in the cinema really soon! This is so exciting!"

The movie had been made possible by the most popular director, actors, and actresses. It could be considered to be the most anticipated movie of the year! A lot of movie fans had paid close attention to it during the early production of this movie. They chose today as the day to announce the show date of their movie, because they wanted to promote this movie to the public.

Unfortunately, Chen's First Love Peach was launched on the same day. Thus, the movie had been shoved down to the second most discussed topic. It was kind of unbelievable that a popular movie did not gain as much attention as peaches! The movie production team would be so frustrated!

After that, Chen went on to check on his bank account. Three hundred million had deposited into his account. In other words, all his First Love Peaches had been completely sold out! Almost all his fans had a taste of this legendary delicacy. That was the reason Chen had restricted people to buy only one peach.

"Initially, I had five to six billion worth of property. After giving the four billion worth of jade sculptures to Elder Cao, I was left with one billion and six hundred million! Now, I have one billion and nine hundred million after receiving the profit of selling those peaches."

Chen went on to think, "My bank account keeps on shrinking! When am I going to surpass Lan Family? I have to think of some way to multiply the nine hundred million cash that I have right now! But, what is the fastest way of earning money?"


Chen's cell phone rang suddenly.

"Hello? Fire Boss? Wassup?" Chen asked calmly.

"Qiu Hairui from the Black Gang has just sent you an invitation to attend the annual dinner at the luxurious cruise!" Fire Boss said.

"What kind of annual dinner?" Chen was stunned. It was his first time hearing such a thing.

The Fire Boss explained, "Basically, our Green Vine City is near the east sea. Every year, all the big bosses are invited to come on this cruise to enjoy themselves. I heard that this time, the cruise is going to sail over the international waters. There will be gambling events on the cruise as well."

"What did Third Elder say about it?" Chen asked.

"The Third Elder received an invitation as well. They wanted Murong Xiaoyao to attend this annual dinner too! The third Elder had also mentioned that this annual dinner could be a white vengeance!" The Fire Boss said.

"It is a white vengeance! Do you know the exact date and time of this annual dinner?" Chen asked seriously.

"It's happening at night, the day after tomorrow! We are going to board the luxurious cruise at the east harbor!"

Fire Boss paused for a while and asked, "Bro Bei, how many people should we bring with us?"

"We are not going to bring anyone with us! Bring yourself! Also, I want you to tell Third Elder to bring as little people as possible!" Chen said calmly.

"Bro Bei, are you kidding me?"

The Fire Boss gulped and went on to say, "You know there will be blood spilled on the cruise! We are sending ourselves to the gates of hell if we don't bring more people with us!"

"You have no idea who is the one being sent to the gates of hell!" Chen sounded like he had everything under his control. He might have sounded calm, but his voice was filled with a powerful aura.


Fire Boss said in a soft voice, "I will definitely do what you ask, since this is your order! Also, I will let Third Elder know as soon as possible!"

"Great! That's it for now."

Chen hung up the call and continued on with his training. He had approximately more than fifty hours to train himself until it was time to get on the cruise. Of course, Chen was not one bit nervous. He just did not want to waste any valuable time, let alone a luxurious cruise. Not even a warship can scare Chen!

At the Baole Club.

It had remained close after Chen has destroyed everything inside it. However, there were a lot of luxurious cars parked outside the club that night. People were wondering why would so many big bosses visit a destroyed club. Only the people inside the club knew that this was the very first meeting of the Black Gang!

"The Black Gang had been established for quite some time! We can finally gather together tonight! I; Qiu Hairui feel really honored to be the leader of this gang!"

Qiu stood on the front porch and said loudly. Around two hundred people were sitting in the club. Most of them were the ex-followers of Murong Tian.

Part of them was recruited by Qiu Hairu.

Part of them wanted to get rich through the Black Gang!

Part of them did not do well at their original affiliations like Gu Chaozuo!

All in all, all the members of Black Gang were a group of traitors! 

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