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Yap Xianghu was completely stunned. He had never seen his grandpa acting so politely towards a youngster.

"Grand… Grandpa… Who is Elder Cao? Is he more powerful than our Yap Family's backup?" Yap Xianghu knew that the name; Elder Cao terrified his grandpa!

"Shut up! You fool!"

Yap Lanshou glared at Yap Xianghu and said in a deep voice, "Elder Cao is our backup's backup!"

*Breathing intensified*

Yap Xianghu took a deep breath, and his body was filled with goosebumps. To his knowledge, he knew that Yap Family's backup had a strong influence in politics and in the military at Dragon City. That man was powerful enough to do whatever he wanted in Dragon City. However, he could only be considered as a follower in front of Elder Cao. It was definitely too much for Yap Xianghu to handle.

"Mr. Chen! I'm so sorry! I blame myself for not recognizing you earlier! I'm so full of shit! I… I should slap myself… I'm going to slap myself as hard as possible…"

Yap Xianghu knelt on the ground, lifted up both of his hands and started to slap his swollen face as hard as possible. He knew clearly that he had made a big mistake this time. On the other hand, Yap Lanshou was still bowing down to Chen. He dared not say another word. He was observing every move that was made by Chen. His wrinkled forehead was flooded with sweat. He thought back about what Yap Liangchen told him earlier about the Yap Family getting destroyed if they refused to yield at Chen.

"Alright. Stop slapping yourself… I want to have a few words with your grandpa!" Chen might seem serious from the surface, but he was actually feeling thrilled inside his heart. He knew that Elder Cao was a very influential and powerful person in Dragon City. However, he had no idea that Elder Cao was so powerful that the Yap Family would be so fearful of him. The life-threatening situation had ceased once Chen took out the Duskdawn. It was beyond awesome! After that, Yap Xianghu stopped slapping himself and quickly hid at a corner.

Yap Lanshou said politely, "How can I help you now, Mr. Chen? I will definitely do whatever you tell me to!"

Chen took the fake Flaming Cloud Spiritual Pendant, tossed it to Yap Lanshou and said, "Yap Liangchen lent it to me for a few days. Now, I'm going to return it to you. Are you happy now?"


Yap Lanshou was shocked. He took a good look at the pendant to make sure that it is still in tip-top condition.

Happily, he said, "Liangchen! Why didn't you tell me that you lent the Flaming Cloud Spiritual Pendant to Mr. Chen? I thought you lost it somewhere!"

"I was just following Bro Bei's orders," Yap Liangchen said calmly.

Yap Lanshou was stunned, but he did not dare to ask more questions. Then, he continued to say politely, "I blame myself for not getting a clear picture of this incident… I hope that Mr. Chen would not be offended by an old fool like me…"

"I will cut the crap. You can have the Flaming Cloud Spiritual Pendant, and Yap Liangchen will stay with you as well. We shall not cross path anymore!" Chen said calmly.

"Mr. Chen, you shouldn't say that. After all, the mutual benefactor that we have makes us a family! Feel free to order Yap Liangchen around whenever you need him! Yap Liangchen can carry the Flaming Cloud Spiritual Pendant with him! I'm not going to take it back."

"Eh? What do you mean by that?" Chen raised his eyebrows and asked. Actually, he knew that Yap Liangshou was trying to become his friend instead of an enemy. Also, the phrase; common connection meant that Yap Family was Elder Cao's human power. It was just they were not worthy to fight alongside Elder Cao yet. If that was the case, Chen had not need to be on hostile terms with the Yap Family any longer.

Yap Lanshou responded quickly, "What I'm trying to say, is that Yap Liangchen should continue to become the inheritor of Yap Family! He will be staying at Green Vine City to aid you.

"Alright. I will look past all the misunderstandings that we've had! Don't you worry! I will take good care of Yap Liangchen for you!" Chen shrugged.

"Then, I should thank you in advance!"

Yap Lanshou handed the Flaming Cloud Spiritual Pendant to Yap Liangchen. After that, Chen left the hotel with Yap Liangchen.

Yap Lanshou could finally breathe freely after Chen left.

"Grandpa… What about me…"

Yap Xianghu cried and continued to say, "It is only three days since I became the inheritor of Yap Family!"

"Aren't you ashamed of yourself?"

Yap Lianghsou shouted in a serious tone, "Take a good look at yourself! You are not talented! Your character is not exactly likable as well! Also, you are not well connected in Dragon City! Can you make a friend like Mr. Chen? Can you?!"

"I… I… Sob… Sob…" Yap Xianghu pursed his lips and continued to cry.

Chen and Yap Liangchen returned home after departing from the hotel. Yap's main mission was to protect Chen's parents. On the other hand, Chen went back to his room and started to train on the Indestructible Eternal King Body Enhancement Skill that he created not too long ago. After creating the skill, Chen decided to give it an ultrcool name. It sounded really powerful. He would feel more empowered when he passed on this skill to his future apprentices.

Most of the time, training was mundane and boring. But, Chen has to endure it, no matter what. After all, Chen had a long journey ahead of him before he became invincible! 

About his recent opponents...

If it was not for Elder Cao, Chen would have been killed by Yap Lanshou. There were more people who were more powerful than Yap Lanshou.

Qiu Hairui's Black Gang, Meichuan Family from Japan, the mysterious Poseidon, and the chaotic Dragon City were the things that Chen would have to face in his future. Chen would be killed in seconds if he was not powerful enough!




Chen was motivated to become more and more powerful. As time passed by, Chen was covered in sweat. That session took more than thirty hours.


[Cultivation: Later phase of Qi refining stage. Health: 7500, Combat power: 5700!]

"Haha! My health increased by thirteen hundred points! This is awesome! Now, I'm going to take a break and check on the sales of the First Love Peaches."

It was the afternoon of the second day, and the First Love Peach have hit the market. As the boss of the business, Chen was obligated to show concern for his peach business.

Good surprises were coming at Chen like a tsunami, once Chen logged in to his Weibo. The number of his fans had increased to six hundred thousand within thirty hours! It was still growing! Next, Chen saw the list of hottest topics in Weibo. His First Love Peach was the most discussed topic. The second most discussed topic was the movie called The Legend of Ling Yue the Heroine! Without a doubt, Chen's fans were the ones who made his First Love Peach the most discussed topic!

[Too too too too too damn delicious! The peaches that are sold by Bro Bei are the yummiest delicacy in this world!]

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