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"Bastard! How dare you say such things? You are not worthy of becoming the son of Yap Family!"

Yap Lanshou roared. He raised his hands to give Yap Liangchen a few tight slaps. The Yap Family was one of the biggest families in Dragon City. They were so powerful that they could do whatever they wanted outside the Dragon City.

Yap Family was slapped by Yap Liangchen when he asked Yap Lanshou to become Chen's follower. He did also mention that Yap Family would be destroyed if Yap Lanshou refused to become Chen's follower. That was why Yap Lanshou was so furious. Even Chen was stunned after hearing the statements made by Yap Liangchen. He knew that Yap Liangchen was loyal to him, but he really should never be so arrogant!

Making Yap Lanshou angry was equivalent to court death. That old man was equipped with thirteen thousand combat power! Chen would definitely be defeated if he went toe to toe with him. Then, he thought again, Yap Liangchen was not the kind of person who acted without thinking. He must have his reasons for acting so arrogantly.

Chen got bolder after thinking it over. He ordered, "Yap Liangchen, come over here."

"Stand right there! I did not permit you to move!" Yap Lanshou shouted angrily.

"I don't really care about your permission! I must obey Bro Bei's orders, no matter what!" Yap Liangchen twitched his mouth and walked over to Chen.

"Bastard! Are you crazy?! Why are you listening to a stupid kid?! How dare you disobey me?! Have you forgotten what your surname is?"

Yap Lanshou went on to shout, "I dare you to move another step! I will break your leg if you take another step!"

Yap Lanshou started to channel his True Qi. The air around him froze up. Without a doubt, he meant what he said this time.

"Go on! Break my legs, and I will crawl to Bro Bei!"

Yap Liangchen was fearless. He continued to mock Yap Lanshou, "You, a senile old fool will regret this if you still refuse to become Chen's follower!"

"What a useless bastard! Your craziness is beyond salvation!"

Yap Lanshou was so furious that his eyes almost spat fire. He lifted up his palms and swung them towards Yap Liangchen saying, "I'm going to slap your craziness away!"

His palms were large enough to cover Yap Liangchen's head. Yap would definitely suffer from serious injuries or even death, if the slap lands on his face.

"Hey, old man! I'm still here!"

Right at that critical moment, Chen said coldly, "I will break Yap Xianghu's neck if you slap Yap Liangchen!"


Yap Lanshou was stunned. He dared not to slap Yap Liangchen after hearing Chen threatening him. He had only two grandkids! There would be no inheritor to the Yap Family if he killed Yap Liangchen and Chen killed Yap Xianghu!

"Kid! Do you have any idea what you are doing to my family?

Yap Lanshou gritted his teeth and continued to say, "You are the first one who had the balls to threaten me outside Dragon City!"

"Well said… You made it sound like I'm the one who took your virginity." Chen shrugged and said mockingly.

"I…" Yap Lanshou almost puked blood onto the ceiling.

"I'm the leader of Yap Family! A lot of influential people have to pay respect to me when they see me! How dare this bastard mock me?! This son of the bitch has zero sense of morality!" Yap Lanshou thought.

At the same time, Yap Liangchen had safely reached Chen.


Chen then threw Yap Xianghu to Yap Lanshou like hurling garbage.

"Xianghu! Are you alright?!" Yap Lanshou quickly helped Yap Xianghu to get up. He took out a pill from his pocket and fed it to him.



Yap Xianghu coughed painfully. He started to cry and complained once he regained his consciousness. He said, "Grandpa… You have to avenge me… You must avenge me… Sob… Sob…"

"Stop crying! You useless piece of shit!"

Yap Lanshou scolded and left Yap Xianghu aside. Then, he turned around and glared at Chen, "Bastard! Do you really think that you can walk out of here alive?!"

"Of course, I can!" Chen shrugged and said casually. Initially, Chen was really worried that he might not be able to leave this place alive. After all, Yap Lanshou possessed thirteen thousand combat power. It was impossible for Chen to defeat him. However, Chen stopped feeling worried after Yap Liangchen whispered to him.

"Really? I'm going to kill you with one slap! Then, I want to see you walk out from this place alive!" Yap Lanshou shouted furiously. At the same time, Yap Liangshou was getting ready to come up with his most powerful hit. He spread out his steps and channeled the True Qi to his palms. He was literally oozing with murderous aura.

However, Chen was still undaunted. He said with a smile on his face, "I'm going to advise you against attacking me! My back up is really powerful! You are going to pay greatly if you kill me today!"

"Backup? You must be kidding me… Hahaha…"

Then, Yap Lanshou continued to say condescendingly, "You? What kind of backup do you have? Forget Green Vine City! Yap Family can deal with them even if you have a powerful backup at the provincial level!"

"What if my backup goes beyond that?" Chen smiled and asked.

"More powerful than the people in the province? You?"

Yap Lanshou continued to say condescendingly, "My backup is going to settle things for me if Yap Family can't deal with your backup! Let me tell you something! Dragon City is not as simple as you think! There are a lot powerful and influential people protecting my family! That is why my family still standing strong in Dragon City!"

"Grandpa, you are right!"

Yap Xianghu peeked from the back of his grandpa's shoulder and said arrogantly, "Chen Xiaobei, your backup is just garbage in front Yap Family's backup! A pile of stinky shit! Please do not show off in front of us! Such stupidity!"

"Garbage? A pile of shit?"

Chen smiled and said, "You better slap yourself now! If not, you'll have to bear all the consequences for mocking my backup!"

"You son of the bitch! Why are you still acting so arrogant before you die? I will let you know which face to slap when my grandpa cripples you!" Yap Xianghu shouted angrily.

"Hehe… It seems like I need to show you something to make you kneel in front of me! Look at this!"

Chen put his hands in his pocket and pressed on his cellphone blindly. He withdrew the Duskdawn from his treasure chest.

"What the hell is that? It's just a stupid piece of jade ring! You can't use this useless shit to scare me! Please don't tell me that your backup is some kind of ancient emperor! Hahaha… Ah!"


A slap landed on Yap Xianghu's face while he was laughing at Chen. His teeth were scattered all over the floor. He was sent all the way to the wall by the force of that slap. That time, he could not get up anymore.

"Grand… Grandpa… Why did you slap me?" Yap Xianghu asked confusingly. He did not expect his Grandpa to slap him.

"Shut up! Apologize to Mr. Chen right now! Now!" Yap Lanshou shouted.

At the same time, the old man already bowed in front of Chen and said politely, "I'm such an old fool… I did not know that Mr. Chen was one of Elder Cao's… I hope a great man like you will not stoop to pettiness over our past wrongs… Please forgive us…"

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