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"Motherf*cker! You son of the bitch! How dare you compare us to ants?" Hundreds of bodyguards turned around glared at Chen angrily. To them, even if Chen was that good, it was still impossible for him to defeat hundreds of people at the same time!

"Cut the bullshit! Go and kill him! You guys have to use your fists to prove that you are better than ants!" Yap shouted angrily.


Everyone shouted and charged at Chen. However, they did not have enough space to move around freely. They were all clustered up. Their formation looked like a dragon that was moving towards Chen. Unfortunately, none of them were powerful enough to defeat Chen.

"Get the hell out of my face!"

Chen roared. Then, he dashed to the front and leaped into the air with his left leg.


Chen landed a kick on the unfortunate one. The guy was delivered to the rest of the crowd like a cannonball. A few of them fell on the ground, but people behind them still kept on charging at Chen blindly. Things were getting really awkward. The dragon formation had turned into something that looked like a traffic pile up.


Chen did not stop. He landed another kick on them. It was too crowded for them to dodge the attack. All of them started to fell to the ground like domino cards. The people at the back could not stand firmly on the ground anymore once the people at the front started to lose their balance.

"Ah… Ouch… Mom… What kind of strength is that?"

Chen proceeded to step on those guys to travel to the end of the hallway while they were suffering in pain.

"A bunch of ants! You guys don't even have the chance to touch me!"

Chen stood in front of Yap. He allowed himself to ignore the goons that were behind him. Chen was directly ignoring hundreds of people.

"Son of a bitch! You were cheating!"

Those guys were not happy with the result. All of them wanted to get up and fight with Chen again.

"You guys are f*cking useless! Get lost now!" Yap shouted at them all of a sudden. He knew clearly that those hundreds of people were no match to Chen. He could defeat them anytime he wants.

"Master! We… We shall get lost now…"

None of them dared to disobey Yap. All of them retreated immediately. Judging from their attitude towards Yap Xianghu, Chen knew clearly that he had already taken Yap Liangchen's place as the new inheritor of the Yap Family! 

"Kid! It seems like you are quite strong! You are almost worthy to fight me!" Yap said proudly.

"I'm really curious. Where did you get this confidence?"

Chen was fearless. He even felt like laughing at him. Yap Xianghu might act arrogantly and powerful. But, Chen knew the fact that he was just a backup piece of Yap Family. They had no choice but to choose him as the new inheritor since Yap Liangchen had caused a great deal of trouble to the family. In other words, Yap Xiangwu was not as talented as Yap Liangchen. Yap Liangchen was the one who has received Spiritual Qi from Flaming Cloud Spiritual Pendant, not Yap Xianghu. Without talent and Spiritual Qi, Yap Xiangwu was definitely weaker than Yap Liangchen. Chen could not even bother to check him out with the Netherspirit Battlescouter.

"Where did I get the confidence?"

Yap Xianghu still did not realize the situation that he was in. He continued to shout confidently, "I'm the inheritor of Yap Family! I'm the star of hope that is going to bring the Yap Family to the glorious future! This is where I get my confidence!"


A slap landed on Yap's face right after he finished talking. The immense force from the slap sent him to the wall. His face became swollen immediately, and blood started to come out from his mouth as well.

"How dare you…" Yap was really furious. He glared at Chen angrily with his wide eyes. He did not expect Chen had the guts to slap him.

Before he could finish his line, Chen walked to him and grabbed his throat.

"You are the inheritor of Yap Family, right?"

Chen raised his eyebrow and landed another slap on his face.


His right face became swollen immediately. Yap soon learned that Chen would only tighten his grip whenever he struggled. Soon, he could feel that Chen was close to breaking his neck. Thus, he did not dare struggle anymore.




"Star of hope? Am I worthy to be your opponent? You want me dead, right?"

Chen said condescendingly. Then, he kept on slapping him non-stop.

"I came here to deliver the pendant to your family, but you have prepared a bunch of people to ambush me! You just threw away my good intentions! I'm going to slap you until you die!"

"Ouch… Help… Grandpa… Grandpa…" Yap was groaning in pain. Soon, tears started to flow down from his eyes.

"I have told you earlier that you shouldn't be so polite! I will not stop slapping you, even if you call out for your grandpa!" Chen showed no mercy to him.


All the sudden, the door of the president suite was pushed open. A strict looking old man walked out from the room and shouted angrily, "Bastard! Stop right there!"

"I'm not your servant! I have no obligation to obey you!" Chen said in a tough tone. Chen then continued to slap Yap Xianghu and ignored the old man.

"Grandpa… Help me please…" Yap almost passed out this time. He used his last breath to shout out for help.

"Stop shouting! You are such an embarrassment to the family!" The old man barked.

His grandchild was in Chen's hand. Thus, he did not dare do anything to Chen. He suppressed his anger to negotiate with Chen.

"You… How can I make you stop?" The old man frowned and said darkly.

"Release Yap Liangchen first!"

Chen activated his Netherspirit Battlescouter to check on the old man.


[Cultivation: Later phase of Qi refining stage. Health: 13000. Combat power: 13000!]

This old was powerful. But, he was not as powerful as what Chen expected. Yap Liangchen had ten thousand combat power, and this old man's combat power was only three thousand points higher than Yap. Chen was surprised but he made sense of it immediately. After Yap Liangchen was selected as the inheritor of Yap Family, this old man had to hand over the Flaming Cloud Spiritual Pendant to Yap. Thus, his training was forced to a stop. From here, one could know that Spiritual Qi was really important for cultivators.

"Liangchen! Come out!" The old man shouted.

Yap was worried when he walked out and saw Chen. He said, "Bro Bei! Why are you here…? It's dangerous here…" Chen was relieved after seeing that Yap Liangchen was still in good condition.

"Yap Liangchen! What did you just call him? Bro? Am I mishearing it?"

Then, the old man continued to shout angrily, "Where is your pride? Where is your confidence? You are Yap Lanshou's grandkid! How can you become this bastard's follower?! Huh?!"

"You know nothing!"

Yap was upset. Then, he continued to say proudly, "Bro Bei is the dragon among us! A true hero! It's my pleasure to be Bro Bei's follower! Old man, you should become Bro Bei's follower as well! If not, the Yap Family will be eradicated by Bro Bei!"

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