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Hong Haier: God Chen! Why are you not replying me? (Puzzled)

Chen: I don't think I can help you with this matter… After all, I'm a nice and pure teenager…

Hong Haier: Pure? Damn! God Chen! You have a dirty mind! What the hell are you thinking of? I did not ask you to help my mom to solve her sexual needs by offering yourself to her! I want to you think of a way to help her!

Chen: I'm dirty minded? You did not state clearly what you want from me! You asked me to solve your mom's sexual needs! A normal person is bound to think of it the wrong way!

Hong Haier: (Sticking out tongue) Don't pay attention to those small details anymore! You are living in the lost land; earth right now. I'm pretty sure you guys have a lot of creative ways of solving sexual needs! I want to know the best and most creative way!

The best and most creative?

What a tall order!

Chen rolled his eyes. His state of mind had been completely messed up by Hong Haier. Well, normally, guys use their right hands to settle their sexual needs. And girls…

Chen: I got it! You can ask your mom to try using bananas, cucumbers or even bitter gourds!

Hong Haier: No way… Your methods are too damn old fashioned!

Chen: Cough… Old fashioned? Does that mean that your mom has tried those methods that I have mentioned to you?

Hong Haier: Yes! Now, she's using lotus stalks to settle her sexual needs! There are holes and pores in those stalks; thus, air can go in and come out. Also, the liquid is allowed to flow out of the lotus as well. (Digging nose)

"Blarrgghh… What the hell! I learned something new today!" Chen's mind was blown. The females on the earth were kind of old fashioned compared to Princess Iron Fan!

Lo… Lot… Lotus… Chen felt like he had to refresh his mind to open himself up to all sorts of new possibilities. How is it possible for a kid to have such a dirty mind? Bull Demon King must be the one who brought all those bad influences to him.

Hong Haier: God Chen! Why are you not replying again? (Sticking out tongue) Monsters like us are straightforward! We speak whatever that is on our mind! To you humans, we are like rednecks! I hope you don't mind!

Chen: People always say that people who live in cities are more dirty minded, compared to the people who live in villages! I just found out today that the roads in villages can be slippery as well…People are really complicated! Compared to you, I'm definitely an innocent child!

Hong Haier: Don't talk about all these small matters anymore! (Sticking out tongue) can you help me or not?

Chen: I have a way! Allow me to have some time to think …

"Damn it… I need to get the Soul Orb… How can I help Princess Iron Fan? Erm… I have to give her something that only exists on earth… Oh right!" Chen thought for a while. Then, he ran out from his jewelry shop while texting Hong Haier.

Chen: Do you know what a Love Egg is?

Hong Haier: No idea…

Chen: Do you know what is a vibrating dildo?

Hong Haier: No idea…

Chen: Great! Wait right here! I can get the help you need really soon! (Excited)

Hong Haier: Is that real? (Looking forward)

Chen kept away his cellphone, went to a sex shop and bought a Love Egg and vibrating dildo. Then, he looked for a hidden corner and sent those two sex toys to Hong Haier!

Hong Haier: How do I use it?

Chen: Look for a small black button. That is the switch. Turn it on and enjoy the orgasm! Please send me the Soul Orb first! I need it to save someone!

Hong Haier: Okay! I believe that God Chen will not disappoint me! Get ready to receive it!

Chen: Alright! I need to go first! Talk soon!


[Congratulations! You have snatched a Red Envelope! You have received a Soul Orb! It has been stored in your treasure chest!]


[Soul Orb; it contains a small amount of pure Spiritual Qi. It allows the user to transfer the Spiritual Qi to a normal item. Do you wish to withdraw it?]

Chen withdrew it without a second thought. A flaming red glass orb appeared in Chen's palm. At the same time, Yang Fire Attribute Spiritual Qi was coming out of it.

"Let me give it a try…"

Without wasting any time, Chen held the Flaming Cloud Spiritual Pendant with the Soul Orb together in his palm. He could feel the Spiritual Qi flowing in his palm. The magical part was the Soul Orb disappeared completely after transferring all the Spiritual Qi to the pendant.


Chen opened up his palm and saw that the Flaming Cloud Spiritual Pendant looked exactly like the old one, with Qi flowing within it!

"The outlook is perfect! The amount of Qi within it isn't much, but I think it would last for at least one to two years! I should just fool them with this replica first. The future shouldn't be my concern for now!" Chen calmed himself down and drove to Shangri-La Hotel. Then, he took the elevator to the top floor of the hotel.

He saw at least one hundred bodyguards in black outfits when he stepped out of the elevator!

"Chen Xiaobei!"

A twenty-years-old young man walked toward Chen. Shangri-La was the property of Yap Family. It was pretty obvious that they already knew Chen's every act and move once he set foot in this hotel.

However, something was bothering Chen. He asked, "How did you know my full name?"

"Hehe… Our Yap Family is more powerful than you expect! Ordinary plebians like you can never imagine what we can do!"

The young man continued to say confidently, "We ran your number when you called us just now! We know everything about you now!"

"Are you sure you know everything about me?" Chen said and smiled calmly. He was fearless. Chen knew himself better than anyone else.

The young man laughed coldly and said, "We know that you are a local big shot! Normally, people call you Bro Bei! You did make Yap Liangchen suffer before! Although Yap is the sinner in our family now, you have to check out on who's behind him! Slapping a dog like him is equivalent to slapping the whole Yap Family!"

A dog?

Chen was shocked. He would never expect the Flaming Cloud Spiritual Pendant to cause such serious consequences to Yap. He went from the inheritor of Yap Family to a useless dog! Well, that was actually better for Chen. Since Yap Family had abandoned him, Chen could use him properly.

"Can you cut the crap?! I'm here to deliver the Flaming Cloud Spiritual Pendant! I don't want to waste my time on listening to you!" Chen hastened impatiently.

"How dare you! Who do you think you are? I will not allow you to speak to me; Yap Xianghu this way! You have to leave the pendant with us! You will walk out here with serious injuries or even death! This is what you get for offending Yap Family!"

"What do you mean by that? So, you guys hired hundreds of bodyguards to fight me?" Chen asked.

"Hehe… Congratulations! You got it right!"

Yap Xianghu laughed coldly and said, "There are at least a hundred people here! All of them are fighters, mercenaries, special forces and black-market wrestlers! I think you are going to pee your pants real soon! Kneel down in front of me and knock your head on the ground ten times, now!"

"Fear? I don't think hundreds of ants can fight a human! They are all going to die today!" Chen's face turned cold and he sneered.

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