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Chapter 354: Waiting For The Final Battle

"Third…Third Elder… How did you get out of your bed?"

Gu was in shock. His vicious plan had failed completely. His happiness fell straight from the sky and into the pit of disappointment. He even sounded disappointed.

"Judging from your tone, are you hoping that I will never leave that bed alive?"

Third Elder asked calmly.

"Definitely… Definitely not… I always hoped that one day you will be healed completely and get down from the sick bed!"

Gu forced a smile. Deep inside his heart, he was extremely furious. It was impossible for him to become the big boss as long as Third Elder was alive. He needed to continue to wait for a long period before he could rule the faction.

"Third Elder, where did you get the strength to get down from the bed? I thought you had lost all your strength earlier?" Wong stared with his bulging pair of eyes and asked in shock. Everyone around them wanted to ask the same question as well.

"Needless to ask, it's all thanks to Xiaobei that I'm completely healed now!"

The Third Elder continued to say happily, "Xiaobei's medicinal skill is masterful! One silver needle and I'm completely cured! Now, I can walk around freely like a healthy old man! I'm going to settle the paperwork and check out of this hospital! Haha…"

Wong could not believe what he just heard. On the other hand, all the core members of the faction were extremely happy for Third Elder.

"Congratulation Third Elder! Congratulation Third Elder! It is such great news that you can finally walk out from this hospital!"

"Seems like the Gods are still on our side! We don't have to worry anymore since our Third Elder is going to continue to rule our faction!"

"With the help of Third Elder, we can definitely regain our glory!"

Everyone was both happy and excited. 

However, Third Elder shook his head, surveyed at Chen carefully and said calmly, "This world belongs to the youngsters. I'm old, and I shall retire to enjoy the rest of the time that I have on this earth!"

The core members caught Third Elder's intention instantly. They started to place their attention on Chen.

"Third Elder, you are right! The future belongs to the youngsters! Bro Bei is going to become something big in the future, since he is so talented at this young age!"

"Third Elder and Boss Tian had high hopes on Bro Bei! He is definitely an extraordinary individual!"

"Bro Bei is just a cub right now, but his powerful presence is enough to defeat a bull! Not even experienced Jianghu elites like us can overpower him!"

"It seems that we need to walk with Bro Bei in Jianghu! We might need to rely on him in the future!"

"You are right. Bro Bei is going to be a dragon in this Jianghu! It is going to be impossible for us get close to him in the future if we don't build up a good relationship with him right now!"

Everyone had high hopes for Chen. Mainly because of Third Elder's intention. Also, they were extremely impressed by what Chen did!


Gu stood behind the core members and gritted his teeth. He was completely ignored by the crowd. Looking at those core members complimenting Chen, he could predict that his position in the faction was going to crumble in no time! Chen was going to be the one replacing him! He had fought for too long for the big boss position! He felt completely heartbroken after realizing that his future position was going to be replaced by a cub that just crawled out from its den. It was impossible for him to accept such a cruel ending.

"Does anybody want to quit this faction with me?! Step out right now!" Gu shouted coldly all of a sudden.

Everyone was shocked after hearing the statement made by Gu. In the end, only three persons stepped out and stood behind Gu. He glared at everyone coldly and left with those three faction members.

"Uncle Gu! Where are you going?" Xiaoyao asked nervously.

"Pumpkin, he is going to join Qiu Hairui's faction." Chen smiled and said. It seemed like, Chen had everything under his control.


Everyone including Xiaoyao was shocked after hearing Chen's words.

"Gu Caozhuo is going to be a traitor? This is impossible! He is the future big boss of this faction!"

"He studied overseas for quite a number of years. He is pretty effective when it comes to work. Why did he leave us all of a sudden? I thought that he was always loyal to our faction?!"

"It must be a misunderstanding! He is not that kind of person!"


Everyone was talking about it after Gu left. They had a good impression on him all the while; thus, they failed to understand the reason for Gu's treachery.

"He is just a hypocrite with his own evil agendas!"

Third Elder finally spoke up, "Gu is definitely a talented guy, but his wild ambition is too big! Boss Tian knew that he is going to betray us someday! That was why he didn't ask him to take of Lady Murong!"

"What? I did not know that Boss Tian knew about it all the while! Why did Boss Tian choose not to eliminate him?"

"Yea! We placed our trust in him for the longest time as long as we can remember! We did not even realize that he had betrayed us!"

"We must not let him go! I'm going to bring someone with me to eliminate him!"

All those core members hated traitors the most! Their state of minds was overflowing with a murderous sense. It would be their priority to kill Gu if he did appear right then.

"Calm down!"

Third Elder shook his head and said, "Gu is not the only one who betrayed our faction since Boss Tian left us! Killing him right now is meaningless! We shall wait for a good opportunity to eliminate all those traitors in one swoop!"

Everyone nodded after hearing our Third Elder's thought.

They continued to ask, "Does that mean Third Elder already has a plan for us to execute?"

"I don't have any plans in my mind."

Third Elder shook his head, turn around, looked at Chen and continued to say, "But, Xiaobei already has a plan! Now, I will assign Xiaobei as the chief of this operation!" At the same time, Xiaoyao nodded at Chen to indicate that she agreed with Third Elder's decision.

"Bro Bei, you are really something! I did not know that you are already planning such a big operation!"

"Bro Bei, feel free to assign tasks to us since Third Elder assigned you as our boss right now!"

"That's right! We will fight alongside with Bro Bei no matter what! Those who frown has no right to say that they are part of this faction!"

The rest of the core members were extremely loyal to the faction. They had decided unanimously that they will serve the faction until the end of time!

"I will not disappoint you guys, since all of you have placed such high hope on me! But, the time is not here yet. I don't need you guys to do anything right now. Rest well and prepare yourselves for now!" Chen said calmly.

"Alright! We will obey you!"

After that, all those faction members left the hospital. On the other hand, Chen sent Xiaoyao back to the North Mountain Mansion.

"Asshole Xiaobei, I did not expect your medicinal skill to be so masterful…"

Xiaoyao was sitting in the co-driver seat. She lowered down her head, stretched her shirt over her body and said shyly, "How about… You take out some time to help me do that thing…"

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