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Talking about Xiaoyao's small boobies was taboo. Those who mentioned it should receive her wrath. She knew that she was weaker than Chen, but she still decided to attack Chen no matter what! And, the result was pretty obvious. A few seconds later, Chen had grabbed hold of both of her hands and had pushed her to the wall.

"My girl! Just tell me if you want to get some spanking! I have some ways of dealing with you!" Chen squinted and stared at Xiaoyao. All of a sudden, he found out that she was extra attractive tonight. Her celebrity-like face was blushing. Her long and black hair was like lying on both of her shoulders like a waterfall that flowed past her fair and elegant neck.

Also, she was getting ready to go to bed. Thus, she wore pink silky pajamas. Her fair and smooth legs could be seen. Her pair of perfect legs could definitely be compared to those long-legged models. Earlier, her slippers had flown off when she fought with Chen. Her god-like graceful feet graced the ground. Those adorable toes were sparkling in the night like fireflies. It was really beautiful.

"Asshole! Why are you staring at my legs?" Xiaoyao's face turned red and glared at Chen angrily.

"Let me help you enlarge your breasts!"

Chen lifted up his head and said earnestly, "Look at you! You are one masterpiece! If you allow me to fix your only flaw, you will be the most gorgeous woman on this planet earth!"


Xiaoyao was stunned. Her tiny boobs problem had plagued her for a long time. Every single woman on this earth would like to look as perfect and beautiful as possible. In order to make her boobs become bigger, Xiaoyao had tried drinking papaya milk and did breast enlargement yoga as well. She had tried all sorts of methods to enlarge her breasts but none had worked so far! Then, she heard her best friend telling her that traditional Chinese breast enlargement method was pretty effective. But, those famous traditional Chinese doctors were all middle-aged men. Thus, Xiaoyao was too embarrassed to bring herself to meet them. Since Chen knew a thing or two about traditional Chinese treatment, Xiaoyao decided to ask him about it.

"You have to tell me how are you going to enlarge my breasts first! Are you going to use silver needles to poke me?" Xiaoyao asked cautiously.

"I can use the acupuncture method on you if you are willing to let me use silver needles to poke you. Or, I can massage your breast to make it bigger!" Chen said.

"Massage? Asshole! Dream on! I know that you are planning to take advantage of me again!" Xiaoyao said angrily.

"Psst… I have told you eight hundred times that I'm not interested in your tiny boobs!"

Chen twitched his mouth and continued to say proudly, "It's totally okay, if you don't believe in me! Just don't beg me for help in the future!"

"Psst! Do you really think that you are some kind of medicinal God?! How is it possible for me to beg you for help?! There is no way that I'm going to cry and scream for your help! Dream on!" Xiaoyao said.

"Hmph! I'm actually a very humble guy! I can boldly declare that I'm the best traditional Chinese doctor on the planet earth!" Chen raised his eyebrows and said that line proudly and confidently.

"You? I think you are the number one asshole on this planet earth! Do you have any other serious matters that you want to discuss with me? If not, please get lost! I want to have a good sleep tonight!"

Chen then took out the Emperor Yan's Unwavering Body Fortifying Skill Book and handed it to Xiayao. Chen said earnestly, "This is the ultimate skill book that your ancestor has left for you! You have to keep it someplace safe! Things are going to get ugly if you lose it!"

"Oh my god… I can't believe you actually got it…"

Xiaoyao took the skill book from Chen with her shaking hands. She had a hard time recovering from the shock of her life.

"This is the thing that my father wanted for his entire life… I never expected you to be the one who helps him complete his dream… Asshole Xiaobei! My father knew that you are going to do something great someday! I would like to thank you on behalf of him!" Xiaoyao said.

"Alright. Let's not waste time on this emotional stuff! Spend all your time to train yourself! Your dad is still waiting for us to save him from Golden Dragon Temple!" Chen said with a smile on his face.

Xiaoyao nodded and asked, "What about you? How are you going to train yourself after giving his skill book to me? My dad told me that we should train this skill together!"

"You don't have to worry about this problem! I have already mastered this skill while I'm driving to your house!" Chen smiled and said.

"What? How is this even possible?"

Xiaoyao could not believe a word he just said.

"How did you master such complicated skill in such a short period of time? Do you really think I'm an idiot? I will not believe in what you say!"

"It's up to you whether you want to believe in me or not! Do not blame me if anything bad happens!" Chen shrugged and said. He would definitely not tell Xiaoyao about how the Scholar Heart helped him to master this skill in a short period!

Chen had also acquired Emperor Health Ultimate Enhancement Skill from Xiangyu earlier on. He was planning to combine it with the Emperor Yan's Unwavering Body Fortifying Skill! These two skills were going to compliment each other perfectly. A brand new and super powerful fusion skill was going to be born really soon! It was just like the how Chen combined the Bone and Sinew Tearing Grab and The King of Medicine's Journal into Muscle and Bone Shifting Technique! The Scholar Heart had turned Chen's brain into a super brain! Thus, this allowed him to all kind of things that ordinary human beings could not achieve! Of course, all these glories belonged to the deities at Red Envelope Group!

Chen really could not imagine how he would have turned out without the help of the Red Envelope Group.

"It is definitely a blessing for me, joining this Red Envelope Group! I have to appreciate this blessing and take my foothold at the top of the world! If not, I will be wasting this golden opportunity!"

Chen then started to plan something out. He smiled evilly and planned secretly in his mind, "Eh! I should take out some time to organize a Red Envelope Snatching Party! I need to replenish the ammunition in my treasure chest! Hehe…"


Xiaoyao's cellphone rang all of a sudden. Her face changed immediately after answering the call.

"Asshole Xiaobei! Can you accompany me to the hospital?" Xiaoyao said anxiously.

Chen could see that something really bad had just happened to Xiaoyao. He said sternly, "No problem! Go and get changed! I will wait for you in the car!"

"Okay!" Xiaoyao quickly ran to her room.

At the Green Vine Hospital.

There were hundreds of people gathering in front of ICU building! Judging from their attire, they should be some kind of gangsters in Jianghu! One of the ICU floors was fully occupied by a dozen gangsters! Some of them were emitting a really powerful aura! Others were suppressing their powerful Qi!

Judging from their auras, Chen knew that they must be the elite members of the faction! Their positions were definitely higher than those gangsters that stood outside the hospital. The person that lied in the ICU room must be a very influential person in Green Vine Underground World, since there were so many powerful individuals standing guard outside the ICU room.

"Lady Murong! Bro Bei…"

Those elite members and the gangsters outside the hospital greeted Chen and Xiaoyao politely. All these gang members here were Murong Tian's followers. It was pretty surprising to see so many of them still being loyal towards Murong Tian.

"Lady Murong! You are here finally! Your Third Elder is going to leave us soon! He wanted to see you for the last time! Come with me quick!" A middle-aged man in a suit and tie walked towards Xiaoyao and welcomed her into the ICU room. He had no intention of talking to Chen at all!

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