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"Ah… Bao Linshuang!!! You son of the bitch!!!" Long shouted. His face was completely twisted. It was as if someone had forced him to eat a pile of shit! He was extremely frustrated. Initially, he was ready to use all kind of methods to torture Chen. Unfortunately, Chen has managed to hurt him badly at the start of combat. Not only did he feel extremely embarrassed, but he was also close to losing his life. What a great deal of frustration.

"Oh my God… What the hell is that? A burst of Sword Gang?!

"It looks like Sword Gang… It's so scary…"

Two members of the Hundred Beast Faction were extremely shocked by what they saw. A second ago, they were almost sure that it was not possible for Chen to win this battle. Yet, their voices were shaken when they saw Chen's sword.

"Not possible! The outburst of Sword Gang is a skill that requires one to reach True Gang Cultivation to be able to do it!"

Long continued to shout angrily, "If that kid has reached True Nirvana Cultivation, he would have been able to defeat us with only one finger just now! It would be impossible for us to defeat him at all!"

"Yes… Yes… Yes… Master, you are right!"

Those two faction members gulped. Both of them retreated behind Old Tortoise. Neither one of them dared to breathe. 

"Master… Please don't be angry…"

Old Tortoise narrowed his gaze and continued to say, "That is not Sword Kang! It's nowhere near as fast! Master, you got hit once, you have to pay more attention to dodge his next attack."

"I don't need you to remind me about it! I know what I need to do! That broken toy is just one of Bao's trump cards! He would have killed me just now if he had more trump cards!" Long said arrogantly. He was extremely furious.

Chen was just standing there quietly. It looked as if he was not doing anything at all. The actual truth was, Chen was making use of the time to control his Chaos Sword Essence to hide behind the blood jade coffin to suck on its ancient blood. He knew clearly that Long was simply careless just now; and thus, he had managed to land a hit on him.

The speed of Chaos Sword Essence would not be able to catch up to Long if Long decided to fight properly with Chen! That was the difference between high and low combat power! Chen had to evolve his Chaos Sword Essence to make it powerful enough to battle with Long face to face, with no gimmicks!

"Son of a bitch! Why are you not moving? Wasn't that some fancy art just now? Come and fight me!" Long had no intention to give Chen time to prepare at all. His murderous intent was extreme. He charged at Chen without any hesitation. On the other hand, Chen was still standing there quietly. One of his hands was holding on to Demonic Dragon Apocalypse, and he placed the other hand in his pocket.

"Why the hell are you still standing there? Are you completely freaked out by me? Hahaha…"

At the same time. Long was really close to killing Chen.


Chen used all his strength to swing his Demonic Dragon Apocalypse at Long.

"Hmph! Do you really think that you can hurt me with such little strength? Dream on!!" Long laughed condescendingly. He lifted up his left hand with extreme speed to face Chen's black saber. Nobody would have thought that Long would manage to stop Chen's black saber with only two fingers!

"Son of the bitch! I don't think that you have any more trump cards left! Come and slash me if you think you are more powerful than me! I'm standing right here! Why did you stop attacking me? Wait! I know the answer! Your combat power is weaker than my two fingers! You can't even withdraw the saber from my fingers! What are you going to use to attack me? Hahaha…"

"That doesn't mean I can't attack you without my sword!" Chen was not worried at all. He proceeded to take out his other hand from his pocket.

"What are you going to take out this time?"

Long's face changed. 

"I don't care whether you are going to use poison powder again or some Sword Gang thingy! This time, you will not be able to hurt me anymore!"

"Monkey Fur of Prosperity! Mirror Image!" Chen ignored Long and blew the monkey furs in his hand.

"What? Monkey Fur of Prosperity?"

Long was stunned for few seconds. Then, he laughed out loud and said, "You retard! I think you're too obsessed with anime! If you're the Monkey King, I would be the great Buddha! Hahaha…"

"Haha… That kid is a joker! Does he really think that our master is a three-year-old kid?"

"Not only is he a joker but also a retarded fool! Hahaha…"

Two of the faction members were laughing non-stop.

Even the serious Old Tortoise rolled his eyes on Chen and said condescendingly, "This kid has just come out from a mental hospital!"


The next second, all of them had their jaws dropping to the ground. Some of them had almost peed themselves as well. There were four Chen Xiaobeis standing around Long. The Monkey Fur of Prosperity has created three Chen(s). From the physical appearance, those four Mirror Images looked exactly the same as Chen! All of them were holding Demonic Dragon Apocalypses as well.

"Pathetic worm! I shall show you no mercy since you insisted on asking me to slash you!"

The four Mirror Images charged at Long at the same time.

"Oh shit!"

Long's pupils shrank and his heart was pumping crazily as well. Fear had found a way to creep into the deepest part of his soul. Even his soul was trembling. Although his combat power was higher than Chen, he did not have three heads and six arms to block all those imminent attacks.





Four slashes landed on Long at the same time. Blood was flowing out of those four deep cuts! Soon, Long's body was colored entirely red by his own blood. Unfortunately, Chen did not possess any magical power yet. Thus, his Mirror Images were still rather weak. Those black sabers were not as sharp as the real deal! If not, Long would have been split into four pieces!

"Ah… Bao Linshuang!!! You son of the bitch!!!"

Long had descended into complete madness. He ignored the wounds all his body and used his punches and kicks to destroy all the Mirror Images. The Monkey Furs of Prosperity could only last for a short while. All the Mirror Images disappeared after receiving hits from Long.

"Master! This kid is too damn scary! Let's retreat! If not, things might become even worse!" Old Tortoise was shouting frantically. He wanted to convince Long to leave this place.

The other two faction members kept on nodding their heads to indicate that they agreed with Old Tortoise. They were extremely afraid of Chen as well.

"We will not leave this place!!! I must kill Bao Linshaung today!!! I shall kill those who tried to stop me!!!" His own anger completely blinded Long. All he wanted to do right now was to kill Chen!

"Pathetic worm! Stop shouting! It's time for you to die!" At the same time, Chen was already standing quite a distance from Long. He planted his black saber in the ground and channeled all his Dragon Force into the black saber.

"Time for me to die?"

Long looked really furious. He shouted with his bloodshot eyes, "I will drag you to hell with me even if I'm going to die today!"

"Drag me to hell with you? Maybe in your next life!" Chen smiled coldly and lifted both of his hands.


The blood jade coffin shattered into pieces! The sword with blood color flew into the sky!

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