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"Garbage evil spirit! All you can do is scare three-year-old kids! You are out of luck for meeting me today!" Long was holding a talisman in his right hand. He leaped and moved in to stick in on the forehead of the evil spirit. Undeniably, Long's movement speed was swift. He had the talisman with him. Hence, the overflowing confidence.

However, the evil spirit managed to move two meters back when Long closed in on it.

"So fast! Its speed is almost as fast as me!" Long was stunned. The sudden change in the distance made him missed the attack.


In the next second, the evil spirit was charging at Long with its Spirit Claw. Its speed and power were definitely comparable to Long.

"Shit!" Long's pupils contracted. Fear crept into his body without him even realizing it. At that moment, he was in mid-air. It was hard to maneuver his body to dodge the attack.


Long was struck by the evil spirit. He was tossed to the ground like a meteor. A hole was formed on the ground. There were also three, deep scratch wounds on his right arm. Blood started to gush out from the wounds like a waterfall. Fortunately, Long had ten thousand health; if he had not, that attack would have split him in three!

"Master! Are you okay…?"

Old Tortoise and the other two faction members were startled. They quickly rushed to Long.

"Get lost!" Long shouted angrily. Initially, he thought he could trounce the evil spirit. Yet, his pride had caused his fall. Thus he was greatly embarrassed. Old Tortoise and the rest of the faction members knew Long pretty well. None of them dared take another step closer to him.

"Son of a bitch! When I declare that I'm going to kill you, I will definitely do it without any hesitation!" Long put on a scary look, took out a red pill and swallowed it immediately!


A painful sound could be heard. Long's skin turned a bloody red. Other than that, his bloodshot eyes made him looked like some kind of carnivorous beast! No ordinary human being would have the guts to get close to him right now.

"What the hell is that?" Chen asked in surprise.

"If I'm not mistaken, that should be the secret pill that made by Poison Rat; Flaming Pill!"

Luo continued to explain, "That pill can boost one's combat power for a short period of time! But, the side effects are severe! It can really damage your health!"

"If that's the case… The evil spirit will be defeated soon!"

Chen continued to observe. Worried, at the same time. 


[Cultivation: Later phase of Qi refining stage. Health: 10000. Combat power: 12000!]

Chen checked out Long with his Netherspirit Battlescouter and found out that his combat power had increased by two thousand!


Long charged at the evil spirit again. His speed was much faster than before. 


The evil spirit made a baffled roar. It was surprised at the sudden change of Long's speed. It started to swing his Spirit Claw randomly when it sensed the imminent threat. However, its Spirit Claw could no longer touch Long.

"Die now!" Long shouted angrily. He used his extreme movement speed to paste three yellow paper talismans on the evil spirit's forehead, chest, and abdomen!

"Ouch… Ow…"

The evil spirit was screaming in agony the next second. It fell and rolled on the ground in extreme pain. Then, smoke started to rise from its body. It would soon be destroyed.

"Open the coffin right now!" Long shouted angrily as he completely ignored the fallen spirit. 


The thick and heavy coffin cover was shoved away.

"Oh my God! Is this really Emperor Yan? The condition of his dead body is no different from a living person!"

"He is dead for hundreds of years! It is definitely incredible that his body has not decomposed!"

Both faction members were dumbfounded. Long and Old Tortoise walked to the coffin curiously as well.

"Master! Take a look here! There are items under Emperor Yan's left and right palms!"

Old Tortoise was really observant. There was an ancient book called Emperor Yan's Unwavering Body Fortifying Skill under the right palm of Emperor's Yan.

"Congratulations, master! Congratulations, master!" Old Tortoise took the book and handed it to Long with both of his hands.

"This book is the mother of all body enhancement skill books! During ancient times, Emperor Yan mastered this skill and conquered all nine states! That was how he became king!"

Old Tortoise continued to say, "If you master this skill, you will be able to become as powerful as Emperor Yan! And, you will become undefeatable and dominate the whole Jianghu!"


Long was delighted. Then, he said excitedly, "According to you, this skill book should be the most valuable treasure here, right? The blood jade coffin is nothing as compare to this skill book!"

"That's right! That's an undeniable fact! The reason behind the whole Jianghu getting so crazy about the Emperor Yan's tomb is all because of this skill book! When a person possesses the most powerful skill, he/she will be able to acquire the absolute authority! By that time, wealth is just a number. Money is no longer important to you!" Old Tortoise said confidently.

*Intensified deep breath*

Long took a deep breath after hearing Old Tortoise's theory. He started to laugh hysterically, "The Emperor Yan's Unwavering Body Fortifying Skill Book is enough to make the whole Jianghu go crazy! In the end, I have it with me! This is freaking awesome! Hahaha…"

"Congratulation master! Everyone will bow before you when you master this skill!"

Old Tortoise and the other two faction members started their boot-licking process.

Long was not paying attention to them. He squinted and took a look around the room and shouted mockingly, "Bao Linshuang! What are you going to do now? How do you feel when you see me take possession of the most valuable item in Jianghu? Do you like it? Are you high?"

Chen was frowning and feeling frustrated at the corner.

On the other hand, Long continued to taunt Chen, "Bao Linshuang! Why are you still hiding? Come the f*ck out if you are a real man! Coward! Garbage! All you can do is hide at the f*cking corner! Me, Long Aotian am the real winner here! I will be the one to step on the throne of Jianghu! Hahaha…"


Chen's temper was not to be fooled with yet he could not stand when someone calls him a coward! He gritted his teeth and prepared to charge out to fight Long.


Luo held on to Chen's arm and quickly convinced him nervously, "You can't even defeat him before he consumes Flaming Pill! You are going to kill yourself if you fight with him right now!"

"Let's not jump to conclusions first!" Chen said coldly.

"Don't try to act tough! Let's sit tight and observe! We might be able to turn the tide by some other way!" Luo refused to let go of Chen. She was afraid that Chen might do something stupid.

"Master! Let's not care about that son of the bitch! We have one more treasure here!" Old Tortoise smiled and took the item under Emperor Yan's left palm and handed it to Long with both of his hands.

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