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[You have eliminated an evil guy. You have received 1000 merit points!]


[You have eliminated an evil guy. You have received 1000 merit points!]


[Your current merit points are 242000. You still need another 58000 merit points to proceed to next level! (Charm: 24200. Luck: 24200)]

The Netherspirit Battlescouter displayed a series of notifications to Chen, once he hid inside the pile of jewelry.

"Eh? These should be the merit points earned from killing Sky Monkey and Mad Owl! Normally, Jianghu elites like them would invest most of their time in training themselves to become stronger. Thus, they did not have much time to do anything malicious. So, the merit points that I received are rather little."

Chen calculated in his mind, "I still need another fifty-eight thousand merit points to reach three hundred thousand merit points! I'm going to spend all these merit points to redeem Brother Yu's soul. Besides that, I still need to earn another thirty thousand merit points to transfer Wenyuan's soul to another body… I don't think I can collect all these merit points on this trip…"

Luo and Chen could hear the sound of footsteps coming from the stairs. It was followed by some shocked, hushed voices.

"Oh my god! So much jewelry! We are going to be rich! This is one big score!"

"Look over there! It's a blood jade coffin! Oh my God! That is the real money!"

"I think we can purchase quite an amount of Spirit Stones if we sell this coffin!"

These people were none other than the members of Hundred Beasts Faction. Poison Rat and the other two faction members were so excited when they saw the treasure.

"Shut the hell up! Look for Bao Linshuang! I want to chop him into million pieces!" Long shouted angrily.

"Master! Please calm down… Actually, it is not necessary for us to look for that bastard!" Old Tortoise advised.

"Why is that? That son of the bitch messed me up real bad! I want revenge! I am a dumb ass if I don't kill him!" Long said while frowning.

"That kid is full of evil plans! I bet that he is hiding at some corner waiting to ambush us! We will be defeated by him easily if we don't have a solid plan!" Old Tortoise said.

"That... Does make sense... But, are we just going to leave it like that?" Long gritted his teeth and said frustratingly.

"We will definitely make him pay! But, we don't need to do it ourselves! Killing him without his blood splashing on our sword is the highest level of revenge!"

"What do you mean by that?" Long asked.

"The most valuable item here is the blood jade coffin! First, we are going to move it out first. Then, I will ask Poison Rat to place some poison here. Finally, we will block the stairs! After some time, we can come in here to collect their dead bodies!" Old Tortoise said viciously.

"Genius plan! Old Tortoise, you have lived up to your name! Genius! What a prodigy!" Poison Rat said.

"Killing that son of the bitch with poison is showing mercy to him!" Long was unhappy with the plan. He wanted to be able to torture Chen personally.

"Master! Patience is a virtue! Now, there are only five of us left! More will end up dead if we continue to take the risk… It will be really bad for our faction if you, our leader, end up dead here!"


Long shook involuntarily and freaked out. Long could feel a kick in his balls whenever he thought of the itchy powder. He was really afraid that Chen might set some weird traps for them to step in again.

"Alright! We shall follow Old Tortoise's plan! Let's get over there to move the coffin!" Long swung his hands and led his people to the blood jade coffin.

"Let's start moving it!"

Poison Rat rubbed his hands together. The idea of selling the coffin to make a fortune was more than tempting. 

"Open the coffin first! Toss out the dead body! It's going to bring us bad luck!" Long said condescendingly.

"Okay!" Poison Rat grinned and used his hands to push open the coffin cover.


A stream of cold wind rushed out from the coffin when the cover was nudged open.

"So fast! That's an evil spirit with ten thousand combat power!"

Chen was looking forward to that moment from afar. Through the Netherspirit Battlescouter, Chen could see the true form of that evil spirit.

It extended its Spirit Claws towards Poison Rat!


Poison Rat's body was sliced open. Blood, mixed with shredded internal organs started to split out from his body. It was extremely terrifying.

"What the hell is going on?" Long said shockingly.

"Cold wind! There is an evil spirit inside the coffin! Everyone! Step back now!" Old Tortoise shouted. He quickly took out a small clothed bag from his jacket and spread the silver power inside the cloth bag into the air!


The silver powder ignited when it came in contact with the air. The three-meter-tall evil spirit was revealed in the green flame! The evil spirit's body turned dark green after the green fire landed on it. Normal people would be able to see it with their naked eyes, without Yin Yang Eyes.

"What kind of powder is that? It is so magical…" Chen was dumbfounded.

"That is Ghost Shadow Powder! Shamans will grind phosphate rock into powder first. Then, they will process the power via some unique method! It will force the spirits to reveal their true forms!" Luo explained.

"That means that the Old Tortoise guy is a Shaman, right? Initially, the evil spirit had the advantage of remaining invisible! Now, it might not win the battle since it has been revealed to them." Chen said, worried.


The evil spirit was not happy that its body had turned green. The scary evil spirit focused on Old Tortoise and used its Spirit Claw to attack him.

"How dare you?! You are not powerful enough to kill me yet!" Old Tortoise was not shaken. He took the Luopan that he used earlier on from his jacket.



There was a hidden compartment in the Luopan. There were three pieces of yellow paper talismans inside the hidden compartment!


Old Tortoise used the talisman to repel the Spirit Claw.


A ray of golden light filled the room. The spirit was forced back.

"Ahh… Ow…."

It was as if the evil spirit was screaming in agony.

"Master! Take these three pieces of yellow paper talismans! You need to stick it on the forehead, heart, and abdomen of this evils spirit. Then, it will be destroyed!" Old Tortoise handed the talismans to Long and took a few steps back immediately.

"No problem! I can destroy her easily with these three pieces of talismans!"

Long smiled confidently and charged at the evil spirit with all his strength. It was plain that he had his mind elsewhere instead of fighting the evil spirit properly. 

"Hehe… He is going to face some really bad luck!" Chen grinned and said mockingly.

"What do you mean by that?" Luo asked in a soft voice.

"His pride is going to kill him! Long Aotian does not know that evil spirit is as powerful as him!" Chen observed them intently. He already knew the result of it all from the beginning.


The evil spirit roared and charged at Long with its Spirit Claw!

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