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Chen and Luo completely ignored those piles of jewelry. It was not because money was not important to them but the thing placed at the center of the area made everything else look like crap! Even the cool Luo Puti had her mouth wide open when she saw the thing in front of her. There laid a jade coffin that was as big as a car, in front of them.

It was the legendary blood jade! The blood jade was as red as fire, and it was flawless in all aspect. Besides that, there were nine dragon sculptures on the blood jade coffin as well. They looked extremely realistic. It symbolized the power and authority of the deceased emperor. Those sculptures were definitely on par with Chen's Fire Dragon In The Sky!

If Fire Dragon In The Sky's worth was around four hundred million, then, the value of the blood jade coffin with nine dragon sculptures on it should be four billion!

Four freaking billion!

The jewelry around the blood jade coffin could not be considered as treasure anymore. They looked like garbage in front of the blood jade coffin.

"This is majestic… I have never seen such awe-inspiring blood jade sculptures… Such quality much wow! This is definitely some legendary sculpting skill! Also, its size is enormous as well… This is unbelievable!"

Luo was extremely shocked. Her wide opened eyes and mouth made her looked really adorable.

"This object is not supposed to exist on earth. Such a magnificent object should belong to heaven!"

But, that was not the time to admire the fine piece of treasure. The members of Hundred Beasts Faction were giving them covetous looks from afar. They would definitely come after them after the itch on their bodies was removed!

"This must be the coffin of Emperor Yan! According to Xiaoyao, there is an extremely powerful martial art manual inside it!"

Chen calmed himself down. He did not touch the coffin rashly. Instead, he checked the whole coffin thoroughly. It seemed like the blood jade coffin did not contain any threats on the surface. However, Chen was shocked to see that his Chaos Sword Essence was getting agitated.

"Could some kind of ancient being's blood be in this huge piece of blood jade?"

Chen got really excited. He planned secretly, "My Sifu told me that there would be an opportunity for my Chaos Sword Essence to grow during this trip. It seems like this blood jade coffin is the opportunity!"

 Naturally, Chen did not let the overwhelming happiness get over his head. His Sifu had also told him that opportunity and disaster co-exist. He had to neutralize the disaster before he can acquire this opportunity. That was the law of nature.

"I have to be very careful!"

Chen blinked. Then, his Golden Gaze Fiery Eyes and Netherspirit Battlescouter were activated at the same time! In Chen's eyes, the blood jade coffin was presented in a transparent form, in front of Chen. Chen was shocked when he saw the occupant of the coffin. There was a man with dragon robe lying peacefully in the middle of the coffin!

Most amazingly, the body was in perfect condition! The body had not decayed at all! It was not even shriveled up like a mummy! Chen could see clearly that the man was around thirty plus years old. The outline of his face showed that he was very good looking! Other than the good looks, his presence was emitting a kingly aura as well! His height was around one hundred and ninety centimeters. Under his dragon robe, there lied a perfect set of six packs. Undeniably, the man was as perfect as the blood jade coffin. Hundreds and thousands of girls would go crazy over him.

"Damn! If this guy was still alive, Wu Junfan would become the third most handsome guy in Green Vine City!" Chen twitched his mouth. He suspected that the man was just asleep, not dead!


[Cultivation: *****. Health: 50000. Combat power: *****]


Chen was freaked out after checking this man with his Netherspirit Battlescouter. It was no wonder that his body had not decomposed at all! His physical body was insanely strong!

"The Copper Soldiers in the arena had an unusual amount of health as well! It seems like the secret martial art manual contains some legendary body enhancement skill!"

Chen was pretty confident at the deduction that he made. Also, he came out with a bold thought as well!

"The health, look, identity, and position of this dead body of Emperor Yan is built for Xiangyu!"

Then, Chen continued to think, "It will be perfect if I manage to move Bro Yu's soul into this body after I finished collecting three hundred thousand merit points!"


An angry growl could be heard coming out from the coffin. An evil spirit rushed out of Emperor Yan's left palm. It glared at Chen with an enormous amount of hatred!


Chen was freaked out. Sweat started to roll down his forehead. But, it seemed like that evil spirit could not go through the blood jade coffin. It was just glaring at Chen, and it did not make any further moves.

"What happened to you?"

Luo was still admiring the blood jade coffin, but Chen scared the hell out of her all of a sudden.

"There is an evil spirit… Inside this coffin…"

Chen calmed himself down and said gravely, "Do not open this coffin without any solid planning!"

"How did you know about that? Do you have Yin Yang Eyes?" Luo was very knowledgeable. She figured out how Chen could see spirit with his naked eyes instantly.


Chen nodded. He did not plan to hide it from Luo. After all, there were quite a number of people with Yin Yang Eyes on this planet. Also, Yap did mention a secret class called Shaman. Thus, Chen felt that it was not necessary for him to hide it from her.

"But, I have never seen you use any voodoo magic? Could it be… You… You were born with Yin Yang Eyes?!"

Luo was stunned at first. Then, her face was filled with shock.

"Yeap… I think so…" Chen nodded, but he did not tell Luo the details.

"Oh, God… It is true that there are a lot of Shamans in this world. But… It is extremely rare for a person to born with Yin Yang Eyes!"

Luo continued to say in wonder, "I heard that there is only one person born with Yin Yang Eyes among one hundred thousand Shamans! I never thought that…" Luo rubbed her forehead. She felt that her brain was not working well. Until now, Chen kept on giving her surprise after surprise! Chen Xiaobei was like a monster to her. It seemed like he knew every single thing in this world!

"I think you are exaggerating it! I think this ability is pretty normal." Chen shrugged and said casually. However, he was curious about Luo's reaction when she knows the existence of Golden Gaze Fiery Eyes and Netherspirit Battlescouter. These two eyes are different from Yin Yang Eyes. Chen could never tell anyone about it!


[Cultivation: Four-stars evil spirit. Health: Four-stars spirit. Combat power: 10000!]

Netherspirit Battlescouter sent the information to Chen instantly.

"This evil spirit is pretty powerful! I'm thinking of sending it to the members of Hundred Beasts Faction!" Chen said wittily.

"Good idea!" Luo was a smart woman. She immediately caught on to what he was thinking.

Both of them looked at each other and smiled. Then, they quickly used the jewelry to cover themselves at a corner.

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