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Old Tortoise collapsed on the ground not long after they left the arena. His cultivation was not as strong as others. His whole body was full of bloody scratch marks. For him to last this long without collapsing, was a feat worth praising for. 

"Old Tortoise!"

Faction members quickly gathered around him to check on him. They were still suffering from the itch while checking on Old Tortoise. They could not stop scratching themselves.

"I'm alright… I just need some fresh air…"

Old Tortoise lay flat on the ground. He said weakly, "Poison Rat… Is it possible that our blood can act as an antidote? I feel like the bleeding spots are not that itchy anymore…"

"Blood? I don't think so… You will need some special herbs to expel the effect of itchy powder…"

Poison Rat thought for a while, and he was enlightened.

"But, seems like this itchy powder is different from the normal itchy powder… Maybe… I have a way now!"


After that, Poison Rat spat a mouthful of saliva on his hand. He then rubbed his hands against each other.

"The itch is gone! My hands are longer itchy! This kind of itchy powder is dissolvable in the water! Everyone, you can use your saliva as an antidote!" Poison Rat said excitedly.

"Nice! Nice! Nice! Finally, there's a way to sooth the itchiness!"




Old Tortoise and the other two combatants were really excited as well. They quickly spat some saliva out to apply it on their faces.


Long freaked out when he saw his faction using their saliva as an antidote for this itchy powder. Long Aotian's character was arrogant and prideful. He was always seen in his white outfit and white shoes. It was pretty apparent that he was a clean freak. Asking him to apply his body with saliva was an act worse than killing him!

"Master, why are you just standing there? Quickly, neutralize the poison! You are going to be disfigured if you keep on scratching your face!" Poison Rat hastened.

"Master! You shouldn't care too much about small things like this if you want to do something more important! It will be bad if this poison causes major harm to your body!"

"That's right! We are not pussies! Cleanliness is not that important to us!"

The other two combatants were trying to persuade Long as well.

"I…" Long was frustrated. He could not find words to reply to his faction members.

Were they trying to say he would not be able to achieve more significant things if he refused to use his saliva as an antidote?

Were his faction members going to see him as a pussy if he refused to use his saliva as an antidote?

That being said, he was a clean freak!

How could he do such a disgusting thing?

Long almost vomited when he thought about applying saliva on his face.


Old Tortoise quickly advised Long, "You need to do it now… I think… We can still give them a surprise attack!"

Everyone became serious after hearing Old Tortoise's idea.

Long asked in a deep voice, "Old Tortoise, what do you mean by that?"

"Bao Linshuang is really special! He kept coming up with more and more surprises! But! His trump cards are limited! If not, he would definitely have not let us go!"

"Are you trying to say… His trump cards are all spent? He was just bluffing us the whole time just now?" Long came to a realization. His eyes were wide open.

"That's right!"

Old Tortoise nodded and continued.

"I was stunned by his powerful presence as well. But, now, in hindsight, if he was that powerful, he would have killed all of us just now!"

"I… F*ck this motherf*cker!!! How dare he toyed us around!!!"

Long was so furious that he almost spat blood. He was a Jianghu elite with ten thousand combat power. He could not believe that he had bought Chen's lies. It was his biggest humiliation throughout his entire life.

"Our master is so wise! But… You have to do something with the itch on your body first!" Old Tortoise said.


Long was stunned. However, the itch brought him back to reality!

"My mouth is too dry… I don't think I have enough saliva to do it…" Long said.

"Master! Let me help you?" Poison Rat smiled and said.

"Eh? How are you going to help me?" Long turned around and asked.


Poison Rat took a deep breath and spat a mouthful of sticky saliva on Long's face. He overdid it a little; there was some phlegm mixed in.


That mouthful of bubbly, sticky saliva landed on Long's face. That scene somewhat reminiscent of what we see in pornography! A bukkake scene! The money shot! 

"You motherf*cker!!! What the hell are you doing?!!"

Long felt like the whole world falling on top of him. The next thing he knew was stomach was rumbling. A few seconds later, he bowed down and started to vomit non-stop!

"I thought you said that you did not have enough saliva in your mouth… I have a lot of saliva in my mouth… Thus, I decided to help you…" Poison Rat quickly shut up after seeing Long throw him a cannibalistic look.


Inside the tomb.

Chen and Luo were still running down that long stairs that led to the underground part of the tomb.

Luo asked worryingly, "Your trump cards are finished! What are you going to do if they come after us again?! It's going to be a dead-end down there!"

"We have to keep going even though it's a dead end down there… If we don't keep on moving forward, our enemies will start to get suspicious of us! Then, they will know that I was just bluffing them just now. Finally, we will end up dead!" Chen said, frustrated.

"It's my fault… If only I was more careful just now… Then, I would not suffer from Poison Rat's poison. Things could have been different now!"

"Don't overthink it… There will always be hope!"

Chen smiled and jokingly, "Also, I witnessed the Ice Demon Queen crying for me just now… It is worth it even I end up dead in the end!"

"Nonsense! Who cried for you? Some sand went into my eyes just now!"

Luo blushed. It seemed like the queen had her shy moments as well. Chen did not tease her on that. A gentleman would never place a lady in that sort of situation. 

"I saw a flash of light ahead of us! I can see the end of this long stairs!" Luo reminded Chen. She seemed chirpier, all of a sudden.

"Okay! Let's go!"

Chen nodded and walked to the end of stairs with Luo. A human-made, open space was waiting for them. Its size was only half of the arena. But, the things that used to decorate this area and the things that left in this area were precious! The floor was made of black jade! According to the knowledge that Chen had about jades, a small piece of black jade could cost millions! Other than that, there was a gigantic, golden, dragon-themed chandelier hanging down the middle of the dome as well. One hundred and eight luminous night pearls were used to replace the candles. Thus, the whole place was as bright as daylight! Besides that, there were piles and piles of jewelry around them as well!

A normal human being would definitely be attracted by the huge amount of wealth! However, Chen and Luo chose to ignore the treasures and rushed to the center of the area. 

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