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"She…She is the senior inspector in Six Doors Organization…Luo Puti…The pinnacle phase of the Qi refining stage…Her estimated combat power is said to be around twenty thousand!"

Old Tortoise recognized her immediately.

"Twenty thousand?! Oh my God!! That is insane…"

Earlier, all of them were shocked that a single kick had defeated Long! They finally knew that Luo had been showing mercy to Long. She could have killed Long with a single kick, if she wanted to!

Ten thousand combat power versus twenty thousand combat power! They were not on the same level! It was incomparable!


On the other hand, Long knelt on the ground and started to vomit blood. He was suffering from an extreme headache and dizziness. He could barely summon the strength to get back to his feet.

"Bao Linshuang…You *sshole…Why didn't you tell me your sister is Luo Puti! I would not have attacked you if you said so!" Long was really frustrated. Most of the people in Dragon City knew a thing or two about Luo. Long would not go against her, even if he had balls of steel!

"Listen up! Everyone!"

Luo stepped up and said sternly, "The key to the Emperor Yan's tomb had been handed over by Chen Xiaobei and Murong Xiaoyao to the government! From this second onwards, the tomb is an official business! Failure to comply will be punishable by death!"

After hearing this statement, members from the five factions stepped back over ten meters. Luo has made herself clear. None of them would have the guts to challenge her authority.

"Inspector Luo just made the statement! We have to obey her! Let's retreat!"

Old Tortoise said, and he was ready to lead the members of Hundred Beasts Faction back to where they came from.

"Hold on!" Chen shouted all of a sudden.

"Inspector Bao, how may we assist you?" Old Tortoise said politely. The rest of the six members bowed at Chen respectfully as well. They acted like Chen's grandkids.

"You guys! I want all of you to slap yourself ten times! Then, get lost from my sight!" Chen twitched his mouth and ordered.

"This…May I ask why?" Old Tortoise was stunned. Obviously, he was not happy about it.

"Why? You guys were just talking about gang raping my sister not too long ago! I remember those words!" Chen glared at them coldly. It was definitely a non-negotiable order.


Members of the Hundred Beasts Faction were completely stunned. But, there was no way for them to deny the fact that they had announced wanting to gang-rape Luo. All of them stole a glance a Luo and saw that the Ice Demon Queen was extremely angry. Naturally, they were scared to death.

"So, are you going to slap yourself or not? Do not waste my time! My sister is getting a little bit impatient!"

Chen raised his eyebrows and continued to say, "Think about it! Do you really think that ten slaps outweigh your lives? Am I asking for too much here?"

"No…Not at all…We will slap ourselves now…"

All of them were very frustrated, but none of them had the guts to bargain in front of Ice Demon Queen!




All of them, including the respectable Old Tortoise, lifted up their hands and started to slap themselves ten times. They were worried that Chen and Luo might not be happy with the way they slapped themselves. Thus, all of them used all the strength they had to land slap after slap on their faces. Their faces were so swollen that they had turned from red to purple.

"We…We have done slapping ourselves…" Old Tortoise said with a teary face.

"Get lost now if you are done!"

Chen rolled his eyes at them and said, "Remember what my sister just told you guys! She will kill those who have the intention to steal from the tomb!"

"Yes…We do remember that…" All of them nodded their heads. They did not dare to say another word.

"Let's go in."

Luo said casually. She then started to walk towards the tomb. Chen trailed behind her like a loyal follower. There was a hallway after entering the five meters thick wall. The length of the hallway was around thirty meters. They finally reached the core of the mountain.

There was a huge stone door at the end of the hallway. A picture of nine dragons fighting for a dragon ball was impressed on the stone door. It looked absolutely majestic. It was quite a scene.

"Take out the jade seal and the safety jade pendant."

After some close observation, Luo found square and round slots in the center of the stone door on the carved dragon ball. As expected, these are the keyholes to unlocking the stone door.


To not let anyone seeing him taking out anything from his cellphone, Chen purposely carried his backpack with him today. He had his cellphone in the backpack. That allowed him to withdraw stuff from his treasure chest in secret. He would not need to worry about Luo learning about his secrets.

"Here you go! I think we can just slot in these two items into the keyholes."

Chen took a look at the keyholes and put the jade seal into the square keyhole and the safety pendant into the round keyhole!


Both of them can hear a loud click. They saw a crack forming around the dragon ball.

"Try to rotate it," Luo suggested.


Chen used both of his hands to grab hold of that huge dragon ball. Without waiting, he rotated it.





Just like what we see in the movies, the stone door opened automatically. Everything inside the tomb was opened to the world.


Chen and Luo were stunned. Both of them fell into a shocked state.

Outside the tomb, Long finally got better from the kick that the took just now. He stared at the entrance of the tomb with anger in his eyes. He had come to Green Vine Province for the Emperor Yan's tomb! He was frustrated that Luo has just taken everything away from him after putting in considerable effort into locating this tomb. He felt like someone just took away his life savings!

"Poison Rat! How many Flaming Pills you have with you right now?" Long asked coldly.

"I still have five more Flaming Pills with me! Except for Savage Cow, Old Tortoise, and I, you guys can have one each!"

"Give it to me!" Long extended his hands to Poison Rat and said.

"Master! Please think about it first!"

Old Tortoise quickly advised Long, "Flaming Pill allows you to increase your combat power for three days! But, its side effects are not something that we should mess with!"

"I have put some thought into it! My body will recover in no time after suffering from its side effects! But, an opportunity like this will be gone forever if we don't grab it now!"

"But…You combat power will be boosted to twelve thousand! You still can't defeat Luo Puti!" Old Tortoise said with hesitation.

"Savage Cow is gone! We can count him out. We still have five people here. Plus, your wittiness and Poison Rat's poison. I say we have the chance to take out Luo Puti!"

Long continued to say with determination, "Let's fight! We might be able to turn a bicycle into a motorcycle! Pebbles into boulders! As long as we kill Luo Puti, we will be able to rule the world!"

"Yes! I agree with our master! Wealth like this can only be acquired with a certain amount of risk! We are more than willing to take the risk!"

All of them were from Jianghu! Most of them had the experience of putting themselves in some life-threatening situations. Plus, greed was the fuel of their motivation. Thus, none of them disagreed with Long's decision.

"Alright! Let's do this!" Old Tortoise finally nodded.

After that, Poison Rat took out five Flaming Pills.

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