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"Huh? What ultimate skill? No…No…No…I'm already very satisfied…Really! I'm not lying to you!" Savage Cow was shivering. He was almost scared to death.

"Are you sure that you are satisfied?"

Chen raised his eyebrows and shouted, "Why are you still here if you are happy with my service?"


Savage Cow's crotch was severely injured. The immense strength from the Nutbuster kick sent Savage Cow flying up to the sky!


Savage Cow was sent ten meters up into the sky as he screamed in agony. His crotch was still bleeding as he flew in the air. Guess who has just joined the eunuch club!

"F*ck! It's so painful!"

All five hundred gang members closed squeezed their legs together unconsciously. They could, somewhat, felt the pain that Savage Cow had experienced.


A loud noise echoed in the air. Savage Cow landed right in front of Long Aotian.


Savage Cow's face was all swollen up. His body part that was used to store True Qi had been destroyed as well. Other than that, his crotch was still bleeding non-stop. He was no different from a dead man!


Long frowned so furiously that veins started to surface on his face. Raged, he shouted, "Bao Linshuang! How dare you beat up my man!"

"I just want to beat him up! What can you do about it?!"

Chen twitched his mouth and continued to say arrogantly, "As an inspector of the Six Doors Organization, I have the right to kill first before investigating! You guys should be grateful that I did not kill him! Quickly, thank me now!"

"F*ck you!"

Long shouted furiously, "You want me to give thanks to you after beating up my man? It seems like you just gave up living in this world!"

"What? Are you going to kill a Six Doors Organization inspector in the open? How dare you?!" Chen scolded.

"Do you really think that I can't kill you?"

"Long continued to say arrogantly, "You were only lucky that you managed to defeat Savage Cow! I don't think you can defeat a dragon like me!"


[Cultivation: Later phase of Qi refining stage. Health: 10000. Combat power: 10000!]

Chen activated his Netherspirit Battlescouter to check on Long.

Then, Chen smiled and said, "I'll admit that I can't defeat you! But, my sister is just around here! She can squash you like a pathetic worm!"

"Motherf*cker?! Who are you calling a pathetic worm?"

Long was enraged. He shouted loudly, "Where is your sister? Ask her to come here now! I want you to watch me kill her!"

"I'd advise you not to mess with my sister! In terms of combat power, everyone here is just garbage to her! She can defeat anyone of you here easily! That is the truth! I'm not picking on anyone here!" Chen shrugged and said naturally.

After hearing Chen's claim. Those five hundred gang members completely froze. All five hundred of them might even lose to Chen if they decide to attack Chen at the same time. On the other hand, the members of Hundred Beats Faction were extremely furious.

"Motherf*cker! How dare you call us garbage? The rest of us here are more powerful than Savage Cow! Call your sister to come here! I want you to watch us gang rape her!"

"That's right! We will gang rape her if she is beautiful. We will throw her to Poison Rat if she is ugly!"

A skinny guy with small eyes laughed and said disgustingly, "I don't care whether the woman is beautiful or ugly! I'll be happy as long as the person is a woman! Hehehe…"

"Stop laughing and shut the f*ck up!"

Long's face turned black and shouted. Then, he turned around, looked at Chen and said coldly, "Kid! I'm going to count to three now! Call your sister to come here or we kill you!"

"Let me count for you! One, two, three!" Chen laughed casually.

"F*ck you! I will grant you your death wish since you want it so badly!" Long shouted angrily and charged at Chen.

The Long Aotian was powerful. The way a guy with ten thousand combat power charges at someone was... indescribable. Fast would be sugar coating it.

"God! What kind of speed is that? So fast!"

Five hundred pairs of eyes from far could not even see Long's movement clearly. All they saw was a white shadow charging at Bao. Chen frowned, but he had no intention of dodging the attack at all.

He laughed evilly and said, "This pathetic worm is pretty powerful, but it will turn useless pretty soon!"

"F*ck! You are still calling me a pathetic worm before death! My name will not be Long Aotian if I don't kill you today!"

Along with the angry shout, Long's palm had reached the front of Chen. Long's fingers turned into claws and they were wrapped in white, True Qi! It made everything look exactly like a dragon claw!

"Too damn powerful! The dragon claws could be seen clearly! Our master's True Qi is the most concentrated among us!"

"That's a face for sure! Our master's dragon claw can easily scratch through a metal board! That kid is a piece of dead meat now!"

"Master! Don't let him die easily! Rip open his chest! Let him die slowly!"

"That's right! He was so arrogant just now! This is karma!"

Members of the Hundred Beasts Faction were cheering in excitement. From their point of view, killing Chen was an easy task for Long.

"Master! Look out! Your left!"

Old Tortoise shouted in fear all of a sudden. The old man's combat power was not that powerful, but his mindset and wits were something out of this world. When everyone was cheering about Long killing Chen, he had been very cautious of his surroundings.

"What?!" Long was shocked. He quickly looked at his left side. He saw a black phantom-like figure flying towards him. He could not figure out what that thing was.


Long was stunned at the next second. He could feel a kick landing on his handsome face. The shoe was quite small. It was only half of Long's face. It was a woman's shoe. That was Long's last thought. Then, he felt the whole world circling around him. He was sent flying ten meters away like a meteor. A crater was formed at where he landed.

"Master! Master…"

"Oh my God…Am I seeing this right…Our master just got sent away by a single kick!"

"This is too damn terrifying…Our master is the strongest person here! He didn't even have the opportunity to hit the person back!"

"We will surely die if it was us who took the hit!"

Members of the Hundred Beasts Faction were utterly stunned. It was just too hard for them to accept the incident!

"She just turned around! A woman! God! So gorgeous!"

"Damn! What a pretty lady! Look at her face! It is flawless!"

"I can indulge in that voluptuous body for the rest of my life! She is the true goddess!"

"The rest of your life? I willing to reduce my lifespan for ten years to have sex with her!"

Those gang members that stood from afar were screaming in excitement. Most of them had the urge to lick her shoes.

Physical appearance!


Combat power!

There was only one woman who possessed these three factors so far! She was none other than Luo Puti!

"Six Doors Organization will take over this matter from now! Long Aotian will serve as a good example for those who want to mess with me!"

Luo stood beside Chen like a cool, strict and ruthless Ice Demon Queen! 

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